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  12. Brad Paisley Joins Carrie Underwood for Surprise 'Remind Me' Duet at Nashville Show
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  26. Underwood blows the doors off DCU Center
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  28. Carrie PUTS ON A SHOW!!!!
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  30. Carrie Underwood 'Blows Away' Fans During Fall Tour Opening Dates
  31. Underwood continues to evolve in Dunk show
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  44. Country star Carrie Underwood hits the road, aims to leave fans 'Blown Away' by lates
  45. Country star Carrie Underwood hits the road, aims to leave fans ‘Blown Away’ by lates
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  156. Westboro Baptist Church planning to protest against Carrie!
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  186. Underwood radiant in Brisbane show
  187. Celebrities gush over Canada
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