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    NYC Marathon: Inspirational Runner Finishes Race

    As you know yesterday was the NYC marathon, and I wanted to shared this story with you guys, I didnt post it yesterday because I wasnt sure how to explain it on english, but I found this article today so I'm going to post it so you can read it.

    New York City Marathon: Inspirational Runner Finishes Race - LightBox

    I know Maickel personally, I was one of his students back in high school. Yesterday I was following his run the whole day and I waited until 1 am ( Caracas time), 15 hours and 22 minutes after he started, just to watch him cross the finish line. The feeling was amazing, I'm so proud of him and I hope he can inspire you, just like he inspires me, my country and now the world. He's the living proof that everything is possible and the only one that can stop you is yourself.

    You can see videos from the marathon here: and here

    VamosMaickel's Channel - YouTube

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    Thank you for posting! What a moving story! That's awesome that he has such perseverance and drive. Amazing!!


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