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    Smile Getting things right with Gaycarebear.

    hey everyone im sure some of you recongnize me i got in trouble before about Gaycarebear. With that being said Gaycarebear i'm sorry that i judged you almost a couple of years ago. I'm more mature since then. With that being said Gaycare i'm sorry about What i said a couple of year ago. I was wrong for juding i will admit that. But If gaycarebear is who you are man. Then i accept you man. I promise i wont judge you personality anymore. I hope everything is fine between us and i hope your having fun With Carrie and her lovely cool and awsome fans.

    In the meantime i can't wait for Carrie's new album to be finish and i hope it as good as the other three albums.

    Take Care Carriehq

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    has anyone seen gaycarebear lately? let me know when he is online.

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    I think maybe you should PM him and keep this a private matter.

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    i didnt think about that. good idea. thanks.


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