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  1. New Study Explores Success Rates (Or Lack Thereof) for New Female Country Acts
  2. Win a CALIA by Carrie outfit (Courtesy of CaliabyCarrie)
  3. Carrie Underwood Covers Nash Country Weekly - July 20, 2015
  4. CMAs 2015
  5. Today Only - Calia By Carrie Sale (mods move this it is in wrong area)
  6. little toy guns
  7. Teen Choice Awards [8/16/15]
  8. Before He Cheats to be featured in Guitar Hero Reboot
  9. Jamelle Fraley Joins Chicago’s Peter Cetera on Tour
  10. Carrie singing "Broken Wing" LIVE and effortlessly at age 14-15
  11. It all began 10 years ago!! Congrats, Carrie!!
  12. what to vote for?
  13. Teen Choice Awards 2015: Nominations Out-- Vote for Carrie!
  14. New Header
  15. [Jun 9] Grand Ole Opry (Official Discussion Thread)
  16. Carrie-Photos.com looking for some graphics :)
  17. Official Fan Club ??????
  18. Isaiah Michael Fisher
  20. American Idol Cancelled
  21. Happy Mother's Day Carrie!
  22. Does anyone else really like this performance of Before He Cheats?
  23. CMT Music Awards 2015: Official Discussion Thread
  24. Forum links (Site Fixed)
  25. BHC on top ten revenge songs list
  26. Artists you want Carrie to work with in other genres
  27. Favorite Performance For Something In The Water
  28. Billboard Music Awards 2015
  29. Modern Songs Carrie Could Cover In Other Genres Besides Country
  30. Modern Country Songs You Would Like Carrie to Cover
  31. Josh Kear sing BHC(co wrote TBC and BA) mentions carrie. Its interesting
  32. Carri's Baby Will Be a Hockey Player
  33. Does anyone agree?
  34. Sweet story about Temporary Home.
  35. Carrie or Christina the Better Vocalist?
  36. What songs of Carrie do you like that's stripped down in performances
  37. Carrie is all over FaceBook today...Here is one of the stories
  38. Good Girl Commercial on Television
  39. Where do I ??
  40. Welcome to the world Isaiah Michael thread
  41. Two Carrie Magaines for Sale Country Weekly (2009 & 2010)
  42. Fan Club Renewals??
  43. The Truth About THE SOUND OF MUSIC
  44. Iowa State Fair Snags Carrie Underwood for Grandstand Performance
  45. New Blog 2/17/15
  46. Country Music Valentine's
  47. Carrie on ESPN
  48. Grammy's Why is nobody talking about it????
  49. Carrie and her History of Grammy Nominations.
  50. Non-Single Surivor Game
  51. I Know You Won't
  52. Super Bowl Opening
  53. Little Toy Guns Music Video
  54. Sitw is losing spins
  55. Carrie's 2015 Timeline
  56. What happened to the ACA Awards?
  57. Carrie Nominated in the 2015 CMC Music Awards
  58. 20 Things You Didn’t Know About Carrie Underwood
  59. Little Jimmy Dickens Celebration of Life Service
  60. 2015 ACM Awards
  61. Carrie Underwood Covers Nashville Lifestyles Magazine - January 2015
  62. Today's Show TBC Performance
  63. 2014 in CarrieLand
  64. 2015 Predictions
  65. Carrie's voice - problems ahead?
  66. RAM Country Performances - has anyone capped this?
  67. Carrie in Fanpop!
  68. BIG, BIG, BIG, BIG, BIG Goose Bump Moment All Is Well on the radio
  69. keep us safe studio recording
  70. [Dec 13, 2014] Grand Ole Opry (Official Discussion Thread)
  71. SOML Returns to TV
  72. Greatest Hits Release Party
  73. Carrie Underwood: a Decade of Records
  74. CUFacts' Carried Away: Decade #1 (CD w/ 100 Carrie-Performances)
  75. Carrie said her dream collab is Freddie Mercury. I want to make a mashup. Any ideas?
  76. Why does someone as good as Carrie Underwood use auto-tune? It makes her sound worse!
  77. Carrie to be on the cover of Country Weekly Dec. 15 issue
  78. BHC in Pitch Perfect 2
  79. Dec 15, 2014] American Country Countdown Awards (Official Discussion Thread)
  80. [Nov11/14} HBO: The Concert For Valor- Discussion Thread
  81. [Nov 7] CMA Country Christmas
  82. Carrie Nominated for People's Choice Awards!
  83. Fan Project for Something In The Water
  84. Carrie's submissions for Grammys 2015
  85. This Side Of Heaven
  86. Something in the water question
  87. New Blog 10-8-14
  88. American Music Awards: nominations Out 10/13
  89. How to get Carrie to sign CD?
  90. Something in the Water crossing over to Christian radio
  91. Carrie on Bobby Bones show interview
  92. Inspirational Country Music Awards (Nov 13)
  93. Greatest Hits album - Wishlist
  94. Big Announcement Tomorrow (Friday 9/26)
  95. while we are waiting - guess what the potential songs on album #5 are about
  96. Oklahoma Wind Help
  97. What Title Should be the First Single?
  98. Carrie Needs this holloween costume
  99. What Carrie song do you hear the most?
  100. Sorry
  101. Bad Blood between Carrie and Taylor??
  102. Carrie Song Survivor Game???
  103. Carrie Executive Producer of "Two Black Cadillacs" Limited Event Series on Fox
  104. New Blog - 9-1-14 Carrie' confirms pregnancy
  105. cool find!!!!
  106. [August 19, 2014] Grand Ole Opry (Official Discussion Thread)
  107. Emmys 2014: Official Discussion Thread
  108. Carrie to Perform 2015 Superbowl!?!?
  109. Carrie & Miranda on the Verge of their 1st Australian Number 1!
  110. CMA Awards
  111. The New Brad Song Featuring Carrie is Here Called High Life! haha
  112. Is Miranda Lambert morphing into Carrie Underwood? The Country Queen’s 8 Similarities
  113. http://www.mjsbigblog.com/the-country-radio-climb-how-are-major-labels-serving-new-ac
  114. [Aug 5] CMA Music Festival: Country’s Night to Rock (Official Discussion Thread)
  115. 8th Annual ACM Honors
  116. Carrie mentioned in song on Brad Paisley's new album
  117. (2013 Flashback) Carrie's comments on her work
  118. Predict lead single release date
  119. Carrie Underwood promo CD's for sale
  120. [July 25, 2014] Grand Ole Opry (Official Discussion Thread)
  121. Broken Wings Demo mp3?
  122. 2014 Ultimate Carrie Song Results
  123. http://artsbeat.blogs.nytimes.com/2014/07/09/jay-z-and-carrie-underwood-set-for-globa
  124. Keep Us Safe (Live from ACM Presents: An All-Star Salute to the Troops) on VEVO.
  125. Singer/Songwriter/Producer & Former "4 Non Blondes" Lead Singer on Carrie
  126. Ultimate Bonus Song poll
  127. A Serious Carrie Fan - Can you top it?
  128. Saw Carrie in concert last night!
  129. Country Queens:Nashville Legends and Their Protégés - Carrie Mention
  130. ToC Encore: The Year That Forever Changed Country Music
  131. Somethin' Bad Video!!
  132. Something Bad Used in a Commercial Tonight!
  133. Carrie and Miranda will be on the cover of CW
  134. Carrie Underwood: Country Idol - New Documentary
  135. What do you expect/want for the fifth album?
  136. Carrie Nominated for Teen Choice Awards- 2014
  137. Carrie Underwood Official Store: Need help
  138. Carrie Underwood Official Store - New Merch Available!
  139. Carrie at Kimberly from TBP wedding!
  140. OMG Article: Did Carrie Underwood Get Rhinoplasty? (Nose Job)
  141. Keep calling Idol Carrie Underwood or not
  142. Carrie Performing Tonight at Samsung Hope For Children Benefit: Live Stream Here
  143. New Blog 6-7-14
  144. Carrie Spotted At Soundcheck At CMAFest for Tonight!!
  145. someone is about to pull a Beyonce!!
  146. Video of the year
  147. Carrie to collaborate with the Foo Fighters on their next album???
  148. Carrie on ET Canada
  149. [May 31] Rock & Roll HOF 29th Induction Ceremony (Official Discussion Thread)
  150. [Jun 3] Grand Ole Opry (Official Discussion Thread)
  151. A leaked document from a booking agency reveals what it costs to book popular bands.
  152. Keep Us Safe on GodTube
  153. 20 14 Ultimate Carrie Songs
  154. Could someone post the studio version of Something Bad?
  155. Idol Carrie Underwood's best collaboration
  156. "Somethin' Bad" on iTunes!
  157. Yeah, So Pretty Much Every Major Country Artist Now Has The Same Talent Agency
  158. It Had to be You on YouTube-VEVO!!!
  159. Pandora and Carrie
  160. Carrie Underwood - I Will Always Love You - You guys gotta watch this!
  161. [May 18] Billboard Music Awards (Official Discussion Thread)
  162. [May 10] Grand Ole Opry (Official Discussion Thread)
  163. Purchasing CATS shirt.
  164. Carrie Los Angeles Question
  165. Julie Andrews Comments on Carrie Underwood's Sound of Music Performance! :)
  166. Endymion Extravaganza VIDEOS!
  167. Blown Away Era: 2 Years Anniversary
  168. CUFacts Newsletter
  169. Two Black Cadillacs Cover on The Voice
  170. New Carrie Interview with Broadway
  171. How to keep your love for Idol Carrie in a xenophobic society
  172. Carrie Underwood Talks About Faith and Her Marriage at the Q Conference in Nashville
  173. Keep Us Safe - Video from Salute to the Troops
  174. [Jun 4] CMT Awards 2014 (Official Discussion Thread)
  175. Carrie's hair
  176. Fisherwood special???
  177. Carrie Mention in Billboard Award Show Commercial
  178. Which one do you like better?
  179. Carrie to be on CW cover soon - but which cover?
  180. Carrie chosen to lead off historic tribute
  181. The Sound of Music Live! to air in the UK
  182. Finally!!!
  183. Keep Us Safe Audio Download
  184. New Blog 4/4/2014
  185. Carrie confirmed for the Opry June 3
  186. Milestone Award 2014 Billboard Music Awards
  187. New Carrie blog 3-30-14
  188. Carrie-Photos.com
  189. 2014 CarrieArmyAward
  190. Before He Cheats Grammy Performance
  191. 'I Told You So' video removed from VEVO?
  192. Wine After Whisky Fans ( Article)
  193. Singles That Could Have Been(article)
  194. Carrie mentioned in tonight's Family Guy
  195. Carrie-Ran collaboration
  196. Pretty cool mashup of Good Girl and Demi Lovato's "Give Your Heart A Break"...
  197. Happy Birthday Carrie!
  198. Delay of PROJECT CARRIE
  199. Carrie's Birthday Monday: Let's Trend Something
  200. I really want Carrie to cover these two songs
  201. Carrie Nominated In Final Round of Australian CMC Music Awards
  202. Bride's viral video helps Carrie Underwood's 5 year old cover Look at Me become a hit
  203. 2014 Emmy Rules Changed to Add More Categories: Split TV Movie & Tv Miniseries
  204. Carrie's AWESOME label!!!!!
  205. Do anyone think Carrie slighly resembles Tippi Hedren?
  206. Type of songs for Carrie
  207. May 20 ACM Salute to troops (taped April 7, 2014) (Official Discussion Thread)
  208. Five Reasons Carrie Underwood Stood Her Ground in Heels
  209. FanFiction
  210. Carrie Underwood Blown Away Medley Music Video
  211. came across this CUTE little video!!
  212. Carrie's 5th album..
  213. Carrie has started writing for 5th album
  214. Carrie's live duets with country stars
  215. Carrie & Alan Jackson
  216. Carrie Underwood to Headline New Orleans’ Endymion Extravaganza
  217. Carrie and Mike
  218. What Is Up at CMT, Or Have I Missed Something?
  219. For all those that don't like TGFHT
  220. Carrie's Iheart radio Interview
  221. Carrie Influence?
  222. Matthew Richardson interiews Carrie
  223. More details on Carrie's UK TV hour
  224. Poll Guess when the lead single is going to be released
  225. Carrie's FC Party
  226. next single?
  227. World Music Awards 2014
  228. Carrie's 2014 Timeline
  229. Carrie's 2013 Timeline
  230. 2014 ACMs (April 6th)
  231. 2014 Carrie Army Awards
  232. Carrie, Luke Bryan, Lady A Jason Headline New IHeartRadio Country Festival!
  233. People's Choice Awards 2014: Discussion Thread
  234. Power voting party
  235. Does anyone think Carrie will attend Barbara Mandrell's induction?
  236. CMC Music Awards 2014 (Australia)
  237. American Idol Rewind Help
  238. Reflecting on 2013
  239. Favorite Carrie Song from TSOM
  240. GAC's Top 50 Videos
  241. VEVO on YouTube uploaded new Carrie video!
  242. Carrie versatility as a vocalist
  243. A couple of new videos surfaces @ Carrie Underwood's Youtube account
  244. 2013 in CarrieLand
  245. Santa Carrie – What I Want For Christmas
  246. What Christmas songs would you want Carrie to sing for Christmas cd?
  247. What songs would you want Carrie to perform form Blown Away?
  248. 12/14 SOM twitter trending support
  249. *Opinion* Carrie single's that get better/worse with time...
  250. Carrie recording something in NYC?