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  1. The TIME 100 Music Stars Prove This Was the Year of Pop Feminism
  2. Carrie Made Time Magazine's 100 Most Influential !!
  3. The Swon Brothers Discuss Going to College With Carrie Underwood [Watch]
  4. TIME 100 Gala Will Feature Pharell, Carrie Underwood
  5. Spring Rag Mag Report: People Mag, US Weekly, Etc. - 4/19/14
  6. Forty Years of Grand Ole Opry Country Weekly Staff Favorites
  7. Carrie Underwood Competing in Mini/Movie, 'Sound of Music' in Special Class at Emmy's
  8. Business Manager Gary Haber, Who Repped Carrie Underwood, Dies at 68
  9. Article on Carrie's Gay Marriage Stance
  10. Carrie Underwood's Trainer Dishes on the Singer's Favorite Workout Moves
  11. Bruce Springsteen, Carrie Underwood to Perform at Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction!
  12. Trash Articles about Carrie
  13. Carrie Underwood sets date for 2014 fan club party, is returning to the Opry
  14. Carrie to play "All 4 the Hall" Benefit - May 6
  15. Carrie Underwood is first guest for 'CMT All Access with Cody Alan'
  16. Carrie first guest on 'CMT All Access With Cody Alan'
  17. Carrie Underwood gets encore at Stadium of Fire
  18. Billboard: Music's Top 40 Money Makers 2014
  19. CMT All-Time Top 40: Carrie Underwood
  20. Carrie on Miranda's new cd - song - "Something Bad"
  21. Country Music Star Carrie Underwood Speaks At Fur Ball FundRaiser
  22. Carrie Underwood's take on beauty (new music mention!)
  23. The Walking Dead Norman Reedus Met Carrie Underwood at Mardi Gras: Comicbook.com
  24. Carrie Underwood Endorses Gay Marriage in a Truly Chirstian Way
  25. Carrie Underwood, Trisha Yearwood Agree on Female Artist Issue
  26. Bombshell 'American Idol' Lawsuit Claims Sony Stiffs Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson
  27. Great Comments From Sophie Caruso About Carrie
  28. The Tennessean- Carrie Underwood receives broadcasters’ Humanitarian Award
  29. Barbed Wire Halo Blog
  30. Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher Have a Leap of Faith
  31. Carrie Featured in People Magazine This Week!
  32. NY Times: Carrie Underwood at Peter Som- Fashion Week
  33. Carrie Underwood talks Mike Fisher
  34. Carrie Un derwood Joins Walking Dead & Vampire Diaries Stars for Mardi Gras :)
  35. Carrie Underwood on Opry, Women in Country, and… Mudvayne
  36. Carrie Underwood On The Lack of Successful Female Country Artists
  37. Small mention of a CU song in country aircheck
  38. Vogue.com Beauty Moment: Carrie Underwood
  39. Carrie Underwood on her newest partnership with Almay
  40. Carrie Underwood Talks About How Distance Makes Her Marriage Stronger
  41. Country's American Idols Are Careful With Their Cash (Carrie mention)
  42. Best Performance Collaboration in Grammy History (Carrie mention)
  43. Carrie Underwood Is the New Face of Almay: Get an Exclusive Sneak Peek at Her Campaig
  44. Carrie to Kick Off CRS 2014 at Opry Special Event
  45. Forbes: Top-Earning American Idols 2013 - Carrie Underwood at No.1
  46. Sound of Music Directors Nominated for Directors Guild Awards!
  47. Great Sound of Music Review from UK
  48. iHeartRadio To Host Country Music Festival In Austin
  49. Carrie in Star UK
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  60. Country Critic SLAMS 2013's Top Country Acts
  61. Billboard: 10 Best Country Singles of 2013
  62. Danny Trejo Likes "the Girl Who Sings For Monday Night Football
  63. UK Country Music Top 10 Christmas songs (Carrie #1!)
  64. Carrie Underwood, Lopez Join Lady Gaga on Forbes' Top Earning Women in 2013 List Read
  65. Top 10 Theater For 2013 - Sound of Music Live
  66. 33 things you didn’t know about ‘The Sound of Music Live!’ with Carrie Underwood
  67. American Country Awards: See the winners here!
  68. Live ‘Sound of Music’ Added 3 Million Delayed Viewers
  69. Stop The Presses
  70. ‘Sound of Music’ Director on What Went Right — and Wrong
  71. Laura Benanti talks live performance, Carrie Underwood, and why musicals are ready
  72. ‘The Sound of Music Live!’ Earns Massive Ratings for NBC
  73. Carrie Underwood "Couldn't Be More Proud" of The Sound of Music Live
  74. Maria Von Trapp's Grandson on "The Sound Of Music"
  75. Remind Me lawsuit moves forward :(
  76. Sounding Off on The Sound of Music: Huffington Post :)
  77. People Mag: Carrie Underwood Defends Her Sound of Music Role: I Get Hate Tweets!
  78. CMA Rag Mag Scans- 11/19/13
  79. People Magazine Country Edition- Sound of Music Scans
  80. Sony Music Sues United Airlines Over Carrie Underwood’s In-Flight Music
  81. 5 Things Newlyweds can learn from Carrie and Mike Fisher Marriage
  82. Carrie Underwood's Odd Yet Admirable Touring Habits
  83. Amusing Carrie Mention In Article About Sony Marketing
  84. Carrie to perform at Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade
  85. Carrie Underwood gets her ‘Maria’ moment
  86. Why faith resonates with country music’s hottest stars
  87. Brad and Carrie: Music City’s Live-In Ambassadors Dish On Their Hometown
  88. 2013 ACA Nominees Announced!
  89. UKCountryMusic.net CMA Predictions
  90. Carrie Underwood to headline Endymion's 2014 Extravaganza
  91. Carrie Underwood gets the comic book treatment
  92. Perez Hilton: Carrie Underwood Sounds Off on the Challenge of Sound of Music
  93. Will Carrie Underwood's 'Sound of Music' live event win over Globe, SAG voters?
  94. Taste of Country 2013 CMA Awards Predictions
  95. Album Review: Willie Nelson - To All The Girls
  96. Carrie To Be Honored During CRS 2014
  97. NBC's THE SOUND OF MUSIC Studio-Recorded Album Gets 12/3 Release
  98. Carrie on the cover of December Redbook magazine
  99. Willie Nelson “To All The Girls…” Album Review
  100. Carrie Underwood Would Have Welcomed Keith Urban's Support on American Idol
  101. Carrie Underwood: In My Kitchen
  102. Underwood Receives Multiple Sales Honors in New York
  103. Carrie on the cover of November Women's Health
  104. Carrie Underwood Says TV is Hard! Find Out Why!
  105. Carrie on the cover of Nash mag
  106. Rag Mag Scans- People Mag, US Weekly, Emmys: 10/4/13
  107. Good Girl is 2x Platinum! Two Black Cadillacs is Platinum! & the DVD is Gold!
  108. Carrie’d Away: The Nicole by OPI Carrie Underwood Collection Swatches
  109. Big Carrie feature in Sophisticate's Hairstyle Guide
  110. Carrie Underwood Makes a Case for Ladies of Country
  111. She probably saw the BHC music video
  112. New Carrie TV Special?
  113. Carrie Underwood Gets "Rowdy," Chants "You Suck" With Fans at Mike Fisher's Hockey Ga
  114. Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher is going to be on E!'s Power Couples Saturday Night
  115. So nice to read!
  116. Taylor, Carrie, Rosanne, Julie: So Many Women, So Little Airtime
  117. Carrie Underwood Takes Time Out to Celebrate
  118. PopDust: Why Carrie Underwood Makes the Perfect Modern-Day Maria Von Trapp
  119. Carrie MUSICALS
  120. Oklahoma fiddler Bullard featured on "Nashville" show (Carrie mention)
  121. Carrie Underwood Closes Blown Away Chapter,Honored to be Soundtrack on Emmy Awards...
  122. Country Gal Maggie Rose Delivers Foot-Stomping NFL Anthem for 2013 Season
  123. Sadie Robertson Inspired By Carrie Underwood When Designing Prom Dresses
  124. NBC's 'Sound of Music' Adds Three Tony Winners to Cast!!!!
  125. Carrie Underwood ignites fair crowd at Puyallup
  126. Carrie Underwood Releases Complex, Multi-Part Prog Rock–Inspired ‘Sunday Night Footba
  127. Carrie Underwood ain't country but she's good
  128. Entertainment Weekly: CMA Nominations 2013- The Snubs & The Surprises
  129. CMA Nominees revealed for 2013 (The Tennessean)
  130. LA Times: Carrie Underwood -v-Faith Hill: Who Had the Btter SNF Song?
  131. Carrie Underwood putting her spin on 'Sunday Night Football' theme
  132. Underwood brings new 'Sunday Night Football' theme
  133. YahooSports: Carrie Underwood Nervous About Her Version of Sunday Night Football Song
  134. USA Today: Carrie Underwood on SNF Theme & Sound of Music (Vocal Coach Mention)
  135. Carrie Underwood debuts new 'Sunday Night Football' theme tonight
  136. Underwood brings new 'Sunday Night Football' theme
  137. GAC DVD Review: Carrie Underwood’s The Blown Away Tour: LIVE
  138. Carrie's #1 Singles That Could Have Been (Popdust)
  139. Christopher Plummer Gives Thumb Up to Stephen Moyer Casting, Sound of Music
  140. Carrie Underwood Tweets Weird Vine Video, Creates Twitter Account for Her Dogs!
  141. 99.5 The Wolf: Less Miley, More Carrie
  142. Carrie Underwood Tops the Chart with “See You Again”
  143. Carrie Underwood Putting Added Muscle in Sunday Night Football Theme
  144. PopDust: Carrie Underwood is Having the Best Year
  145. 'True Blood's' Stephen Moyer to Co-Star in NBC's 'Sound of Music'
  146. CMT News - OFFSTAGE: Carrie Underwood Scores, Others Fumble
  147. Carrie Underwood Honored As A “Million-Air”
  148. Carrie Underwood and Other Stars Share Scripture Favorites
  149. Carrie Underwood Honoree for 38th Annual NY Honors Gala
  150. Carrie Underwod As You've Never Seen Her Before
  151. A wish come true with Carrie Underwood
  152. Popdust: Why Carrie's "Wine After Whiskey" Needs To Be A Single
  153. Carrie Underwood Is The Voice Of A New Opry Campaign
  154. New 'American Idol' Producers Vow to 'Freshen Things Up' (Q&A)
  155. Music FashionLand: Carrie Underwood in Oscar De La Renta On GMA!
  156. Carrie Underwood stays healthy with favorite apps
  157. Carrie Underwood becomes the voice of new Grand Ole Opry advertising campaign
  158. Why Carrie and Brad Are Country Music's Platonic Johnny & June :)
  159. Tv By The Numbers: CMA Fest Ratings Increase 33% from Last Year! :)
  160. ABC News Quiz (In Carrie's handwriting)
  161. People Mag: Carrie Underwood Rocks CMA Music Festival in Your Living Room
  162. Gary Overton Interview @Musicrow
  163. Record Label Celebrates Carrie Underwood's Achievements, Forthcoming DVD
  164. Blown Away Live DVD Review (+ bonus video details)
  165. Carrie Underwood Co-Hosting Good Morning America Next Week! :)
  166. "Remind Me" certified Double-Platinum
  167. Carrie Underwood: We’re not trying to be cool – our music is about life
  168. Carrie to start next album after The Sound of Music is over
  169. BHC would have been #1 on Billboard for 40 weeks [Chart Analysis]
  170. Carrie co-wrote Ashliegh Lisset's single: "Kill the Headlights"
  171. Carrie Underwood SNF Opening Theme Song Preview
  172. Rachel Holder releases "Lord Help Me"
  173. NBC Unveils Carrie Underwood's Version of Sunday Night Football Theme
  174. Examiner: Carrie Underwood to Duet on Willie Nelson's New Album out September 24th!
  175. 'American Idol' Live Tour: Season 12's Top 11 Break Down the Set List
  176. Austrian Tribune: Carrie Underwood Vacationing in Austria & Sound of Music
  177. Broadway World: Carrie Underwood Visits Austria Ahead of Sound of Music :)
  178. Billboard.com: Lady Gaga's 'ARTPOP' - Top 10 Dream Collaborations (Carrie mention)
  179. OFFSTAGE: Old Carrie Underwood Song Is New Rachel Holder Song
  180. Carrie Underwood Is Happy to Have an Uplifting Song on the Radio
  181. Carrie will be doing 2 more shows at The Grand Ole Opry on Aug 10, 2013
  182. 'American Idol' on the Charts: Kelly, Carrie, Daughtry Among Top Artists of All Time
  183. After MidNite Celebrates 20th Anniversary with Star-Studded Takeover
  184. Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher Celebrate Three Years of Marriage
  185. ICM Faith Family And Country Awards 2013
  186. Carrie Underwood to sing at STARS concert
  187. Most-Searched Female Singer of the Summer on Yahoo
  188. OFFSTAGE: Carrie Underwood on Filling Faith Hill's Shoes
  189. Top 10 Cheating Songs
  190. Rag Mag Scans: CMT Awards, CMA Fest, etc: 7/2/13
  191. Carrie Underwood gets political on Twitter
  192. Carrie Underwood Hits a Twitter Milestone
  193. Country Star Sarah Darling on Heaven Song, Christian Faith, and Carrie Underwood
  194. Four years later, no one’s giving up on Lindsey Baum
  195. Story Behind the Song: Carrie Underwood - Wasted
  196. Forbes Most Powerful Celebrities 2013
  197. Carrie Underwood Joins Toby Keith's Tornado Relief Concert
  198. Carrie Underwood tickets on sale today for Aug. 18 show at Soaring Eagle Casino
  199. Long Dresses And Short Dresses
  200. OFFSTAGE: Carrie Underwood, Six Seconds at a Time
  201. Carrie as you've never seen her before!
  202. Yahoo Music Blog: Insults Carrie, America, God, Oklahoma & The Military :(
  203. Paralyzed artist paints Carrie Underwood, Tim McGraw with his mouth
  204. Review: 'See You Again' music video
  205. Two Story Road talks Carrie Underwood cut
  206. Examiner: Carrie Underwood Sends Flowers to a Fan's Funeral
  207. Sarah Darling, on Carrie's "beautiful self"
  208. Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher’s Carp home for sale for $2.2 million
  209. Ryan Seacrest Talks Kardashians, The Wanted & The Future Of American Idol
  210. People Mag - CMAFest 2013- Carrie Underwood & Brad Paisley- Country Music Royalty :)
  211. Nigel Lythgoe Speaks Out on American Idol Exit: "I Have No Complaints"
  212. 2013 CMT Awards: Carrie Underwood and Miranda Lambert Reign (Rollingstone)
  213. Carrie Interview Backstage Last Night
  214. EW - CMT Awards: Best and worst of the broadcast
  215. Billboard: Carrie Underwood Performs Emotional Tribute to Tornado Victims
  216. From The CNN Of The 17th Century To Country Hits, Murder Ballads Won’t Die
  217. Carrie performing See You Again on CMT Music Awards tomorrow night
  218. Carrie gives back to hometown
  219. Carrie May Be Releasing New Music Soon
  220. OFFSTAGE: Carrie Underwood Weighs In With 2,600 Pounds of Confetti
  221. Perez Hilton: Carrie Underwood Rolls With The Rolling Stones
  222. Grammy Insider: Chris Brown, JenHudson, Darius Rucker, Carrie Underwood, & Usher
  223. Press Release 5/28/2013: Blown Away Tour...
  224. Hollywood Reporter: Carrie Underwood Joins Rolling Stones Onstage in Toronto
  225. Carrie Underwood Donates $1 Million To Red Cross For Disaster Relief [Merged]
  226. Blake Shelton Organizing Benefit Concert for Oklahoma on NBC
  227. Brad Paisley says Carrie Underwood is the best living Country singer
  228. Carrie Underwood Nominated for Music Row Award! :)
  229. Carrie Underwood Pranks Tourmate Hunter Hayes With Screaming Goats
  230. Carrie. Dierks Bentley to Appear on Brad Paisley's Wheelhouse TV Special :)
  231. Carrie Underwood Nominated for a British Country Music Awards!! :)
  232. Carrie Underwood Models Sexy Swimsuit, Says She's Not a Sociopath
  233. Carrie Underwood "I Don't Feel Old Enough To Have Kids"
  234. Perez Hilton: Carrie Underwood Must be Stoked! Tennessee Gov Vetoed AgGag Bill!
  235. Perez Hilton: Carrie Underwood Bringing the Sound of Music to Your TV This December
  236. A lot of sound, glitter and Carrie Underwood
  237. Tennessee AG Labels Ag-Gag Law Constitutionally Suspect :)
  238. Streaming music will count toward music sales totals (Carrie mention) :)
  239. 'Idol' sales: Jessica Sanchez, David Cook, more
  240. Entertainment Weekly: Carrie Underwood Taking Over SNF Duties (Some new info)
  241. Official Fanclub Project: C U Again Letters on Instagram
  242. Carrie Underwood Continues No. 1 Streak on Top 20
  243. Songwriter claims Brad Paisley-Carrie Underwood hit 'Remind Me' was stolen
  244. Carrie Celebrating 5 Year Anniversary of Opry Induction on June 7th w/Opry Special!
  245. Nashville Predators center Mike Fisher talks about trust (Carrie mention)
  246. NashvilleGab:Westboro Baptist Pickets Carrie Underwood Concert & George Jones Funeral
  247. Westboro Hate Group Protesting Carrie's Show Tonight :(
  248. Personality Training on American Idol
  249. Taste of Country: Carrie Underwood's Dog Suffers Allergic Reaction After Eating Ants
  250. Shady TN LawMaker Sponsors AG Gag Bill After Taking Gifts From Farm Bureau(CU Mention