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  1. Brad Paisley Hopes Next Single Will Be a Carrie 'Remind'-er
  2. Australia Bound Confirmation!
  3. What Got Me Moving : I Tried Carrie Underwood's Fitness Routine
  4. Carrie Gives Local NHL Team A Huge BOOST!!!
  5. Wanna Play Softball With Carrie Underwood? :)
  6. Country Universe "30 Day Song Challenge" (Carrie mention).
  7. Carrie's bet with fm 93.7
  8. Brad Paisley Realizes the Magic of ‘Old Alabama,’ ... Duets With Carrie Underwood
  9. ‘Idol’ Lee Dewyze lives up to title (Great Carrie mention)
  10. Bleacher Report: Carrie Underwoods Top 10 Moments of the NHL Playoffs :)
  11. Tommy Keeler: 'Soul Surfer' is tear jerker
  12. Carrie Underwood Refuses to Kiss Her 'Mountain Man' Husband
  13. Carrie Attended Her 10 Year Highschool Reunion This Weekend!
  14. Cmt Top 20 Woman of 20 Years
  15. Gossip Girl: Carrie Underwood's Nashville Predators Night :)
  16. Top 20 Country Songs About Mom
  17. Carrie Underwood Made a Bet W/A Vancouver Radio Station for the Playoff Series! :)
  18. Carrie Underwood Eats Healthy at Equinox Restaurant in Washington DC
  19. Soundspike.com: Amazing Review Of Carrie Underwood's Stagecoach Performance! :)
  20. Pia Toscano: Just too beautiful and talented (Carrie mention)
  21. 'How great,' indeed (Carrie mention)
  22. Star In Focus: Carrie Underwood
  23. At Stagecoach Sunday, ladies rule (Country Standard Time)
  24. Star In Focus
  25. Stagecoach: Temperatures, Bin Laden News Heat Up Concert
  26. Sunday Night at Stagecoach: Carrie Underwood, Rascal Flatts & More
  27. Stagecoach 2011: And the party don’t stop
  28. Carrie Underwood is Green Men's Latest Victim :)
  29. CBS’ ‘Girls’ Night Out’ Special Honors The Women Of Country Music
  30. Royal dress, take two
  31. Country Fest Offers Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert, Lady Antebellum
  32. Randy Travis Reflects On Career (Carrie mention)
  33. Cory Monteith versus Carrie Underwood as hockey playoffs shift to Nashville
  34. In Today's Country, Women Roar While the Menfolk Whimper
  35. Workout music: Top 10 country running songs (Carrie mentioned)
  36. Carrie Underwood with Vince Gill
  37. Carrie Underwood: Is Underwood Good Luck Charm for Nashville Predators?
  38. Carrie Underwood: Are Underwood and Mike Fisher Hottest Sports Couple?
  39. Carrie Underwood Goes Viral With 'How Great Thou Art' Video
  40. Carrie Underwood Video Gets 1.5 Million Views (Contact Music)
  41. Carrie Underwood's 'How Great Thou Art' brings the house down (MSN)
  42. Carrie Underwood Fashion
  43. Interview: "The Voice" Executive Producer Mark Burnett
  44. Carrie Underwood Sings 'How Great Thou Art' on 'Girls Night Out' Special - Gather.com
  45. Carrie Underwood's 'How Great Thou Art' Moves The Masses
  46. The Boot: Brad Paisley's album out May 23rd
  47. Carrie Underwood beats Dwight Howard in Friday ratings
  48. 2011 CMT Awards
  49. 'Girls Night Out': Carrie Underwood's 'How Great Thou Art' brings the house down
  50. Carrie Underwood and Vince Gill Deliver Jaw-Dropping Performance
  51. 'Girls Night Out' wins for CBS; 'Friday Night Lights' up, 'Fringe' slips
  52. Carrie Underwood Sings On 'Girls Night Out' --- Aired Tonight
  53. Easter Blessings: Best Country Songs About Faith
  54. Girls' Night Out Stars Reflect on Memorable Night
  55. The Boot - Carrie Underwood Reacts to Hubby's Hockey Fight
  56. The 100 Most Famous WAGs of All Time
  57. Mike Fisher Proving To Be More Than Mr. Carrie Underwood In Nashville
  58. Suzanne Alexander’s ACM Awards Diary: Part 2
  59. Soul Surfer's Inspiring and Uplifting True Story
  60. OFFSTAGE: How Brad Paisley Recruits Duet Partners (Carrie mention)
  61. Carrie Underwood Confirmed for City of Hope Celebrity Softball Game!
  62. Soul Surfer 2nd Week Sales Holding Steady
  63. Carrie leaves Brad "Speechless!"
  64. Carrie in People Mag 2011 Most Beautiful Issue, +Other RagMag Scans Here!
  65. What Should Carrie Underwood Do Next?
  66. Carrie Underwood: I will still make music
  67. Oddball NHL Awards (Carrie mention)
  68. carrie on the cover of this week's US weekly!
  69. Simon Cowell: "If X Factor Flops, I'll Admit I Failed" (small Carrie mention)
  70. Nigel Lythgoe Says Pia Toscano's Elimination Was Fair and Square (Carrie Mentioned)
  71. ACM Debrief: RAC & Romeo (New Info On Carrie's ACM Performance)
  72. Carrie Underwoods New Movie Tops Earnings Record
  73. Pia's photo
  74. “Soul Surfer“: This is terrific for kids and entertaining enough to take the whole...
  75. CMT: Soul Surfer Earns $11.1 Million in Opening Weekend
  76. Iggy Pop: 'American Idol' Contacted Me About Judge Gig (small Carrie mention)
  77. Carrie Underwood: What? Me, A Celebrity?
  78. What time should i get to carrie underwood concert play on tour?
  79. LA Times Metion of Soul Surfer's Box Office Success :)
  80. Christian Film "Soul Surfer" a Hit at Box Office
  81. Who is the best 'Idol' contestant ever? The current Idols give their picks!
  82. Hollywood Reporter: Soul Surfer Getting "Glowing A+ Grades" From MovieGoers! :)
  83. More Soul Surfer Box Office Predictions: Very Strong Numbers
  84. Soul Surfer Opens Well: Highness, Not So Much :)
  85. Faith In God is a Hollywood Rarity in Soul Surfer
  86. Carrie Underwood Makes Movie Debut In 'Soul Surfer' - MTV
  87. Nice 4 Star Review of Soul Surfer: Good Review for Carrie's Acting Too!
  88. Brad Paisley: The Billboard Cover Story (Carrie And Her Fans Mentioned)
  89. OFFSTAGE: What If Carrie Underwood Had Met Pia Toscano's Fate on Idol?
  90. OWH review and my thoughts
  91. Carrie Underwood: My Faith Is the Reason for My Success
  92. Carrie Underwood Opens Up About 'Soul Surfer' Acting Debut
  93. ABC NEWS 'Underwood Makes Acting Debut in 'Soul Surfer'
  94. E! - Movie Review: Soul Surfer Still Searching for Its Uplifting Message
  95. Carrie Underwood's Beauty Basics
  96. Boston Globe, The Onion, & Philadelphia Inquirer - Soul Surfer
  97. Nice Reveiw From Miami Herald for Soul Surfer
  98. Star Tribune Soul Surfer Review & Milwakee Journel Sentinel (both positive)
  99. Chicago Tribune: Soul Surfer a Heartfelt Guest at a Surfing Tragedy
  100. Chicago Reader & Austin Chronicle - Soul Surfer Reviews
  101. Very Positive Soul Surfer Review: Spirituality & Practice
  102. 'Idol' coaches talk the Top 9
  103. Soul Surfer tells story of shark attack (small Carrie mention)
  104. Movie Review: 'Soul Surfer' catches faith-based wave
  105. Entertainment Weekly Soul Surfer Review: Positive :)
  106. St. Petersburg Times - Soul Surfer Review
  107. A Couple More Soul Surfer Reviews: MSN Movies, etc.
  108. Time Out New York - Soul Surfer Review
  109. (New Interview) OC Register: We find Carrie Underwood's dark side
  110. CMT news: Carrie Underwood Appearing on Tonight and Ellen
  111. ACM honors top female artist in 'Girls Night Out'
  112. Carrie Underwood Steals The “Girls Night Out” Concert Spotlight
  113. Ottawa Citizen: Riding the waves with determination (Feature/review)
  114. Village Voice and Boxoffice Magazine - Soul Surfer
  115. Carrie Underwood - In the movies
  116. People Mag Star Tracks: Carrie Underwood- Take A Shine
  117. The Boot: 'Girls' Night Out' Honors Judds, Reba, Loretta + More
  118. Brad Paisley 'floored' by Carrie Underwood
  119. Nice Review of Soul Surfer & Carrie
  120. Look this way – Tyler and Underwood get over a million views: viral video spotlight
  121. Slant Magazine Soul Surfer Review
  122. ACM honors top female artist in 'Girls Night Out'
  123. Country Aircheck On The ACMs
  124. Anderson Cooper of CNN Posts Photo of Carrie/Steve on His Site! :)
  125. Perez Hilton: Steven Tyler Tries to Kiss Carrie Underwood lol
  126. Acm: Rating are in!!!
  127. USA Today Carrie Underwood Film Debut
  128. CMT: News: OFFSTAGE: Surfer Bethany Hamilton Is Obsessed With Carrie Underwood
  129. OFFSTAGE: Surfer Bethany Hamilton Is Obsessed With Carrie Underwood
  130. LATimes: Carrie Underwood or Taylor: Who Sang Best at the ACMS?
  131. Nice Mention of Carrie Underwood/Steve Tyler in RollingStone Magazine for ACMS
  132. Carrie Underwood & Steven Tyler: ACM Awards Duet!
  133. Steven Tyler got his twang on with Carrie Underwood at the ACMs
  134. Rihanna Falls Flat, Underwood Steals Show At 46th Annual ACM Awards
  135. Idol Madness!
  136. Academy of Country Music Awards 2011: Best and worst
  137. Underwood Steals Show
  138. ACM Awards Performances: Collaborations Steal the Show
  139. Carrie featured in Parade Magazine!
  140. Carrie's on the cover of Portrait Magazine
  141. Can Taylor Swift finally beat Carrie Underwood at the Academy of Country Music Awards
  142. Carrie Underwood on Starting a Family with New Hubby - from Extra
  143. Yahoo Canada is always a little slow but guess who's pictured on the main page:)
  144. "Carrie Underwood Reveals Secret to Avoiding Pregnancy Rumors"
  145. New Cosmo Mag Article on Carrie: Possible New Vitamin Water Ads?
  146. Mj'sBigBlog: Carrie Underwood to sing "Secret" Duet at ACMS! :)
  147. Carrie Underwood Is 'Loving' New 'American Idol' Panel
  148. Lorraine Nicholson: 'Jack is an inspiration'
  149. Carrie Underwood Calls 'Soul Surfer' A Great Lesson & Family Film
  150. People Magazine Star Tracks: Surf's Up- Carrie Underwood at Soul Surfer Premiere
  151. OFFSTAGE: Miranda Lambert Wishes She Had Carrie Underwood's Legs
  152. Katie Armiger's Las Vegas Playlist
  153. Variety Review Of Soul Surfer: Very Positive :)
  154. Making Waves (Soul Surfer article - Carrie mention)
  155. Carrie Underwood to appear on Randy Travis duets album
  156. Which season is truly the most talented group ever on 'Idol'? (Nice Carrie mention)
  157. Carrie Underwood cuts Brad Paisley duet
  158. ACM awards hold surprising twists- Carrie Mention (The Tennessean)
  159. Randy Travis 25th Anniversary CD Released June 7th! :)
  160. .Carrie Underwood at the Grand Ole Opry
  161. Soul Surfer film review from The Hollywood Reporter
  162. Carrie Underwood at the Grand Ole Opry
  163. Carrie Underwood: Acting is very challenging
  164. Arista Confirms SLT not being promoted to radio
  165. MTV Exclusive: Carrie Underwood Talks Big Screen Debut (video)
  166. People Mag: Who Looked Hot This Week- Carrie Underwood!
  167. Tony Bennett pairs up voices for 'Duets II'
  168. American Idol Mansion Haunted (small carrie mention) :)
  169. Ranking (all 40!) of Carrie's songs from 3 albums
  170. Some Early Soul Surfer Reviews :)
  171. Ten American Idol Singers With Country Success
  172. E! Fashion Police - Understated Elegance (Carrie mention)
  173. Carrie Underwood Singing the Anthem? Top 20 NHL Playoff Prop Bets
  174. Roughstock Interview w/ Simon Cowell - Carrie Mention
  175. Carrie Underwood In Herve Leger by Max Azria – Points of Light Institute Tribute
  176. Carrie Underwood is booked for Billboard Country Music Summit Q&A session!
  177. Carrie Underwood a Keynote Guest at Billboard Country Summit
  178. 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Carrie Underwood
  179. NY Times Book Review - ‘American Idol,’ the History (Carrie mention)
  180. New equestrian drill team goes through paces in Milford
  181. 'American Idol's' Bo Bice coming to the Dells
  182. Fisher trade ruins plans for charity date with couple
  183. Carrie Underwood Hopes Her 'Soul' Inspires Fans
  184. Soul Surfer: In Theaters Everywhere April 8‏
  185. Carrie Underwood Still Avoids Social Media Sites
  186. A ‘Faithful’ Celebrity I’m Loving: Carrie Underwood!
  187. The Story Behind 'Soul Surfer' -- JJJ Exclusive! (Small Carrie Mention)
  188. Anna Sophia Robb Compliments Carrie's Acting in Soul Surfer! :) JustJared.com
  189. Perez Hilton! Quote Of The Day
  190. ‘10th Anniversary’ CD shows recent Idols have feet of clay
  191. Simon Fuller's XIX Entertainment company (small Carrie mention)
  192. Check out www.Carriehq.net Carrie needs our support
  193. Music Review: Various Artists - American Idol - 10th Anniversary - The Hits: Volume 1
  194. Carrie Celebrates Birthday By Watching Hockey!
  195. The Boot - Top 10 Country Songs That Aren't Singles ... Yet (Carrie mention)
  196. http://thecelebritycafe.com/feature/country-singer-carrie-underwood-celebrates-her-28
  197. Carrie performing at George HW Bush volunteer service event
  198. Robert Plant, Peter Frampton top Ravinia 2011 concert schedule (Carrie Mention)
  199. Carrie Performing With Vince Gill At ACM: Girls' Night Out
  200. OFFSTAGE: Carrie Underwood and Clint Eastwood Join Brad Paisley
  201. Carrie Underwood Grew Up as a ‘Human Barbie Doll’ Thanks to Her Sisters
  202. Carrie Underwood Receives Early Birthday Gift
  203. Carrie Underwood Greatest Hits!
  204. Carrie Underwood and the Opry
  205. Tennessean Article about Mike Fisher: Small Carrie Mention
  206. GAC: A Dinner Cruise with Tim McGraw, Carrie Underwood, & Alabama
  207. OFFSTAGE: Carrie Underwood Song Would Make a Better Idol Exit
  208. A Star Studden Lineup: Carrie Underwood Performing at Capital Hoedown
  209. Underwood, Songwriters Cheer Charttopper
  210. 1000 N0. 1s (Carrie mention)
  211. Change, change, change
  212. Who Should Be Paired Up for the Remake of The Bodyguard?
  213. The Carrie Underwood Effect: How Canada Can Protect HockeyStars from American Engenue
  214. Carrie makes donation to "Save the Children"
  215. People Mag: Brad Paisley's Son is Obsessed With Carrie Underwood
  216. Carrie to attend Pre-Oscar Party?!
  217. Country Weekly
  218. Olay!!
  219. People Mag: Carrie Underwood's Husband: Nashville is Where I'm Supposed to Be
  220. Carrie Underwood et al celebrate third decade of Country Cares for St. Jude Kids
  221. Carrie Is So Very...(OMG from Yahoo)
  222. Hilary Duff: Why Is She Jealous of Carrie Underwood?
  223. Just Jared Jr: New Article on Soul Surfer w/New Carrie Pix!
  224. Kara DioGuardi Recalls 'Craziest' Writing Session (Carrie mention)
  225. Did God trade Carrie Underwood's husband
  226. UK Daily Mail: Carrie On Cheering- Underwood Celebrates Hubands Ice hockey Goal
  227. Much ado about the Grammys
  228. Lori McKenna Interview in Country Weekly: Carrie Mention
  229. Jimmy Carter's Rumblings from the Row: Carrie Fans Mentioned & Brad Duet
  230. Carrie Featured in Teen Vogue, US Weekly, OK!, etc:2/18/11- Scans Here!
  231. Music Blog: See A Sneak Preview Of Carrie Underwood's Acting In 'Soul Surfer'
  232. Constantine Maroulis feels the noise with ’80s homage ‘Rock of Ages’
  233. Carrie Underwood: Hockey's Yoko Ono
  234. Music City becoming more known for style, fashion
  235. All-Star Weekend Coming To The Opry (Carrie scheduled to perform)
  236. Soul Surfer report with a Carrie mention
  237. A power celeb-athlete couple
  238. Mike Fisher learning about living with celebrity
  239. Kara DioGuardi will be writing with Carrie in a few weeks.
  240. Maxim Names Carrie Underwood as One of the Hotteset Women of Country Music!
  241. Carrie to record with Tony Bennett
  242. People's Star Tracks: She's Got Nerve!
  243. Nashville's gain, our loss
  244. Honeymoons of the Rich and Famous (Carrie mention)
  245. Carrie Underwood To Co-Host America's Opry Weekend
  246. Grammy Prediction from Paste Magazine
  247. Mike Fisher/Carrie Ottawa Goodbye Letter
  248. Megan Warman's legacy
  249. Roughstock:
  250. Ok this is going too far..