View Full Version : My BIG News

  1. Nominated for a public-voted award
  2. My 45rpm record on you tube
  3. Full time Missionaries
  4. Farewell my friends
  5. Thank God, for the gift of life
  6. I'm Switching Major's!
  7. A lifetime appointment!
  8. I'm Heading To Walt Disney World (Disney College Program)!
  9. Iiiiiiiiiii Got a JOB!!!!!!!!
  10. Heading to State Championship
  11. I was elected division rep at Oxford!
  12. I'm MOVING to FLORIDA!!!!
  13. YWAM Turner Valley, Alberta, Canada
  14. Gods Love (and the changes in my life)
  15. LAMDA examinations soon!
  16. I got into Oxford!
  17. Sad Day for my Family
  18. Project CMA in New York City
  19. (Cheap) Raffle fundraiser (win $3,000!) supporting Healthy Futures for Kids
  20. I am in a music video!
  21. Need some votes for a contest!
  22. I am now a boss of a college!!!
  23. Moving to Nashville - Please Pray
  24. Please HELP my friend win this 'Deaf @ Work' Contest!
  25. New Job!
  26. Jason the Gleek for E! News! Help Spread the Word!!!!!!
  27. The big weekend is here!
  28. I Got My First Job!
  29. My New Blog & New Focus in Life!
  31. Thank you!!
  32. Goodbye!
  33. College entrance exam tomorrow!
  34. burger king
  35. Radio Internship
  36. I'm Meeting Steven Tyler Next Wednesday!
  37. I'm officially on Twitter :)
  38. I Passed The Entrance Exam Of My Dream School!
  39. My First Job Interview! Advice Please!
  40. Moving to Canada for COLLEGE!!!!
  41. Billboard Magazine Internship
  42. I'm Graduating college and joining the NAVY!
  43. I am now a Carrie Underwood Reporter
  44. Graduated university today!
  45. Modeling Contract!!!
  46. I am getting married!!
  47. Totally unexpected internship!
  48. I'm Getting A Medal! (or a certificate?)
  49. Rest in Peace my friend Patty
  50. Concert :)