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  1. I'm Here For Anyone Who Needs It...
  2. Why does life have to be so unfair?
  3. To: ethelu
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  7. I'm very sorry for unfollowing a Carrie fan on Twitter
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  9. My little dog
  10. I will Play On....
  11. Why cant't I cry...R.I.P Daddy
  12. 4 years, gone.
  13. Prayers needed
  14. I miss my Dad. I want him to come home.
  15. Being too sensitive
  16. My 20 yr old kitty, Tiger, is very ill - PLEASE PRAY FOR HER
  17. Illness - New Computer - New iPhone (2 out of 3 isn't bad at all)
  18. Amelia Keown Death
  19. RIP Grandma
  20. Broken Heart Syndrome...please help
  21. CMT Sucks!!
  22. Grandpa passed away :(
  23. Would you be interested in this book?
  24. An Appeal to Please Be Kind to Other Posters
  25. Need Some Guidance!
  26. Depressed..Hate My Life...Need Severe Help...
  27. Wow!
  28. Please pray for Chardon
  29. Soooo.......I'm going to be alone on Valentine's Day. : (
  30. It's Therapy Time!
  31. These girls at my school...
  32. My Grandma Passed Away....
  33. 2 Years of My Life Are Gone
  34. Getting things right with Gaycarebear.
  35. A plea to internet message boarders (especially Dixie Chick and Hound fans)
  36. Depressed...Need some help...
  37. My Grandfather
  38. Stupid Rules Around the house
  39. Roomate Ranting (anyone can post their stories)
  40. International Olympiad FAIL!
  41. Now this guy is seriously annoying me!!!