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Thread: If the ST singles were up to you....

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    The Girl You Think I Am
    Dirty Laundry
    Heartbeat (feat. Sam Hunt)
    Church Bells

    I'm all for Carrie mixing up her single formula, so I put one of her more personal songs and one of her poppier songs as singles 1 and 2. Plus as someone mentioned it's a shame that Carrie's co-writes get priority over non co-writes. i.e. Chaser was released internationally as pop/country song, but it should have been Relapse in that position because it's the more popular song both on iTunes and Youtube/Spotify.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gocountrymusic View Post
    I completely agree with these choices and this order!
    That's awesome. Thanks for saying so.

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    1. Smoke Break
    2. Church Bells
    3. Like I'll Never Love You Again
    4. Choctaw County Affair
    5. Relapse or Chaser
    6. What I Never Knew I Always Wanted
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    ^ I think SB was a good lead single. It showcased a more "twangy" sound. My problem is more with the lackluster videos we got with this album. Except SB, I thought that was a strong video. I would have done:

    1. SB
    2. DL (with a much better video)
    3. CB (with a completely different video)
    4. CCA (story video)
    5. Heartbeat (with Opry performance as video)
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    Junior Carrie Follower ChoctawCountyAffair's Avatar
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    1. Dirty Laundry
    2. Like I'll Never Love You Again
    3. Church Bells
    4. Chaser
    5. What I Never Knew I Always Wanted

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    1. Church Bells
    2. Choctaw
    3. Heartbeat (maybe as a proper duet though)
    4. Relapse
    5. Mexico

    And better videos kinda goes without saying haha. I haven't liked any of the music videos this era. I thought they were all pretty poor.

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    1. Dirty Laundry
    2. Church Bells
    3. Choctaw County Affair
    4. Chaser
    5. Relapse
    6. Clock don't stop
    Bonus: Mexico.

    No particular order really. Although, I think I would have started this era off with CCA.

    This is kind of tough! lol. Makes me wonder how the artist and the label come up with what singles to release. It has to be stressful.

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    1. Smoke Break (I loved the track, the live performances and the video. It fitted well into Carrie's era description of "twang rock", it was a "socially aware" song, it got her back into instrumental performance - in many ways, the song I'd been waiting for from her!) *

    2. Like I'll Never Love You Again (In a way, I feel I'm vaguely following a path that has some echoes of Some Hearts - arguably her most striking era for singles. SB was the unusual opening - a song that seems to have meant a lot to Carrie, but, like JTTW was one that her immediate female predecessors probably wouldn't have attempted. Similarly, I feel LINLYA would fill a vaguely similar role in this album era to DFTRM - a more reflective song, with a traditional feel, and personal overtones - but appropriate to this more mature stage of her life. I wanted Carrie to perform a romantic song - and for me, this is a much stronger example than "Heartbeat".)

    3. Choctaw County Affair. (if BHC has been Carrie's defining classic song, I feel CCA had the potential to be a number with similar career impact. BHC had Muscle Shoals influence, and was a definite departure for the Nashville Mainstream. CCA pays homage to Bobbie Gentry and the Southern Gothic tradition, but much of its influence come from the "Americana" wing. A gamble, perhaps, for Mainstream radio - but this influence is currently enjoying a revival in awards and critical acclaim, attracts a broader range of fans and would be likely to soar to the top of Hot Country Songs. A strong mid-era statement for Carrie.)

    4. Chaser, or Clock Don't Stop. (I see "Wasted" as Carrie's homage to the "power vocal" divas she was replacing - and that was arguably her most attractive Country song for many of the American Idol fans. I don't want a direct stylistic comparison for this era, since I feel Carrie has veered towards over-use of the vocal style and risks being stereotyped by it, at least in the mind of casual listeners who largely only know her singles. But I would have wanted a song with appeal to the more General Music-oriented element of her fan base. "Clock Don't Stop" would be the bolder choice, as it is experimental - and Carrie seems to love it in live performance. To me, the style is more reminiscent of Cyndi Lauper than of the younger Pop artists - and she is an artist I admire. It has references that recall Country themes - the spilt wine, the burn of the band of gold - but I admit it would risk confirming the suspicion of some Country fans that Carrie is too "Pop". "Chaser" would be the safer choice, as it is more overtly a hybrid song, with a definite Country lilt in the music, to balance its crossover appeal. I'm afraid It sank almost unnoticed in the UK - my caveat would be if it was tried again, every effort should be made not to cut the music to fit a radio slot, as that, in my opinion, significantly weakened it here.)

    5. The Girl You Think I Am (In my view, this is the strongest and most interesting of the three songs based directly on her own life - and I'd want her to show this side of the album. The vulnerability, and the conflict between expectations and self-belief, are new ground for Carrie - and a brave choice that many people could relate)

    6. Dirty Laundry (finishing the era with a bang - this is a new take on a classic Carrie "wronged woman" theme - but handled with more restraint, and hence more believable realism. A strong Country feel here - but accessible to a wide cross section of listeners - it would conclude the era with what I see as a mixture of reassurance and innovation.)

    * And, as several have mentioned videos - I'll add that that "Smoke Break" came with my favourite Carrie video ever. It helped the song, and the album launch substantially. It touched so many visual themes that meant a lot to me - Carrie driving her classic pick-up truck; the Joshua Tree suggesting a hark-back to Gram Parsons and Emmylou and the "Grievous Angel" era of Country-Rock fusion; the iconic walk through the desert carrying her guitar; the cameo appearances of the symbolic Country Music figures, the waitress, the wrangler, the welder, the truck driver - all portrayed by women; the episode with the male figure representing the change in the Country lifestyle - handled both sympathetically, but also with Carrie's brief "huh" at his preoccupied misstep on the road; the scenes in the bar, suggesting the un-glitzy side of much Country performance - preparing to go on stage in the bathroom, and performing with a house band of both male & female musicians. I'll long remember and applaud those video scenes that gave a take on the Mainstream that drew on references that managed to be both timeless, and fresh - and I think made points that were important for Carrie!

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    Agree totally with you on song list, just hope we get Never Love you again next, love that song and need a ballad.
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    ^^^ I love that songs as well especially live. When she sings it she sounds so gorgeous. Its such a great song.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jptexas View Post
    1. Heartbeat Runaway
    2. Church Laundry
    3. Dirty Bells
    4. Smoke County Affair
    5. Like I'll Never Know What I Really Wanted
    Sorry to bring up old threads, but his is amazing. Can we just take a moment to appreciate "Dirty Bells"?! Hahaha thanks for the laughs today jptexas lol

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