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    Unhappy Stupid Rules Around the house

    Okay I'm done with sugar-coating and bull**** like that.

    I just need to get my feelings out on the internet for all to see.

    Anyone else have overbearing, overcontrolling parents who impose stupid rules in the house?

    To answer my folks: hey, too bad I'm not stayin here forever.

    My parents have freaked out about my academic dismissal from the university of michigan ann arbor - and now they're dishing out randomly these stupid rules that basically say they're done parenting their kids and wish the kids would now treat THEM like kids.


    But all randomness aside, Psychologically I can't seem to find any help.

    Like, my friends say the same thing as my family. weird?

    I know I'm weird like Darren Criss, but like....

    Why doesn't anyone seem to possess the necessary empathy and compassion and expertise to counsel an ordinary asian student thrown into some craziness?


    I'm sorry Carrie Underwood, I just need to kick some ass tonite.

    I bought two cute budgies today, but even buying new pets doesn't seem to cheer me up.

    People say I have talent, but I'm so mentally immersed and depressed. And I wonder why it's so hard to be a great person.

    Like, people doubt even whether I can find a job? Goddamn it how the hell am I supposed to "make my family proud" with THIS on my resume?


    The vast majority of fat, selfish stupid people who gave me feedback said something along the lines of: 1. You're depressed 2. WE will NOT support you anymore if you break any of these stupid rules we set up just for the sake of hurting you.


    STUPID STUPID STUPID!!!!!! I'm almost crying (in a bad way).

    And like with the HOSPITAL and everything. Everything. My problems always seem to come along the lines of everything.

    You know why?

    Because the theory of everything is what keeps me nervous.

    The solutions' on the other side but I'm scared of the mountain tip.

    Do I EVEN need to go back?

    It's not like I did anything wrong.

    And the stupidest thing is that I'm so bad at rejecting my parents' gifts. I'm just so bad at it.

    Maybe I'm a celebrity but it's not like it'll eliminate the peoples' attitudes and biased assumptions.

    FYI, I'm going to take a break from "home" and book a hotel for two nights just to escape the harshness of the "rules".

    1. Don't come chasing me.
    2. Wish me luck that I'll achieve my financial breakthrough as I sleep and get over the dismissal and still have the credibility to attract friends.

    I hope I haven't been selfish.

    Gosh I hate rules. Don't americans hate rules?

    Heeeeellllp I can't play guitar anymore.


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