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Thread: Jimmy Herman

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    Jimmy Herman

    Jimmy posted a couple of tracks he's been working on

    Make sure you go to tangledlinesofficial.com/free-downloads and check out two tracks I played onů instagram.com/p/BcF5RXQgBSV/
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    That's one of the things I love about this music. Here you have a fiddler, from one of the biggest commercial bands in the format, playing session for an Alternative band with a so far mainly regional performance reputation, whose lyrics reference classic songs by Willie Nelson & George Strait, sung with a Welsh lilt. Great stuff, all round!
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    Thanks for thinkin of us Fans. I'll take a listen. I'm sure it is wonderful.
    God Speed and Many Blessings

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    WOW, That was incredible. The guys workin the sound did a great job. I can hear each and every player clearly. However, that fiddle fits both of these songs. Without the Fiddle those songs would not be the same. Sounds like you were fiddling you A$$ off in the song, You Broke Me. Thanks again for thinkin of us Fans. God Speed and Many Blessings
    Granny G


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