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  1. New Blog 4-2-12
  2. My thoughts on why Country Rock isn't "fake Country"
  3. Adopt an International Fan for the Blown Away Album
  4. [April 1st] Academy of Country Music Awards (Official Event Discussion)
  5. Ghost in Carrie video ?
  6. Carrie blog
  7. OFC 6 Year Trouble
  8. How is this possible? :o :o
  9. Hollie IS performing Carrie on Idol Tonight- Confirmed!!
  10. Itunes has the Blown Away track list up!!!!
  11. Hollie Cavanagh covers Carrie !
  12. Video: Carrie Underwood Warns Justin Bieber Fans With "Good Girl"
  13. album release
  14. Good girl news
  15. [March 27] Grand Ole Opry (Official Event Discussion)
  16. Blown Away is Now Available On Itunes for Pre-ORder!!!
  17. Carrie not Touring until this Fall
  18. March 23 or 24 - ACM Nomination Special
  19. "Good Girl" is #1 on MTV's Music Meter Mainstream chart!
  20. 2012 ACM Awards- Early Winners Announced
  21. Carrie needs your votes today (3/21) to advance in a "best song ever" tournament
  22. Carrie Underwood, Tim McGraw + More Make Mitt Romney’s Spotify Playlist
  23. The moment the Carrie Underwood leg lovers have been waiting for..
  24. Ideas/Thoughts For Carrie's Blown Away Promotion
  25. EOTY: Brad or Jason???
  26. Lauren Alaina sings GOOD GIRL
  27. Carrie Underwood's Proposed Promotional Plan for Blown Away
  28. Carrie's St. Patrick's Day Blog
  29. Top Albums in the last 10 years
  30. Blown Away to be sold for $0,99 at Amazon?
  31. Nobody Knows - Lori McKenna Track Cut by Carrie for Blown Away?
  32. An Aussie Debate - Has Carrie/The Director Got The Idea From Our Aussie Carrie!? (GG)
  33. Good Girl on CMT Top 20 Voting Page
  34. GG Video Is On iTunes
  35. Good Girl Music Video (Discussion Thread)
  36. Wedding Video?
  37. Anyone else see a teaser of the teaser of the Good Girl video?
  38. Aussie Fans - "Good Girl" is now available in the Australia iTunes store...
  39. Date of video AND SCREEN CAPS just released!!!
  40. First Round of ACM Performers Announced
  41. Carrie Just Posted on FC Denying That She is Anti-Rodeo or Anti-Hunter
  42. Pre - Order Blown Away on Amazon
  43. oklahoma wind question?
  44. Album Cover Reveal
  45. Album cover being released today!! (?)
  46. New Blog 3-5-12
  47. Round 2: Voting round of the 2012 Carrie Army Awards!
  48. (!)Good Girl video coming out......
  49. Should Carrie sing at the Stanley Cup Final?
  50. Chelsea Sorrell singing a Carrie song on AI tonight 2/29
  51. Carrie question on Millionaire
  52. New Blog 2-29-12
  53. Fan cover of GG
  54. [Feb 28] Nordstrom Symphony Fashion Show (Official Discussion Thread)
  55. The Big Bang Theory - Jesus Take The Wheel
  56. Pic - Carrie's thank you to country radio in Billboard update
  57. BHC top video of the 2000's according to GAC
  58. Upcoming twitter treads
  59. American Idol question
  60. I Have A Few Carrie Items For Sale
  61. Good Girl live CRS
  62. Carrie Singing Good Girl Live Video
  63. No Wiki Page yet for Good Girl
  64. Kudos to Carrie's team
  65. we should post our Twitter names here so we can follow each other :)
  66. Since Carrie is now on Twitter, let's...
  67. another blog 2-24-12
  68. Carrie just joined Twitter!!!!
  69. Live Video: Carrie Underwood - Good Girl
  70. One Thing We Know About Good Girl
  71. New Blog 2-24-12
  72. Good Girl single: Welcome back Carrie...VENGEANCE!
  73. "Good Girl" Post Official Release Thread - Plan & Strategy
  74. Good Girl Reviews
  75. No Posting of Good Girl Single!!!
  76. "Good Girl" Lyrics
  77. Release date?!?
  78. 2012 Carrie Army Awards
  79. Carrie and Keith in concert?
  80. Fan Club Question
  81. Who will tour with Carrie?
  82. Official Store - Free Shipping!
  83. Remind Me Cover - Carrie/Brad Paisley Cover
  84. Carrie interviews
  85. 30 second clip of Good Girl!!!
  86. Fan Project: Carrie's Birthday
  87. New Blog 2-12-12
  88. Carrie Underwood - The Forthcoming *New Teaser & Promo Video*
  89. Live Stream of Clive Davis Pre-Grammy Party Tonight Here!
  90. Fan Club Renewal?
  91. Carrie pulls the mic waaaaaaaay too far away sometimes...
  92. Kelly Clarkson included IKYW in her current tour
  93. New Carrie Blog 2/8
  94. (don't take this seriously) Breaking news: ***good girl lyrics***
  95. Disappointing....
  96. A couple of interesting AI contestants this year who like Carrie
  97. [Feb 12] The 54th Annual Grammy Awards (Official Discussion Thread)
  98. Thought we could use with these
  99. Thank you carrie!!!
  100. New Carrie Blog 2-5-12
  101. Carrie Trending on Yahoo
  102. Forthcoming Album Commercial (Fanmade)
  103. New Blog 2-2-12 : Album out May 1!!
  104. Carrie Replied on Fanclub about Grammys
  105. Carrie to Premier Good Girl
  106. Jesus Take The Wheel original video?
  107. [Feb 4] CMT Crossroads: Pepsi Super Bowl Fan Jam (Official Discussion Thread)
  108. Jesus Take The Wheel
  109. Let's make #GoodGirl a TT on twitter!
  110. **Prediction time: What will Good Girl be about??**
  111. Joining the OFC
  112. Carrie and Reese
  113. About The Haters....
  114. New song and cd cover!!!!!
  115. Carrie announces new single "Good Girl" in FC video
  116. [Jan 27] Great Performances: Tony Bennett: Duets II (Official Discussion Thread)
  117. New Carrie Post About Her Stance on Twitter
  118. ACM Nominations To Be Announced
  119. General Theory
  120. Carrie blog 1-20-12
  121. Carrie and Aerosmith - The Duet?
  122. "Crazy Dreams" on Smash!!!
  123. VH1 Honors Women Who Rock: 100 Greatest Women in Music- on 2-13-12
  124. Most Difficult Song Carrie Sang?
  125. Carrie Underwood Tribute
  126. CMAs making a "BIG announcement" tomorrow.
  127. ACMs are April 1st: Blake/Reba Hosting
  128. Steven Tyler Talks American Idol on 'Oprah's Next Chapter'
  129. Let's start a twitter trend!
  130. New Blog 1-6-12
  131. Beyond the Hits - YOUR Carrie compilation album
  132. New Blog 1-2-12
  133. New Carrie Blog 1-1-12
  134. Lead Single Release Date Predictions
  135. Happy New Year Guys!!!
  136. New Blog 12-30-11
  137. Access Hollywood
  138. 2011 in Carrie Land
  139. Fan club Question
  140. What do you guys think?
  141. Using "ain't" in Carrie's songs
  142. Attn: All Facebook users: Like my new page to support a COUNTRY BAND video game!
  143. Carrie's "Twin"
  144. Merry Christmas , everybody :)
  145. Carrie songs on her studio albums which are not originally released by her
  146. Carrie On "BEYOND The Hits" - NOW AVAILABLE!!!
  147. About Carrie's 2012 Tour
  148. New Blog 12-17-11
  149. Re-airing of the 2nd Annual American Country Awards on GAC
  150. OT You have to see this!
  151. Carrie underwood workaholic?
  152. Is Kelly C wearing the same jacket ?
  153. Woah...Carrie has a twin!
  154. Carrie Underwood Autographed Charity Package!!!
  155. A date yet?
  156. Crazy Dreams on preview of new show.
  157. Will Carrie and the band return to Singapore soon?
  158. Does anyone know about this poll/survey?
  159. No duets on new album
  160. Forum Cleanup
  161. All Access Year-End Hot Picks -- Best of 2011
  162. C, BROWN vs. OUR GIRL -- SICKENING!!!!!!
  163. ACA Ratings Increase 33% From 2010! :)
  164. Acm
  165. Is The First Noel Carrie's New Xmas Single?
  166. Carrie voted Country Weeklly's Most Beautiful Woman!
  167. Lauren Alaina talks about Carrie again
  168. Carrie Nominated For Australian Country Music Award!
  169. Carrie's Husband Mike Fisher Talks New Music And When To Expect It
  170. Can we please see some love for this video?????
  171. ****Ace Underwood****
  172. Carrie sand on Brooks & Dunn Tribute replayed last night on GAC
  173. [Dec 5] American Country Music Awards (Official Event Discussion Thread)
  174. Reminder: Nov 23 - IHeartRadio Music Festival Highlights
  175. Tumblr
  176. Carrie presenting at CMT Artist Of The Year- possibly honoring Brad?
  177. Rascal Flatts new album in April..Carrie in March? (her bday is mar 10)
  178. AMA 2011 Best Voice ??
  179. Tony Bennett Special to Air in January on PBS for Duets II: Carrie Included! :)
  180. 2010 CMT Artists Of The Year - Carrie Performance which was?
  181. Carrie is featured on CMT's Hot Headlines
  182. Carrie Featured On Best of CMC 2011/Country Christmas CD's!
  183. Happy Birthday, "Some Hearts!"
  184. Carrie shout-out in class today
  185. So, i had no idea carrie dated Dr. Travis Stork..where have i been?
  186. Stewie sings Before He Cheats on Family Guy!
  187. OMG, this has to be her best live performance of IKYW ever!
  188. More Evidence Of 5th Single Choice!
  189. "Remind Me" getting Hot AC release!
  190. ANNOUNCED: Carrie to perform at 2012 CMA Music Fest!
  191. Soul Surfer Nominated for People's Choice Award!
  192. Can you guys help me out here?
  193. Good Day LA Interview
  194. Before He Cheats on new Family Guy
  195. New Album?
  196. [Nov 9] 45th Annual Country Music Awards (Official Event Discussion Thread)
  197. 6 million Carebears
  198. ***new album breaking news*** release date and single announced!!!!!!!!!!!
  199. Great Carrie mention in Brad's new book!
  200. Brad is Performing Twice at the CMAs: Hmm...Hope for Carrie too? :)
  201. ACA Performers/Presenters Announced Today
  202. The first video uploaded to Carrie's official youtube
  203. Carrie Kicks Her Husband Out
  204. 2011 Inspirational Country Music Awards- Oct. 28
  205. Soul Surfer is Being Released in Mexico October 28th!! :)
  206. Carrie's 2012 Grammy Submissions!
  207. I'm looking for a picture...perhaps you can help!
  208. Guinness World Record :)
  209. CMC Australia Predict Carrie To Win Female Vocalist @ CMAs!
  210. REMIND ME getting some love in MALAYSIA!
  211. Carrie's Care Bears Website
  212. Which Carrie Idol performance was that?
  213. Behind the scenes Blue Bloods- Carrie and Tony
  214. Design your dream CU album cover!
  215. Carrie did this song-this little girl is amazing
  216. Kelly Covers Carrie's I Know You Won't
  217. Why are you a carriefan?
  218. Double platinum: Has Carrie reached her ceiling in album sales?
  219. GAC top 20
  220. Carrie and Randy's Opry Appearance on GAC tonight.
  221. People's Choice 1st Round Voting Begins 10/19: Let's Help Get Carrie some Love
  222. Old Idol Tour Pictures
  223. thoughts on album release
  224. I am going to see Carrie Underwood in Concert!!!!!!!!!!
  225. Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood
  226. Carrie's 2012 Timeline
  227. New Carrie Pic from Brad's Twitter.. Bad Bad Brad:)
  228. American Country Awards 2011!!
  229. Congratulations Brad & Carrie! Remind Me Goes No.1 On Australian CMC/CMT!
  230. Lauren mentioned Carrie in her CD linernotes
  231. New blog!
  232. Carrie on Jango
  233. New Carrie Blog! 10/7
  234. Home Sweet Home
  235. Arista is no more
  236. Oh my gosh Oh my gosh Oh my gosh!!
  237. Eighteen Inches lyrics
  238. Address to send Carrie stuff
  239. [Oct 4] Grand Ole Opry (Official Event Discussion Thread)
  240. Random, but BEAUTIFUL pic of Carrie
  241. [Oct 18] Grand Ole Opry (Official Event Discussion Thread)
  242. Guess which song will Carrie perform @ CMA Awards? Answer reveals here...
  243. UK/Ireland Carrie fans: How Did the Soul Surfer Premere Go?
  244. Carrie's Co-Write in Julianne Hough's album
  245. RM on BBC Radio 2 (British radio)
  246. Blue Bloods (Carrie and Tony Bennett appearance) discussion thread 9/23/11
  247. UK premiere of Soul Surfer
  248. I Heart Radio Festival Discussion Thread: 9-23-11
  249. Carrie and Brad on CCUSA website and will be co-hosts
  250. CARRIE Is Now A Hologram For Brad Paisley????