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    International Olympiad FAIL!

    Hey everyone, I'm sad :-(

    It's not that big a deal. I'm studying Computer Science in Grade Twelve, and I'm pretty good at programming, cuz it involves nothing but logic, which I like. There are like international olympiads held on all sciences, Comp. Sc. is one of them. To reach the final international round, you have to be selected from your country. Unfortunately, because India is such a big country, that involves THREE stages of eliminations. The first was held in November. 17,000 students all over India and some in Dubai and the rest of the Gulf wrote it. Only 247 got through to the next round. I made that cut-off. The next round was held on Jan 22, and it went really, really well (or so I thought). Unfortunately, the results were announced today, and I haven't been selected. I was really looking forward to this :-( :-(. So I'm bummed out. I'm listening to Play On and Lessons Learned at full volume on my mobile phone right now. Just thought I'd post here. Any word of consolation will help

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    Sorry to hear this. You do understand that you are one of 247 of the brightest people in the arab world don't you?


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