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  11. Carrie Underwood talks Storyteller, balancing her superstar career, family
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  14. Carrie Underwood is a superstar. So why does she still fly under the radar?
  15. Ask Billboard
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  19. Carrie Underwood Talks Fashion, Fitness, Parenting and More!
  20. Country star Carrie Underwood 'can't wait' to return to Greenwich
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  22. Smoke Break Review: Country Weekly--- Carrie Scores An "A" Grade! :)
  23. Country singer Underwood says her songs are for 'real people'
  24. CMT to premiere special CMT Instant Jam: Carrie Underwood, 10/17 10 pm
  25. Underwood to Headline Belk Bowl Dec. 30
  26. Carrie Underwood's Smoke Break sizzles in dry summer for country music
  27. Underwood's "Smoke Break" Debuts at #1 on Country Digital Singles Chart
  28. Carrie Underwood Goes Into Detail About That Whole ‘Baby Locked in Car’ Incident
  29. 8 style lessons we learned from Carrie Underwood's impeccable fashion
  30. Carrie Underwood says she’s at the top of her game on 'twangy' album Storyteller
  31. The Year of Carrie Underwood
  32. Carrie Underwood to Guest Judge Project Runway Season Finale
  33. Country universe review
  34. Carrie Underwood's Calia Athleisure Line to Show at New York Fashion Week!
  35. Carrie Underwood’s Songwriting ‘Break’ Goes Up In ‘Smoke’
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  37. Carrie Underwood Sings Her Heart in a New Way with Smoke Break
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  39. The Singles Bar—Carrie Underwood Takes A Much-Needed ‘Smoke Break’
  40. Carrie Underwood announces new album, single
  41. Taste of Country "Smoke Break" Review
  42. Carrie Underwood, Co-Writers Celebrate Success of “Little Toy Guns”
  43. Sunday Night Football 2015
  44. Laughlin, NV Concert Oct 2015 - Lucky fan Carrissa is going to meet Carrie!
  45. What song made Carrie Underwood cry? Clue: It was sung by her husband Mike
  46. Billboard's First-Ever Nashville Top 50 Power Players List Revealed
  47. How She Dropped 45 Pounds - And It Wasn't Exercise!
  48. Horrible Front Page Yahoo Article
  49. Carrie Underwood tells fans: Get ready to be surprised by 'most amazingest album'
  50. Sony Nashville finds new CEO
  51. Carrie Underwood’s ‘little toy gun’ added to museum’s collection
  52. Carrie Underwood to Return for 'Sunday Night Football' Theme
  53. Carrie Underwood teases "personal" new song, album details
  54. CMT Awards Rag Mag Scans: 6/21/15
  55. Carrissa Brough, of 93 surgeries, wants to spend her 15th birthday at Carrie show
  56. Carrie Underwood says focus is 'somewhat shifted now'
  57. Carrie Reveals Birth Details on Fox News
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  59. Carrie Underwood Talks New Music, Motherhood, CMA Music Festival Memories & More
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  64. Carrie Underwood on baby Isaiah; "I never knew I could love something so much"
  65. E!News: Carrie Underwood's Baby is "Totally Into" Mom's Rehearsals
  66. People Article on Carrie from New Calia Photoshoot
  67. Growing Up on a Farm Has Shaped Carrie Underwood
  68. Is Kacey Musgraves Dissing Miranda Lambert, Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood in This
  69. Is Carrie Underwood duetting with New Kids on the Block?
  70. 10 Highlights of Carrie Underwood’s first decade in country music
  71. 10 Biggest Moments in Carrie Underwood History
  72. Carrie Underwood Thanks American Idol on the 10 Year Anniversary of Her Win
  73. Carrie Underwood Won American Idol 10 Years Ago Today, 9 Moments to Celebrate
  74. Carrie Underwood's 'Little Toy Guns' co-writer shares how they came up with the lyric
  75. RS: Inside Country Music's Conflicted Relationship With Religion (Carrie mention)
  76. Carrie Underwood to return to the stage for the first time since giving birth!
  77. Billboard Music Awards 2015: The full list of winners
  78. Mike Fisher Grateful for Trade to Nashville
  79. Garrett Goodwin, drummer for Carrie Underwood, visits QC
  80. 'American Idol' and Its Deep Impact On The Country Format
  81. 5 things we know about Carrie Underwood's 5th studio album
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  83. Carrie Underwood Made PEople Mag's Most Beautiful List Again- 2015!
  84. Where’s Carrie Underwood? Taking Care of Her Boys!
  85. Carrie wrote a piece on Audra McDonald for Times 100
  86. Jimmy Herman's Dad Died
  87. Man Battling Cancer Granted Wish For Second Honeymoon
  88. Today's Female Version of the Highwaymen: Underwood, Lambert, Musgraves, Clark
  89. Carrie Underwood writing songs for baby Isaiah on new album
  90. Sony said they overpaid Carrie and other stars
  91. Flashback: Watch Carrie Underwood and Randy Travis Duet on 'Idol' Rolling Stone Roll
  92. Carrie Underwood says “noisy” baby Isaiah makes her smile!
  93. Yahoo TV's Scott Borchetta interview (Carrie mention)
  94. Music Times: Something in the Water Goes Platinum! :)
  95. Rolling Stone Readers' Poll: 10 Best Carrie Underwood Songs
  96. Carrie Underwood & Mike Fisher Are Already the Most Adorable Parents
  97. Carrie Underwood receives a whole lot of celeb love after baby Isaiah’s birth!
  98. Carrie Underwood Gives Birth to Baby Boy: See His Name, Plus the First Pic!
  99. Mike Fisher and Carrie Underwood Welcome Son Isaiah Michael
  100. Carrie Underwood & husband Mike Fisher join #EndItMovement
  101. Country Universe's Review of Little Toy Guns
  102. Carrie again helping animals
  103. Carrie: I had no Velentine
  104. Booting Ass and Taking Names: Country's 20 Best Revenge Songs Read more: http://www.
  105. Carrie Underwood donates guitar to benefit ailing drug dog
  106. Press Release: Carrie Underwood Wins 7th Grammy :)
  107. Carrie Underwood's Sultry Valentine's Day Look and Awards Season Spirit
  108. Fox New Front Page: I Want My Body Back (Carrie trending)
  109. Carrie Underwood talks pregnancy, calls it a "magical thing"
  110. Saving Country Music's Review of 'Little Toy Guns'
  111. Go Into the Woods with Carrie Underwood
  112. Carrie Underwood: I Need to ‘Lock Down’ a Baby Name Soon
  113. Inside Pregnant Carrie Underwood’s Top-Secret Super Bowl Surprise
  114. SheKnows: How Carrie Underwood's New Song MAde Me ReThink What I Say Around My Kids
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  116. Carrie Underwood Spills Her Makeup Tricks And The One Look She Regrets
  117. Little Toy Guns Teaser Video: PopDust Article :)
  118. Carrie Underwood’s New Single is Rockin’, With an Important Message
  119. Country Universe Review of "Carrie Underwood, Greatest Hits: Decade #1"
  120. Carrie Underwood’s “Something In The Water” Becomes Bro-Country’s Coffin Nail
  121. NBC has a theory why 'Peter Pan' flopped
  122. At the Grand Ole Opry House in Nashville, tradition beckons (small Carrie mention)
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  124. 2014 Grand Ole Opry Year in Review
  125. Country Universe: The Best Singles of 2014
  126. Nashville year in music: Who made waves, shook it off?
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  128. Carrie admonished for praising Jesus in pubic! Carrie responds!
  129. Carrie shares a recipe
  130. Equal Time – The Best in Mainstream Country Music in 2014
  131. Which Carrie Underwood Song Are You?
  132. *AUSTRALIAN SOURCE* Carrie Talks Awkwardness, Touring Australia in 2015
  133. Carrie Underwood Hosts ‘Greatest Hits’ Album Party—Watch Now!
  134. Carrie Underwood: ‘I’m awkward in most situations’
  135. Carrie Underwood Is “Impeccable,” Says Michael W. Smith
  136. Why Carrie Underwood won’t ditch country for pop music like Taylor Swift
  137. People Magazine December 22, 2014
  138. Carrie Underwood Shares the Stories Behind Some of Her Biggest Hits
  139. A day in the Life of Carrie Underwood
  140. Carrie Underwood Glows With “Positive Energy”
  141. UK Greatest Hits Review
  142. Country Weekly 12-8-14 scans
  143. New Rag Mag Scans: December 6, 2014- Past Few Months
  144. Carrie Underwood celebrates past, awaits baby
  145. Carrie Underwood Wants You to Look Fabulous While Working Out:
  146. Carrie Underwood Is Launching Her Own Activewear Line!
  147. Amazing compliment for Carrie from Rolling Stone!
  148. Carrie Confirms New Album Likely in 2015!!!!!
  149. 2014 C.A.T.S. Foundation Scholarship Recipients
  150. Carrie Underwood's Calia by Carrie
  151. Carrie Underwood Talks a Decade of Idol-Worthy, Hitmaking Success
  152. Carrie Underwood, U2, Springsteen Coldplsy Playing Live Show Tonight for Aids Benefit
  153. Carrie Underwood Plans to Be a Vegetarian While Pregnant, Then Switch Diets
  154. Carrie Underwood Never Leaves The House Barefaced (New Interview)
  155. Sony May Pull Songs From Free-Music Services After Taylor Swift Disses Spotify
  156. Carrie Underwood shows off growing baby bump! Talks new music!
  157. The Women in Country Music Problem Isn’t Getting Better - What Needs to Change?
  158. Blake Shelton: AI Not Responsible for Producing Superstars (Carrie mention)
  159. How Carrie Underwood Found Out Her Baby's Gender
  160. The 6 Things Carrie Underwood Can’t Live Without Make Us Love Her Even More
  161. Album Release Party in NY! DEC 9th
  162. Carrie Underwood, Chuck Hancock among ICM winners
  163. Time Magazine: Carrie Underwood On the Military Family That changed How She Sings SYA
  164. Carrie Underwood Dishes on Her Pregnancy Meltdowns So Far
  165. Carrie Underwood Is Having a Baby Boy!
  166. Carrie Underwood's "Rider"
  167. The Biggest Next 365 In History (Interesting Carrie/Brad comment)
  168. Carrie Underwood Related to President Abraham Lincoln ?
  169. Underwood due date reveal: Carrie talks pregnancy on 'The View', 'Late Night'
  170. Carrie Underwood Barely Looks Pregnant
  171. Carrie Underwood's Songwriting Is "Just Effortless"
  172. Jason Aldean, Carrie Underwood: See how much NYS Fair performers got paid
  173. Carrie and Brad video on The View 10/27/14
  174. Laura Benanti On Carrie Underwood, ‘Nashville’ Drama & Going Country
  175. Carrie Is Doing Twitter Right
  176. Carrie Underwood Pregnant News
  177. Carrie Underwood's 'Something In The Water' Finds Hope In Change
  178. Clements uses experience as chance to share testimony
  179. Archuleta, Underwood sing about faith in new singles
  180. Thank you guys so much!!
  181. Did Carrie seriously just debut at #1 on the Christian chart?
  182. CMA Article
  183. Enter to win a trip to the 2014 CMA awards plus Carrie's Albums
  184. Carrie's Best Ever
  185. Dear Carrie, Thank you for standing up to Anti Christian Biggots
  186. Saving Country Music SITW review
  187. Rihanna, Springsteen, Underwood in HBO Vets Day concert - Nov. 11
  188. Carrie Underwood to perform special fundraiser for NSU - Oct. 25
  189. Carrie performing on CMA Country Christmas
  190. Taste of Country- Carrie Underwood, 'Something in the Water'
  191. Country Universe Review of 'Something In The Water'
  192. Popdust reviews 'Something In The Water' ...
  193. Carrie Underwood to Release Greatest Hits: Decade #1 on December 9!
  194. Carrie Underwood readies new single "Something in the Water" - Her 5 best songs
  195. Idol Baby Boom (Carrie Mention)
  196. Nashville spoilers! (Carrie mentioned)
  197. E!Online: The Band Perry Offer Babysitting Services to Pregnant Carrie Underwood :)
  198. The Good News Just Keeps on Coming For Carrie Underwood
  199. Five Reasons Carrie Underwood Will Make A Great Mom
  200. Carrie Underwood Expecting First Child!
  201. Carrie's Review: New York State Fair Performance
  202. Carrie Underwood's Fiddler Sees the World
  203. To Whoever Broke Carrie Underwood's Heart- Thank You: Review From NY State Fair
  204. Carrie Underwood Named Best Female Role Model in Music in IHeartRadio Poll
  205. Carrie Underwood Talks About CMA Songwriters Series
  206. Carrie Underwood,Vince Gill Join Michael W. Smith for Christmas Album
  207. Top Five Carrie Underwood Music Videos
  208. Fox News Front Page: Carrie Underwood: I'm a 'crazy lady'
  209. Carrie Underwood & Brad Paisley to Host CMA Awards – for the 7th Time!
  210. Cute article about Ace and Penny
  211. More Than 52,000 People Attended Carrie's Jacksonville Jaguar Stadium Show Last Nt!
  212. So Small makes Huffington Post's "Give Peace A Chance Playlist" My entry!!
  213. CU10 Flashback: Carrie Underwood, Shania Twain and Gender in Country Music
  214. Carrie Underwood dissed! OMFG!
  215. Carrie Underwood shows off new side in upcoming album
  216. There's only one Linda Ronstadt (Carrie mention)
  217. Carrie's SNF Opening hitting theaters July 25
  218. New Rag Mag Scans: Something Bad, CMT Awards, etc. 7/13/14
  219. Carrie Underwood Makes Men's Health Hottest Women List
  220. Carrie Underwood & Mike Fisher: 4 Happy Years in Photos
  221. Ouch! The biggest snubs of the Emmy nominations are ...
  222. The Sound of Music received four Emmy nominations
  223. Make Carrie Underwood’s Fresh Blackberry Jam
  224. Carrie Underwood, Jay-Z, No Doubt, Fun to Perform at Global Citizen Festival in NYC!
  225. Sirius XM: Carrie to Appear on Foo Fighters' ALBUM!
  226. Talk about a dedicated fan!
  227. Carrie Underwood Talks Live TV, 'Sunday Night Football,' New Album
  228. Carrie Underwood Calls "Bromance" Between Her Husband and Blake Shelton
  229. Boy gets surprise meet and greet with big Country Fest star
  230. Carrie Underwood: My Husband Has A 'Bromance' With Blake Shelton
  231. 11 most badass moments in ML's & CU's new video
  232. Carrie Underwood Opens Up About Baby Plans With Mike Fisher
  233. Jennifer Nettles, Carrie duet "9 to 5"
  234. Bonnie Raitt on 'I Can't Make You Love Me': 'It struck me deeply'
  235. Songwriter Spotlight: Luke Laird
  236. Carrie Underwood: Touring With Miranda Lambert Would Be 'So Much Fun'
  237. Carrie Underwood's Top 7 Tricks for Looking Great
  238. CMT Awards Celebrates 2nd Most Watched Telecast in Franchise History!
  239. Hits Daily Double Blurb On Carrie at Rock Hall & CMTS
  240. Miranda Lambert Reveals Inspiration for Carrie Underwood Duet
  241. Carrie Underwood: Husband Mike Fisher Is 'My Most Awesome Accessory
  242. Carrie Underwood Talks Summer Plans With Mike Fisher and New Album
  243. Carrie Underwood and Hillary Scott's Puppy Playdate Turns Sour
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  245. Carrie to appear in Dave Grohl's upcoming HBO docu-series?
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  247. 11 Facts You Might Not Know About Maya Angelou
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  250. The Unblonding of Carrie Underwood