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  1. Number 1 Party for Blown Away
  2. 23rd January 2013 . Two Black Cadillacs Music Video Premiere .
  3. American Idol 'Two Black Cadillacs'?
  4. 2013 ACM awards
  5. Carrie Must Be Happy Mike Made This List!!!
  6. 5 Days Ago ?
  7. Instagram - CarrieUnderW
  8. What will Carrie Underwood's Fourth Single Be?
  9. Behind the Scenes Music Video ???
  10. Carnival Ride - Target Edition / Holiday Edition
  11. Belfast Date is SOLD OUT
  12. Where is the Two Black Cadillacs Music Video?
  13. Carrie to play Opry February 1st, 2013
  14. People's Choice Awards Official Discussion Thread: 1/9/13
  15. Carrie Underwood 'Blown Away' US Dj Radio Promo CD for Sale.
  16. A New Fan
  17. Carrie Sells First House She Ever Bought
  18. People's Choice Award Wiki Page: Are Winners Leaked??
  19. 2013 UpComing Award Shows/Events: Will Carrie Attend/Perform?
  20. So... It's January Already
  21. Carrie Underwood Almost Tops Out CMC Australia's Year End Countdown!
  22. Carrie Nominated For 2013 CMC Music Awards!
  23. Temporary Home for Parrot Sanctuary!
  24. "Blown Away" Tour Changes During Break
  25. Carrie & Steven Crossroads DVD
  26. Help me choose the first Carrie song to listen to in 2013. Thanks
  27. Bet you never seen this Carrie playing card...
  28. CFAs WINNERS!!!!!
  29. 2012 in CarrieLand
  30. BA tour dvd twitter trend (12/28/12)
  31. Carrie Underwood interview with CBC
  32. just thought I would share!!!! :D
  33. Just got back from show...no AAG..confused..
  34. ROUND 2 - Carrie Underwood 'Female of 2012' on RyanSeacrest.com!
  35. FC Pre-Sale Tickets
  36. Carrie is donating all proceeds from Des Moines concert to community
  37. Carrie's Adorable Rocker Chick Face
  38. New Blog 12-10-12
  39. World Music Awards: Voting Links Fixed-- VOTE NOW FOR CARRIE IN 4 CATEGORIES!
  40. Gifting the single DFTRM 'campaign'
  41. Carrie Underwood Gangnam Style - FULL song!!
  42. iTunes Israel - Carrie's Music!
  43. [Dec 10] American Country Awards (Official Discussion Thread)
  44. [Dec 8] CMT Artists of the Year (Official Discussion Thread)
  45. Possible Blown Away Tour DVD?
  46. Ace & Penny are like these dogs?
  47. Who is this SHARON FREELEE? She stalks everything carrie w/NASTY comments
  48. What In The World Is Carrie Doing ....
  49. CMT Responded by deleting the Multi-user comments on Carries article
  50. The significance of Carrie's "Triple Crown"
  51. CF Awards?!?!
  52. First Niagara Center-Buffalo, NY Concert
  53. Your Top 10 Carrie Performances
  54. What is your favorite live performance??
  55. Final Grammy Predictions: Nominations Round
  56. Concert Sign, Any Ideas?
  57. Looking for "So Small" video/audio :)
  58. Rascal Flatts, Kip Moore, Jake Owen to Perform at ACAS
  59. Jesus Took The Wheel...an amazing video!
  60. *BLACK* Friday Gift From Carrie (OMG!)
  61. Radio Contest Help
  62. Nicki Minaj name drops Carrie on Live with Kelly & Michael
  63. AMAZING Cover of Before He Cheats!!!
  64. New Blog 11-19-12
  65. Songs Carrie has Covered
  66. Carrie Underwood - Greatest Hits (Wish List)
  67. American Music Awards 11/18/12
  68. I need Carrie help! :p
  69. OFFICIAL fan club site is NOT WORKING!!!
  70. People's Choice Awards Final Votes In: Vote for Carrie!! :)
  71. Carrie Underwood doesn't believe her legacy will be her music
  72. Major Ticketmaster Problems
  73. Yahoo Music Grammy Predictions: Not one Prediction for Carrie :(
  74. More Performers Added To Grammy Nominations Concert
  75. Official American Music Awards 2012 Discussion Thread
  76. What unreleased stuff do you have?
  77. People Mag Looking for Carrie Fans Who Went to AtlaCity Show for Article on Donation!
  78. Really need you help here, Carebears! :)
  79. Want to write a letter to Carrie, but really Hesitant
  80. Carrie Blogged on the Fan Club (11/10/12)
  81. Carrie has topped the CMT countdown more than any other artist in 2012
  82. #CUto1mill
  83. Carrie donates AC concert profits to Hurricane Sandy victims
  84. What Was Your Favorite Part Of Carrie Underwood With Jimmy Fallon?
  85. New American Idol S12 Promo - Carrie, Kelly, Phillip & Scotty Mention
  86. *****Carrie & Christmas Music*****
  87. Brad/Mike Bromance
  88. Never Before Seen Carrie CMA Stage Pictures!!!
  89. Carrie Underwood is filming the 'Two Black Cadillacs' Music Video today!
  90. Is Stephen Tyler influencing Carrie's music?
  91. please dont forget!
  92. Don't Forget: Download the Aerosmith Duet TONIGHT at Midnight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  93. Hayden, Rascal Flatts To Host CMT Artists of the Year!
  94. Carrie Underwood in Jerome C. Rousseau
  95. Discovered Way to Donate Directly to the Red Cross in Carrie's Name!!!!!
  96. Jimmy Fallon Band Bench
  97. Replay of ACM Girls' Night Out on GAC
  98. New Red Cross Donation Site -Donate as a Carrie Fan
  99. New Pinterest Board
  100. Two Black Cadillacs Video Info (small)
  101. Carrie's Wiki Award Page: Can Someone Help Me Edit it?
  102. Charlotte, NC Time Warner Cable Arena
  103. [Nov 8] Jimmy Fallon Show (Official Discussion Thread)
  104. Top 20 Video countdown
  105. Setting up a Charity to Donate in Carrie's Name as a Show of Support
  106. Miranda's got some class!
  107. BMI Songwriting Awards tonight: Is Carrie Eligible This year???
  108. Dancind With The Stars "GOOD GIRL"
  109. Most Relatable Carrie Songs?
  110. Grammy Nominations Concert: News
  111. More Tour Dates Added!
  112. The Official 46th CMA Award
  113. carrie needs our votes
  114. I need help with my gift for carrie
  115. Blown Away concert video
  116. Blown Away (Music Video) No.1 in Australia!
  117. Carrie Underwood breaks 2012 record!
  118. [Oct 26] All Access Nashville with Katie Couric (Official Discussion Thread)
  119. Carnival Ride was Released 5 Years Ago Today
  120. People's Choice Noms Come Out Tomorrow!! :)
  121. Carrie's best vocals from this year...
  122. Help VH1
  123. Carrie underwood fan shirt!!
  124. Third Single Pool
  125. Concert Merch prices...
  126. AeroFANatic - World Premiering Can't Stop Lovin You....
  127. Carrie Admits She Has A PERSONAL Video That NO ONE Will Ever See
  128. Acoustic Tribute to Carrie Underwood
  129. Carrie Underwood Covers
  130. Carrie Blogged 10/14/12
  131. Grammy Submissions 2012: Leaked List
  132. Aerosmith's album comes out Nov. 6
  133. ACA Nominations coming tomorrow!
  134. CMT Artists of the Year 2012: Secret Until December 8th
  135. Carrie Underwood - Good girl choregraphy
  136. Behind the Scenes video on getactivenow.com
  137. Kelly is covering Blown Away tonight at her concert !
  138. Video: Carrie Underwood for Your Consideration
  139. The Carrie & Brad Show - Discussion About CMA 2012 Hosting Hilarity
  140. New Carrie Blog 9/30/12 :)
  141. She responded to my tweet
  142. Charlie Cook On Air: Where Are the Women?
  143. CMA Performers
  144. Question About Seats & View Of Stage
  145. Looking for a Video
  146. AMAs Announcing Nominations October 9th!
  147. Which Album/songs Have stood the test of time?
  148. Carrie Underwood, a UNIQUE TALENT!
  149. Question About Radio Interviews for the Blown Away Tour
  150. The Positive Thread
  151. Offiicial Fan Club
  152. Noh8
  153. Blown AWay Dubstep Remix :)
  154. Between Album Projects?
  155. Carrie should explore this part of her voice more! (Sweet Emotion from Reading, PA)
  156. Carrie Underwood On Empowering Education
  157. Carrie's Voice - Blown Away Tour
  158. Big Nagging Question. H0w do Carrie's Meet & Greets Work?
  159. Round Hill Music to Acquire Songs by Bruno Mars, Cee-Lo Green, Carrie Underwood et al
  160. New BA Tour Merchandise
  161. Country Weekly scans - Carrie's cover story
  162. CMA's Promos
  163. Carrie & Acting
  164. People's Choice Nominations Announced in Few Weeks: We Help Vote for Nominees
  165. Blown Away Video Actor?
  166. New Carrie Interview After GG #1 Party
  167. BA Tour DVD confirmed! (Sorta)
  168. SURPRISE! my room mate likes Carrie!
  169. "Wasted" Audio???
  170. New Country Weekly - Carrie on the cover - interview
  171. People Country Special
  172. Hunter Hayes talking about going on tour
  173. Blown Away Concert Tickets, Reno, Oct. 12/12
  174. So mad!!!!!!
  175. New Carrie Blog 9/11/12
  176. Cupid's Got a Shotgun (Music Video) by Fan Made
  177. Is Carrie Becoming A "Crazy Cat Lady?"
  178. Favorite Moments from Carrie and Brad’s Past Hosting of the CMAs
  179. Opening Night of Blown Away Tour: discussion Thread
  180. Carrie Underwood - Blown Away Tour 2012 Promo Advert
  181. Kira Isabella joining Carrie Underwood on BA tour
  182. New Carrie merchandise
  183. Ohhhhhh just to make you all smile :)
  184. Head on - apply directly to that forehead! :p
  185. Carrie Underwood Ology Contest [IMPORTANT]
  186. [Sep 30] Vh1 Behind The Music to Air (Official Discussion Thread)
  187. Predict Carrie's Grammy Nominations
  188. Blown Away Tour in 2 Weeks: Final Guesses on the Setlist :)
  189. Carrie Underwood Monopoly Board; Need Some Help
  190. Audio from Carrie's "Never Tear Us Apart" INXS cover - Melbourne, Australia
  191. Question regarding authenticity of possible Carrie quote.
  192. [September 17] CMA Music Festival: Country's Night To Rock
  193. Asian Carrie Underwood fans?
  194. Carrie's SUPER BUSY Week
  195. Future Country Weekly cover
  196. Agree or disagree?
  197. ACAs Return To Vegas For 3rd Year: Trace/Kristen Hosting
  198. [Sep 2] MDA Show of Strength (Official Discussion Thread)
  199. [Sep 1] Grand Ole Opry (Official Discussion Thread)
  200. Grammys Included Carrie in New Poll for Who Will Get the Most Nominations Next Year!!
  201. Carrie on Noteworthy at the Opry tonight
  202. Who is the ultimate country music royality entertainer ranking game
  203. I need the help of fellow Carrie fans...
  204. Would Carrie consider doing "Eat & Greets"?
  205. Grammy nomination concert to be in Nashville.
  206. Carrie Underwood Blown Away cover from our kitchen!
  207. Requesting a one time stream
  208. [Oct. 2] VH1 Unplugged (Official Discussion Thread)
  209. [Aug 17] Teachers Rock (Official Discussion Thread)
  210. JUST IN: Carrie to be at the Opry September 1
  211. Daily Mail Pictures & Article about Carrie's Pitch
  212. CMT voting
  213. Non single rankings
  214. which video is better part 2?
  215. All NYC Carrie Fans
  216. [Aug 15] Today Show: Toyota Concert Series (Official Discussion Thread)
  217. Carrie Underwood visits children's hospital
  218. Carelle's cover of "Do You Think About Me"
  219. Rank Carrie songs that she didn't release as singles
  220. Decide the set-list for tha Blown Away Tour
  221. Country music hall of fame who should carrie sing a duet with week 2
  222. National Anthem
  223. which music video do you think is better week 1
  224. CMA who do think should win game (based on the choices from the cma nomination game)
  225. Carrie's CMA nods?? What do you think?
  226. Question about Billboard
  227. Win front row seats to the opry!
  228. [Aug 4] Grand Ole Opry (Official Discussion Thread)
  229. Remind Me live at the Opry
  230. Blown Away Video Icons/Avatars
  231. REMINDER cma songwriter series (Today)
  232. Where is the blown away video????????????????????
  233. CMA hall of fame who do you think Carrie should sing a duet w part 1
  234. [July 31] CMA Songwriters Series (Official Discussion Thread)
  235. Soul Surfer to air on UK television
  236. Blown Away at the Opry Live!
  237. Beautiful Piano Cover Of Blown Away
  238. The Carrie Underwood Wiki
  239. Carrie Underwood’s ‘Blown Away’ Music Video to Premiere July 30
  240. New Blog 7-27-12
  241. BA - Japanese CD
  242. Cant Stop Loving You
  243. Miranda's Video Drops Next Week: Will This Delay the Release of BA????
  244. I'm trying to find a certain interview...
  245. CoHosts 2012
  246. Remember When at the Opry!
  247. Blown Away video coming out July 31
  248. Question for Canadians about CCMAs
  249. Carrie Songs Shuffle Game
  250. Love this Carrie Picture