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    Carrie Video Survivor Game!

    Hey all, I said I'd do this months ago and here it is finally! I wanted to do it before the video for what I'm convinced is Renegade Runaway is released and starts Decade #2. I'm excited to see what happens because I've never seen a video survivor game before.
    Contenders for ROUND ONE are:
    1. Jesus, Take the Wheel
    2. Don't Forget to Remember Me
    3. Before He Cheats
    4. Wasted
    5. I'll Stand by You
    6. Ever Ever After
    7. So Small
    8. All-American Girl
    9. Last Name
    10. Just a Dream
    11. I Told You So
    12. Cowboy Casanova
    13. Temporary Home
    14. Undo It
    15. Mama's Song
    16. Remind Me w/Brad Paisley
    17. Good Girl
    18. Blown Away
    19. Two Black Cadillacs
    20. See You Again
    21. Somethin' Bad w/Miranda Lambert
    22. Something in the Water
    23. Little Toy Guns

    I figured it was only fair to include ISBY and EEA if I was gonna include RM and SB.

    Vote for which video you want out first! Voting ends at some point Thursday! Have fun!


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