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  1. The Carrie Underwood Authenticness
  2. Carrie's gift to AI top 11?
  3. Bethany Hamilton *SPOILER*
  4. Carrie and Steven Tyler
  5. Carrie Fans Don't Miss This Once In A Lifetime Opportunity
  6. *****What She Said Favorite Words Spoken By Carrie Durng An Acceptance Speech*****
  7. Pictures of Carrie at "Soul Surfer" Premiere
  8. New ACM Producer's Blog w/More Stickys! Please Help Decipher it! lol
  9. American Idol Tweet Hints of a Carrie Appearance on Idol This year!
  10. Carrie Interview at the Premiere of Soul Surfer
  11. Stefano Langone from AI10: "I'd love to tell Carrie Underwood how beautiful she is."
  12. Soul Surfer Red Carpet Hollywood Premiere Tonight: Twitter Stalking Here :)
  13. Miranda Lambert - 25 things people don’t know about her
  14. [Apr 4 & 22] Girls' Night Out: Superstar Women of Country (Official Event Discussion)
  15. [Apr 3] 46th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards (Official Event Discussion)
  16. *****Live Album It's Time*****
  17. Soul Surfer screen time??
  18. Carrie on Jay Leno April 6th
  19. Carrie's SNL Performance of 2/23/08 to Re-airs on March 31 and April 1
  20. Carrie to be on Ellen on April 7th.
  21. Soul Surfer Hollywood Premiere is March 30th!!!!
  22. Today On The Radio
  23. Lady Gaga Goes Country!?!?!?
  24. Twitter confirmation: "Remind Me" will be the next single off of Brad's album!
  25. Street team store
  26. [Mar 28] All Together Now - A Celebration of Service (Official Event Discussion)
  27. [Mar 26] Grand Ole Opry (Official Event Discussion Thread)
  28. Soul Surfer Clips
  29. CarrieunderwoodVEVO
  30. Cmt voting
  31. Fan Ideas For Album 4: Please Post Here
  32. Carrie on Inland Empire Magazine
  33. Law And Order Wikipedia
  34. New Carrie blog [3-22]
  35. New Show on CMT: 20 Greatest Women, 20 Years: Vote For Carrie!
  36. Am my the only one
  37. CONFIRMED: Carrie is performing at the ACM's
  38. Performance in DC?
  39. Good News! Tons More New Cities Added for Soul Surfer Screening! :)
  40. Fan Club Party RSVP
  41. When will Carrie be back to perform again on American Idol?
  42. Carrie featured on Jeopardy!
  43. Carrie and J Lo
  44. A Perfect Song For Carrie and Mike!!!!
  45. Carrie on the Bee (interview)
  46. The Rodeo Fans/ Carrie Haters Are Getting Out Of Hand
  47. Soul Surfer Theaters released!
  48. New Songs for the Fourth Album?
  49. the FC got a revamp
  50. FC Package
  51. Simon praises Carrie!!!!
  52. Happy anniversary to the Play On Tour!
  53. Looking for audio of JAD from CR Tour
  54. I need to knw the name of this song?
  55. Brad tweeted about Carries Birthday
  56. ****Happy Carrie Moments****
  57. Make #HappyBirthdayCarrie trend
  58. *Happy Birthday Carrie*
  59. Grand Ole Opry is having a Sweepstake for a trip to the ACM's and Girl's Night Out
  60. Dream Carrie Duets?
  61. ACM Adds Women, Men to Girls' Night Out TV Special
  62. What Carrie wants from Santa...
  63. Win tickets to see advance screenings of Soul Surfer (for Canadians)!
  64. CMT Awards 2011 Will be June 8th During CMA Fest Week :)
  65. Second Round of Perfomers Announces for CMA Music Fest
  66. "Remind Me" recorded by Sherri Austin?
  67. Soul Surfer is Also Having a NYC Red Carpet Premiere! :)
  68. Carrie + Brad + AUSTRALIA???
  69. Very random thing I love about her!
  70. AI 10 Scotty McCreery lets us know which past show winner has had an influence on him
  71. GAC Top 20
  72. Fan Club Party date announced
  73. Carrie and Brad's Duet is titled:
  74. First Round of ACM Performers Announced
  75. [Mar 4] Grand Ole Opry (Official Event Discussion Thread)
  76. Carrie Underwood Fan Club Question
  77. Soul Surfer Street Team Sign Up
  78. Oscar result
  79. More speculation that SLT may be the next single
  80. Baby news?
  81. Carrie Playing the Piano
  82. Temporary Home
  83. Rodeo People Trashing Carrie Again: They Are Trying to Get Brad Involved Now
  84. Hey Guys
  85. A Carrie Underwood Twitter Chat
  86. Carrie and Brad Duet
  87. Carrie's fan mail address
  88. International Release Dates for Soul Surfer Listed!
  89. How would you rank Carrie's recorded covers?
  90. Carrie's Beauty!!!(!)
  91. Carrie is #1 Trending Topic on Yahoo!
  92. Carrie and Brad's duet: His Upcoming Single?
  93. Hey carebears! Please help me!
  94. Ten Reasons Glee Should Feature Carrie
  95. Billboard Music Awards 2011: To Be Held in Vegas May 22nd!
  96. Did we ever find out the percentage Carrie won AI by?
  97. Some Hearts (Vitamin String Quartet Version)
  98. Carries american idol season
  99. Another Show added to Opry All-Star Weekend!
  100. Take Me Home, Country Roads
  101. Songs like this
  102. Soul Surfer Make Fox News Front Page
  103. OFC Question Help!
  104. My reply to the "Miranda Lambert queen of country music article"
  105. 42nd GMA Music Awards DOVE
  106. New Carrie Blog Feb 15th
  107. Hey now! Carrie needs us right now on other vote on gac
  108. CMT Crossroads The Perfect Team!!
  109. New clip from Soul Surfer
  110. Carebears mean BUSINESS!
  111. OFC renewel
  112. Official Discussion for 2011 Grammy Awards
  113. New Carrie Blog 2/12/11
  114. Carrie featured in the Bieber movie
  115. Mike Fisher talks about being traded (video)
  116. Do You Think Carrie may participate in this?
  117. Huge Carrie Follower
  118. Mike Fisher Trade
  119. Who's the best Idol ever?
  120. Soul Surfer second trailer?
  121. Carrie's 2009 Walmart Soundcheck performance (Idea for a NEW Carrie Mission!)
  122. Last Name Hits 1,000,000 downloads!
  123. Carrie's Youtube Account Messed With Again :(
  124. Open Letter To The ACMs
  125. Gospel Musc Awards Nominations Out Next Week: Does TH Have a Shot?
  126. CMA Fest Performers Announced: No Carrie Underwood
  127. Good News! Soul Surfer Getting a Hollywood Red Carpet Premiere! :)
  128. Carrie Army Mission!!!!
  129. Carrie's "Play On" Tour book Pics?
  130. Carrie will not be at this year's Grammys
  131. IMPORTANT! How to chain-vote on all awards.
  132. Help get Carrie, Brad & Keith on next year's halftime show!
  133. New Carrie Blog - 2/06/11
  134. Pollstar Touring Awards Held Tonight at Nokia Center, LA!
  135. Carrie Song of the week
  136. Cleveland International Film Festival 2011 (CIFF)
  137. Carrie and the Superbowl
  138. GAC page-HORRIFYING!!
  139. Acm performers
  140. Carrie Part of American Idol 10th Year Anniversary CD
  141. Pollstar Touring Award
  142. Carrie Underwood will be featured on "American Idol 10th Anniversary - The Hits" CD!
  143. ACM 2011 - who shall we vote for!!
  144. Problem with carriephotos.com
  145. [Not so] Big Grammy announcement tomorrow morning.
  146. Cmt.ca spreading *confirmed* false personal news about Carrie!
  147. That's cheap...
  148. Possibly NO MORE SINGLES From "Play On"
  149. Things That Make Carrie So Special?
  150. First pic of Carrie-Brad
  151. What will this decade hold for Carrie?
  152. Carries back on Fashion at people
  153. Moments that encompass Carrie's career thus far
  154. Carrie Pregnant????
  155. Carrie Playing at the Opry on March 4th
  156. Carrie Underwood Will Sing National Anthem at CRS
  157. 2011 Carrie Army Awards
  158. Is Carrie involved with the Victory Junction Gang Camps?
  159. "Entertainment Weekly" debuts FULL "Soul Surfer Tralier (Carrie sighting)
  160. Soul Surfer Movie Review from Nanny
  161. Country Universe writer Tara said some great things about Carrie on her blog!
  162. ACM Honors Superstar Women with “Girls’ Night Out”
  163. Question for OFC Members??
  164. *****new single announced!!!!**** * breaking news!! Read inside!! Shocker!!
  165. "Glee" to go country....possible Carrie connection?
  166. CMA Music Fest line up coming next week!
  167. Don Henley Recording Country Album w/Country Acts Collaborating: Maybe Carrie?
  168. Lovely, LOVELY Carrie praise by her first fan, Simon!
  169. Carrie Underwood piercings?
  170. CMT Artist of the year
  171. 46th ACM Nominations
  172. The one song by a diff. artist you wish Carrie had sung.
  173. I Know You Wont (R&B Verison)
  174. WOW! TH video passes 3 Million!
  175. Next Carrie Underwood???
  176. CMT Crossroads: Why No Carrie Yet?
  177. Roughstock Best of 2010 Poll Winners.
  178. New Carrie Blog 1/20/11
  179. Carrie Promise Thread
  180. Carrie's New Title
  181. Gayle King loves Carrie...
  182. Does anybody know . . .
  183. She's too good looking!
  184. CR Bonus video (help please!)
  185. Idol Co-Host?
  186. Where can I find Mp3's of Carrie's AI performances?
  187. E! Fashion Police on Tonight for Globes with Joan Rivers :)
  188. Carrie caught drinking something she shouldn't!
  189. Carrie's HOT @ The Golden Globes (Australia!)
  190. Carrie Underwood WILL be working on a new album this year!
  191. Golden Globes 2011: The dress??