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  1. Songwriter claims Brad Paisley-Carrie Underwood hit 'Remind Me' was stolen
  2. Carrie Celebrating 5 Year Anniversary of Opry Induction on June 7th w/Opry Special!
  3. Nashville Predators center Mike Fisher talks about trust (Carrie mention)
  4. NashvilleGab:Westboro Baptist Pickets Carrie Underwood Concert & George Jones Funeral
  5. Westboro Hate Group Protesting Carrie's Show Tonight :(
  6. Personality Training on American Idol
  7. Taste of Country: Carrie Underwood's Dog Suffers Allergic Reaction After Eating Ants
  8. Shady TN LawMaker Sponsors AG Gag Bill After Taking Gifts From Farm Bureau(CU Mention
  9. Ecorazzi: Carrie Underwood Says Rescue Dogs are the Best Kind
  10. Carrie Underwood Continues No. 1 Reign on Top 20
  11. A Wish Comes True
  12. Nashville Gab: Carrie Underwood Viciously Attacked (Again) by Rep. Andy Holt
  13. Indiana legislators pull plug at last minute on so-called Ag Gag Bill
  14. New Interview By Rep.Holt: Holt to Carrie Underwood - Stick to Singing :(
  15. Carrie Underwood Wishes Willie Nelson a Happy 80th Birthday! :) (video/blog)
  16. Billboard:Carrie Underwood Strikes ‘Again’ With Leftover Movie Song
  17. Houston Press Concert Review by Chris Gray:
  18. Country Weekly: Don't Mess With Carrie Underwood- You've Been Warned :)
  19. Houston Chronicle: Concert Review- Carrie Underwood at Toyota Center :)
  20. WKRN TV Nashville: Carrie Underwood, Tennessee Lawmaker Face OFf (video)
  21. Us Weekly, E!News, Perez Hilton, Yahoo, AOL, TV Guide Post Carrie Ag-Gag Stories :)
  22. Nashville Gab: Carrie Underwood is Getting The Dixie Chicks Treatment: Shut Up & Sing
  23. Yahoo News: Politically Active Carrie Underwood Won't Stick to Singing
  24. Carrie Underwood Dishes on Disagreements With Husband Mike Fisher
  25. Carrie Underwood divulges tidbits about upcoming 'See You Again' music video
  26. Jacksonville Review: Carrie Underwood's Huge Voice Star of Jacksonville Show
  27. Carrie Underwood grants Make-A-Wish meeting for Caledonia teen
  28. MjsBigBlog: Carrie Underwood Fights Back Against Bill Co-Sponsor of Ag-Gag Bill
  29. Carrie Underwood Outraged Over New Tennessee Ag -Gag Bill
  30. Carrie Underwood Appeals to Haslam to Veto Animal Abuse Bill
  31. Carrie Underwood Begs Governor to Veto 'Ag Gag' Bill
  32. The Boot: Tennessee "AgGag" Bill Infuriates Carrie Underwood
  33. Carrie Underwood Sounds Off About Tennessee ‘Ag Gag’ Bill
  34. Carrie Underwood tour act wowing fans
  35. Carrie Underwood Wears Oliver Tolentino Eco-Friendly Dress on Idol
  36. Faith Hill replacements? It’s Carrie Underwood, and the rest
  37. Exclusive: Two Story Road talks Carrie Underwood, tennis obsession and new album
  38. Review: Carrie Underwood's 'Blown Away' tour offers strong vocals, snazzy stage show
  39. Carrie Underwood and Celine Dion's 'Alone' covers 'cool, but not rock'
  40. ACM Rag Mag Scans & Misc Scans: 4/12/13
  41. Carrie Underwood COUNTRY STAR, GLOBAL APPEAL (Youngstown News)
  42. Carrie Underwood Retiring From The Music Business?
  43. Story Behind The Song: Carrie Underwood - "Jesus Take The Wheel"
  44. PressHerald:Carrie Underwood Blows Away Maine Crowd :)
  45. Carrie Underwood joins Brad Paisley at ACM Fan Jam for 'Remind Me'
  46. Crazy Westboro Baptist Hate Group Will Protest at a Carrie Concert!
  47. Perez Hilton: Carrie Underwood Rides Two Black Cadillacs to Victory!
  48. Carrie Underwood Rocks ACM Stage With ‘Two Black Cadillacs’
  49. People: Miranda Lambert Cries, Says Her Pick to Win Was Carrie Underwood
  50. Forgot MSN's GORGEOUS PIC of CARRIE!!!!!
  51. Best & Worst of the ACM's
  52. Entertainment Weekly: Miranda Lambert Admits Carrie Underwood Deserved to Win
  53. Carrie Underwood: Live Sound of Music Won't Be a Remake
  54. The Underwoods get dressed up to see their 'Idol' - Adorable 2005 article and pics
  55. Country Universe 2013 ACM Predictions
  56. MSN: Carrie Underwood Takes Control :)
  57. RollingStone Mag: American Idol Recap- Carrie Underwood Sings, Burnell Taylor is Cut
  58. Interesting find re:TBC
  59. Carrie Underwood Performs ‘See You Again’ Perfectly on ‘American Idol’
  60. My Kind of Country 2013 ACM Awards Predictions
  61. CMIL 2013 ACM Awards Predictions
  62. MSN Entertainment 2013 ACM Awards Predictions
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  65. Carrie Underwood On Being A Nashville Homebody (ET Canada)
  66. Review: Copps Coliseum, Hamilton, Ontario
  67. People Cover: Carrie Underwood: How I Keep My Marriage Hot
  68. Carrie Underwood's Low Key 30th (ET Canada)
  69. Carrie Underwood and Her Husband Talk About Their Faith in Jesus
  70. BMR starts talks with Carrie
  71. Underwood electrifies audience
  72. UBSpectrum: Buffalo Review- The Audience Was Blown Away :)
  73. Brand new interiew in British OK! Magazine
  74. Carrie Underwood on husband Mike Fisher: 'He never was romantic'
  75. Carrie Underwood heads to American Idol to debut new single
  76. Oregon gets to see Carrie again
  77. Seven reasons you don't want to be in a Carrie Underwood song (and one reason you do)
  78. Carrie Underwood Blows Away Fans in Ireland & UK
  79. Carrie Underwood To Be Featured In A Comic Book (FAME)
  80. Richmond Times Dispatch - MUSIC REVIEW - Carrie Underwood
  81. American Idol's Paul Jolley: Will He Be a Taylor Swift or a Carrie Underwood?
  82. REVIEW-Irish News Review-DUBLIN-Carrie Underwood Electrifies the Olympia Theatre
  83. REVIEW - goldenplec.com - DUBLIN: Carrie Underwood at the Olympia Theatre
  84. REVIEW - BELFAST: Carrie Blows Audience Away With Powerful Performance
  85. Perez Hilton: Carrie Underwood is Unstoppable! 2 Black Cadillacs Hits #1 On Charts!
  86. Carrie Underwood Drives to No. 1 with “Two Black Cadillacs”
  87. Carrie Underwood has strict hygiene rules on tour
  88. Carrie Underwood at The Olympia Theatre | Review
  89. The Sun UK: I Got Booed For Saying I Was a Vegetarian :)
  90. More performers added to ACM show lineup (CARRIE WILL PERFORM)
  91. Daily Mail UK: Carrie Underwood Wows in Racy tights & Tiny Hot Pants in London
  92. Another Good Review of See You Again! -UrbanCountryNews
  93. Perez Hilton: Carrie Underwood & Leann Rimes Belt it Out at UK Country Music Festival
  94. Review: C2C Country Music Festival
  95. Carrie Underwood on touchy feely fans: 'I don't mind, come closer'
  96. Carrie talks to UK Stylist magazine
  97. People Style Watch: Last Night's Look- Hit or Miss (Vote for Carrie)
  98. Carrie Underwood's 'Blown Away' single officially certified double platinum
  99. Carrie Underwood fan creates breathtaking 'Voice of Versatility' tribute
  100. 'I'm early for everything!' Carrie Underwood reveals her obsession with being on time
  101. Carrie Underwood: 'I turned down a free private jet' (New UK Interview)
  102. ‘U’ Is for Keith Urban – Top Country Artists A to Z Honorable Mention: Carrie Underw
  103. Carrie Underwood is obsessed with food and being on time
  104. Carrie Underwood is a source of musical inspiration for Blake Shelton
  105. Carrie Underwood poses for a portrait session in London (Photos)
  106. Fashion Faceoff CARRIE VS. ALLISON
  107. Who Are The Most Famous Vegans
  108. People Mag: Carrie Underwood Feels the Sting of Turning 30 :)
  109. Carrie Underwood named one of VH1's 100 Sexiest Artists of 2013
  110. Underwood Honored by Country Music Association of Australia
  111. Underwood Honored by Country Music Association of Australia
  112. two page spread in Irish newspaper today!!
  113. Carrie Underwood admits that she's 'very immature' even though she's turning 30
  114. The Zen of Tony Bennett - Carrie Appears
  115. Carrie Underwood Turns 30: Her Style Evolution
  116. The Boot - Carrie Underwood 30th Birthday Celebration
  117. What's the Best 'American Idol' Song? Season 12 Finalists Weigh In
  118. 'American Idol' chatter: Five things we learned backstage after the top 10 reveal
  119. The 12 Most Frugal Celebrities
  120. Carrie Underwood won't be celebrating her 30th birthday this weekend
  121. Top 100 'American Idol' Hits of All Time (Billboard article)
  122. Carrie Underwood brings star power to 2013 IMB Pulse Palooza event (Photos/Videos)
  123. OCRegister: Carrie Underwood Belts Out the Hits in Ontario (*Great review)*
  124. Review: Carrie Underwood underachieves in Oakland
  125. Carrie Underwood's BLOWN AWAY Concert Airs on TV
  126. Carrie Blows Away Las Vegas!
  127. Las Vegas Weekly: Carrie Underwood Finds Right Balance Between Song & Spectacle
  128. 2012 Year in Review: Carrie Underwood
  129. DailyStarUK: Carrie Underwood a Big Fan of Steven Tyler
  130. Carrie Underwood: I'd be a constructive X Factor judge
  131. Carrie Underwood Strips Down for Intimate Songwriters Session at CRS
  132. Carrie Underwood gets Blown Away by Peter Morse & Bandit Lites
  133. Carrie Underwood Blown Away Tour, American Red Cross Work for 'Change'
  134. Carrie Underwood Hints at Possible Blown Away Tour DVD
  135. Carrie Underwood, 'Sound of Music' Role to Honor Broadway Over Big Screen
  136. Carrie Underwood's hair tastes like oranges, says baseball player Brandon Belt
  137. Music's Top 40 Money Makers 2013
  138. Carrie Underwood on Julie Andrews: 'I will never be her'
  139. Carrie Underwood brings soaring show to Rimrock Auto Arena
  140. OFFSTAGE: Carrie Underwood: Instagrams Her Way through Life
  141. Country Vibe: Carrie Underwood Wants to Meet, but Not Mimic, Julie Andrews :)
  142. Carrie Underwood sings the National Anthem with a fan at Boise concert
  143. Mindy's Suicide Song was once Carrie's HOLD song.....so sad
  144. ******GMC Uplfting Video Of The Day (Carrie and Vince How Great Thou Art)*****
  145. Carrie & Mike featured in Canoe.ca photo gallery "Female Stars Who Wear the Pants"
  146. Was Carrie's dress a rip-off?
  147. Carrie Underwood enjoys a post-Grammy hot stone massage to wind down -- PHOTO
  148. Carrie Underwood Blasts Through Colorado for Sold Out Blown Away Tour Shows
  149. Grammy Rag Mag Scans 2013: People Mag, US Weekly, Star, In Touch, Life&Style
  150. Carries Grammy dress featured in Irish newspaper :)
  151. Music Row #1 Song: Breakdown of Two Black Cadillacs
  152. Carrie Mention from TWoP
  153. CBS This Morning: Carrie still worries that no one will come out to her concerts
  154. Carrie Underwood makes tweaks and song changes for second leg of Blown Away tour
  155. Carrie Underwood lands two nominations for the 2013 ACM awards
  156. TV Line: Grammys 2013
  157. Carrie Underwood: Blown Away Tour Exhibition Opens June 5, Country Music Hall of Fame
  158. Nashville Gab: Did Taylor Swift Refuse to Give Carrie Underwood a Standing Ovation?
  159. LA Times Gold Derby: The Grammys- Good, Bad, & The Ugly (Nice Carrie Mention)
  160. The Secrets Behind Carrie Underwood's Grammy Dress
  161. Carrie Underwood with Sophia Grace & Rosie at the Grammys!
  162. Perez Hilton: Carrie Underwood Blows Us AWAY With Gutsy Grammys Performance
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  164. The Story Behind the Song: Blown Away
  165. Carrie Underwood dazzles in custom gown
  166. Grammy Poll: Whose performance was better: Carrie or Rianna?
  167. Carrie Underwood Speaks Out On Taylor Swift Feud! Watch HERE!
  168. Grammys 2013: Carrie Underwood On Her $31 Million Necklace & The Strict Grammy Dress
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  171. Carrie Underwood sets the record straight about the rumored Taylor Swift feud
  172. Carrie Underwood’s Glowing Grammys Dress: All the Scoop
  173. Carrie Underwood's unusual dress lights up Grammy stage
  174. Grammy Awards were less about winners, more about moments
  175. Carrie Underwood Dazzles in Red Carpet-Record $31 Million Worth of Diamonds
  176. Carrie Underwood, Grammys 2013: 'Blown Away' Wins Twice
  177. People Mag: What Grammy Stars Do When Not Prepping for Grammys
  178. Tony Bennett comments on Carrie
  179. Us Weekly: Stars' First Grammy Appearances :)
  180. People MagL Grammy Stars Reality TV Show Past: Carrie, Kelly, Miranda, Carly Rae, etc
  181. Country Universe Grammy Picks! :)
  182. Carrie Underwood says Grammy performance is a chance to 'represent' Country
  183. Jason's 2013 Grammy Picks in the Country categories (Carrie mention)
  184. How to Glow in Orange Like Beyoncé and Carrie Underwood
  185. Hunter Hayes 'Scared For The Day' He Beats Carrie Underwood At Grammys
  186. Perez Hilton: Taylor Swift Hates Carrie Underwood! And The Feeling Is Mutual!!
  187. Does Julie Andrews Approve of the New Sound of Music, Starring Carrie Underwood?
  188. Top 10 Country Anti-Love Songs For Valentine’s Day
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  196. Bad review of TBC from Countrymusicnewsblog
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  198. Thousand Foot Krutch makes music for everyone (Carrie mention)
  199. My Super Bowl Moment: Past Performers Discuss Their Halftime Shows
  200. Carrie Underwood dishes inside scoop behind-the-scenes of her Blown Away Tour
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  202. Carrie Underwood, Ne-Yo cowrite makes the cut for 'Smash' star Megan Hilty
  203. Two Black Cadillacs review - BCharts (Brazilian site).
  204. Pushing the Boundaries in Country Music- Grammy Blog (Carrie Mention)
  205. Carrie Underwood partners with 'Tickets-for-Charity' program for 2013 tour
  206. Carrie Underwood ranks #2 on Forbes' list of Top-Earning 'American Idol' alums
  207. Stephen Kings Facebook page
  208. Perez Hilton: Carrie Underwood Reveals Stephen King Connection in 2 Black Cadillacs :
  209. Carrie Underwood shows love of Stephen King in video
  210. Killer Legs and Instincts (TBC Review from She Knows)
  211. TBC Review from Spin or Bin (no score though)
  212. Mini TBC review from Roughstock
  213. Grammy Awards 2013: Retailers Predict Sales Spikes for Mumford, Underwood, More
  214. Video Premiere TWO BLACK CADILLACS
  215. Two Black Cadillacs - Another Review (Popbytes)
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  217. Troy cassar-daley wins big at the golden guitars
  218. Carrie's ring mentioned in article
  219. Revenge Videos by Female Artists: Good or Bad for Women?
  220. Miranda Lambert: I’m Not in ‘Competition’ With Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood
  221. AOL Music Picks What Fashion Carrie Underwood, Rihanna, Beyonce Should Wear to Grammy
  222. Carrie Takes a Caddy for a Spin in New Video
  223. Carrie Underwood expresses support for 'American Idol' hopeful Ashley Smith
  224. Carrie Underwood channels 'Christine' in 'Two Black Cadillacs' music video
  225. Daily Mail about TBC Video! Intriguing!
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  227. Carrie Underwood dazzles in orange at the Grammy nominee party in Nashville (Photos)
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  232. Carrie Underwood: Don't Call My Husband Mike Fisher "Mr. Underwood"
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  234. Nashville Scene's Country Music Critics Poll
  235. Carrie Underwood celebrates at #1 party for 'Blown Away' in Nashville (Photos)
  236. Carrie Confirmed to Perform at Grammys!!!!
  237. Carrie Underwood is the first performer announced for the 2013 CMA Fest
  238. Carrie Underwood 'Two Black Cadillacs' music video to be released January 23
  239. Perez Hilton: Carrie Underwood Supports Gay Marriage, Wearing Panties, & Being Nice:)
  240. Tickets-for-Charity (benefits C.A.T.S., ACM Lifting Lives & other causes)
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