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  1. Microsoft Inspire
  2. Keith Urban & Carrie Underwood - The Fighter (Cover)
  3. 2017 Fan Club Party
  4. 10 year old Alex Shumaker "The Fighter" Keith Urban (feat. Carrie Underwood)
  5. Orpheum Theater show 6-29-17
  6. Living Young Concert 6-17-17
  7. 2012 fcp
  8. Flashback Friday
  9. Carrie at The Fillmore
  10. 2017 CMA interview with Brad
  11. Earth Song is speaking to me today
  12. Carrie & Luke 'I Told You So' 5-6-17
  13. Carrie & Luke singing 'Play It Again' 5-6-17
  14. Carrie's 26 Consecutive Top 10 Hits
  15. Carrie Underwood performs the National Anthem before the Predators
  16. Carrie & Kenny Rogers Islands In The Stream
  17. Invitation Only Full Concert
  18. Carrie Underwood's Storyteller Tour Vocal Range
  19. EEA & Beauty & the Beast
  20. Full GAC Opry Show from December 2008
  21. Remind Me C2C 2017
  22. Carrie Underwood Performing In 1998
  23. Carrie Underwood Performing Aged 15
  24. Carrie Underwood | BEST VOCAL MOMENTS
  25. Carrie's "I Will Always Love You" from Bobby Bones Show
  26. Carrie Interviews Backstage at 2016 CMA Fest
  27. BA Tour Live
  28. Carrie Montage
  29. ******Carrie and Vince How Great Thou Art The Power Of One Performance******
  30. Carrie Idol Audition, Winning Moment and Inside Your Heaven First Performance
  31. Mp3's of Carrie's Radio Interview and Performances
  32. Oh Holy Night Live Carrie Christmas Special!!
  33. Little Girl Sings With Carrie and Takes Over The Stage
  34. Carrie Neon Moon Live Brooks and Dunn Last Rodeo
  35. Mashup of Wiz Khalifa's "See You Again" and Carrie's "See You Again"
  36. Need clips for compilation i'm making!
  37. Keep us safe on youtube
  38. Carrie Underwood The Blown Away Tour Full AXS TV Live Tour 2013
  39. Carrie and Jamie O'Neal Duet "Does He Love You"
  40. This interview is why i like Carrie personality
  41. Favorite Acoustic Performances
  42. Carrie and Fan singing together
  43. Completely Carrie
  44. Brad Paisley ft Carrie Underwood - Remind Me (Live In Vegas)
  45. Short Video I took of Carrie Mention on Castle TV show.
  46. Carrie Underwood's American Idol Performances
  47. WXTU Philadelphia Interview before 2013 ACMs
  48. Carrie & Mike CMT Artists of the Year Interview
  49. People Mag- Behind the Scenes Video
  50. *****RIP Pappy******
  51. ****Carrie's 30th Birthday*****
  52. Behind the Scenes Wardrobe - Carrie Underwood's Spotlight - Get Active Now
  53. *****Little Big Town Pontoon Cover with Carrie (AWESOME)******
  54. Carrie interview on Bobby Bone
  55. Carrie on CBS This Morning
  56. Grammy 2013 Interviews!
  57. *****Carrie Sings The Sound Of Music*****
  58. *****Jimmy Fallon & Carrie Underwood Perform Country Versions of Rap Songs******
  59. My Videos - Carrie Underwood, "Blown Away Tour" - Hartford, CT 11-10-2012
  60. Jesus Take The Wheel/How Great Thou Art LIVE!
  61. Inside Look at CMA Awards Promo Tapings :)
  62. In The Spotlight with Robin Roberts
  63. Voice Of Versatility
  64. Carrie Underwood Kisses Chace
  65. Carrie Underwood on Headline Country
  66. *****How Great Thou Art Live******
  67. *******Carrie Underwood Blown Away Tour 2012 Promo*******
  68. *****Carrie 2005 Female Vocalist Win*******
  69. Carrie @ Opry
  70. Carrie visits Tufts Floating Hospital
  71. Oklahoma Born Nashville Royalty Interview
  72. "Undo it" in sign language
  73. *****Happy Anniversary Carrie & Mike*****
  74. *****Carrie Underwood National Anthem*****
  75. Carrie Underwood's Fierce Fashion! - The Dirt TV
  76. Carrie Underwood - Never Tear us Apart Inxs Cover (great quality)
  77. ******Carrie's Opry Invite & Induction*****
  78. Carrie Underwood LIVE at the Royal Albert Hall
  79. ******Christians Offended at Carrie Underwood *****
  80. Carrie's AMAZING vocals so far this era. :)
  81. CMA Music Fest sells out LP Field
  82. CMA Music Fest Charity Events
  83. CMA Music Festival Special
  84. CMA Music Fest Fan Club Parties
  85. Live Webchat with Carrie Underwood (The Sun UK)
  86. Carrie Underwood Chats About Her New Album, Blown Away
  87. Carrie on CMT Canada. One On One TV Interview.
  88. Carrie Underwood in Sacramento
  89. "Good Girl" Live at the Grand Ole Opry
  90. Blown Away Tour - Prudential Center
  91. 2012 CMT Awards: Carrie Underwood
  92. Blown Away Tour - Bryce Jordan Center
  93. New Q&A Questions Being Answered By Carrie
  94. Carrie Underwood & Mike FIsher, Miranda Lambert, Toby Keith and more
  95. THE BLOWN AWAY TOUR - September 15th - Webster Bank Arena
  96. ****Good Girl Cover*****
  97. An All Star Special - Full Concert
  98. Carrie Underwood with Vince Gill How Great thou Art-Hits 13,421,288 plus
  99. American Idol Finale Red Carpet
  100. Carrie Underwood Talks Jennifer Lopez at American Idol Finale - 2012
  101. The Billboard Music Awards 2012 - The Full 2 Hour Show
  102. CONSOL Energy Center on November 27 Promo
  103. Oprah's Next Chapter (5-20-12) Video
  104. Carrie Underwood & Mike Fisher Oprah's Next Chapter Interview
  105. Carrie & Mike on the Red Carpet
  106. Billboard Music Awards Red Carpet interview
  107. Headline Country May 3 2012
  108. Carrie singing Remember When!!
  109. Carrie Underwood's Just A Dream Music Video
  110. BOK Center November 21st Promo
  111. Opera's OWN Video Clips of Carrie & Mike on Youtube
  112. Interview with Carrie Underwood
  113. Carrie talks about the songs
  114. They released a ton of new videos to Carries utube - ''Carrie talks about ........'
  115. Australian Tour 2012 Promo
  116. Stars Celebrate Mother's Day
  117. Carrie on Jimmy Kimmel
  118. Behind-the-Scenes June 2012 Glamour Cover-Shoot
  119. Carrie on Ellen
  120. Carrie Underwood Wants To Wait For Babies - HipHollywood.com
  121. Headline Country YT video - 5/7/12
  122. Australian TV Comercial for Blown Away
  123. Nobody Ever Told You Soundcheck for GMA
  124. GMA and IHeartRadio videos
  125. ******So Small Carrie Underwood ft. PS22 Chorus*****
  126. So Small - Carrie Underwood featuring PS22 chorus
  127. Backstage at American Idol 5-3-12
  128. Carrie Underwood Talks Marriage and New Album to Glamour Magazine
  129. Carrie Underwood's $2,000 Sweatshirt.. and her Glamour Cover!
  130. Meeting Carrie
  131. "Alone" (Heart Cover) - Carrie Underwood iHeartRadio Concert
  132. Carrie Underwood Dishes on New Song ‘Do You Think About Me’
  133. Carrie talking about the album
  134. 'Nobody Ever Told You' Cut by Cut - CountryMusicIsLove Exclusive
  135. Carrie Underwood on Headline Country!
  136. Carrie Underwood Talks About "Good Girl"
  137. David Letterman Webcast Series Concert
  138. Carrie Underwood - Cupids Got a Shotgun - Live webcast
  139. "Sing like Carrie Underwood" contest on 92.5 WBEE
  140. Carrie Underwood New Album
  141. "Good Girl" Carrie Underwood ft. PS22 Chorus
  142. Backstage at the 2012 ACM Awards Show
  143. *****Storm Warning Carrie Underwood's "Blown Away" Album Teaser******
  144. ******Carrie's Opry Induction*****
  145. *****Carrie ACM Female Vocalist Win 2009*****
  146. ****** First Female Vocalist Win 2006*****
  147. New Carrie Interview from the Nordstrom show
  148. *****Carrie Underwood Montage******
  149. *******Jesus Take The Wheel LIVE!!! ACM's 2006*******
  150. Carrie Music Video Mashup!
  151. A preview to what will be the greatest Carrie leg tribute video ever
  152. Good Girl on Youtube
  153. *****Carrie & Dolly I Will Always Love You*****
  154. Wishing for Carrie's You Really Got A Hold of Me
  155. CMT Crossroads: Carrie Underwood and Steven Tyler (Cryin') - HD
  156. Crossroads : Before He Cheats and Dream On/Just a Dream mash-up !!
  157. Crossroads Live : Sweet Emotion : Carrie and Steven
  158. Carrie Underwood Ultimate Fan Access Full Interview
  159. ******American Idol Winning Moment & Performance (The Night It All Began)**********
  160. *******Carrie Montage*******
  161. *****Carrie Underwood's Forthcoming New Album 2012 (Fan Made Video)*****
  162. *****Carrie ACM EOTY Wins 2009-2010 & Triple Crown Award Win *****
  163. A Message From Carrie
  164. *****Temporary Home*****
  165. Carrie Underwood & Randy Travis - Is It Still OVer (Opry on GAC)
  166. ******Carrie Oh Holy Night LIVE All Star Christmas Special*******
  167. Remind Me Live At The CMA's
  168. Carrie- CMA Behind the Scenes and Red carpet interview
  169. *******Before He Cheats #1 On Billboard Five Years Ago Today******
  170. Carrie's Red Carpet Interview at the 2011 CMAs!
  171. LOL at this video!
  172. My "Oklahoma Wind" YouTube Video!
  173. *****Carrie Underwood San Antonio Rose*****
  174. Carrie Underwood Studio vs Live Vocals
  175. ***The CMA Awards 2011 promo - Brad and Carrie vs. The Middle***
  176. ******Blessed Be Your Name MP3 (Carrie Underwood Soul Surfer)*******
  177. My "We're Young and beautiful" Youtube video!
  178. Carrie Underwood - Idol Gives Back Update 2009 HD
  179. ******Happy Six Year Anniversary Jesus Take The Wheel******
  180. ******Carrie & Brad CMA Monologues******
  181. Mike And His Faith (with Carrie)
  182. ******How Great Thou Art LIVE Girls Night Out******
  183. The legs tribute video
  184. Carrie Live In Little Rock!!!
  185. I Know You Won't (Live on IHeartRadio concert)
  186. Carrie @ the Ravinia Festival (9-4-11)
  187. *******Carrie's Idol Winning Moment******
  188. Carrie's new Vitamin Water Commercial on Get Active Now spot :)
  189. CMC interviews Carrie Underwood
  190. Check out my You Tube playlist for some of Carrie's best performances
  191. Carrie Underwood-Voice of Versatility video
  192. *****Carrie National Anthem*****
  193. Carrie's FIRST Grammy performance! Simply STUNNING. Totally Worth Watching Again!
  194. Carre at Scotty Mcreery and Lauren Alaina's Opry Debut!
  195. Independence Day @ Rockefeller Plaza, Some Hearts @ Billboard Awards
  196. Fave Brad/Carrie duets: Make the World Go Away, Louisiana Woman, MIssissippi Man
  197. Carrie Underwood - Design: Concert Screen (Play On Tour)
  198. Carrie Underwood San Antonio Rose, Live- Grammy 07
  199. Cool Carrie/Simon video!
  200. ******Carrie Independence Day On Idol******
  201. Carrie THe Sound Of Music!!!
  202. JTTW/HGTA 3/16/10 Forgot to put it up then...
  203. Play On Tour - Tribute Video
  204. Carrie Underwood - Voice of Versatility
  205. Carrie Girls Night Out!
  206. I Told You So LIVE ACM's 09!!
  207. Carrie At 9 Years Old
  208. Cowboy Casanova Offical Video
  209. My Videos from the Opry last night (3/26)
  210. Short Carrie Interview at All Together Now - A Celebration of Service
  211. Carrie featured in a series of ACM Videos!
  212. Superstar Women of Country commercial (Carrie Sighting!)
  213. Soul Surfer 60-second Ad
  214. *****Carrie American Idol Winning Moment******
  215. Happy Birthday Carrie Videos!!!
  216. Carrie's last show in Auburn Hills
  217. March 4 2011
  218. Carrie Underwood & Jerrod Niemann @ Sony Nashville Boat Show
  219. Carrie Montage "My Wish"
  220. Carrie sings an original song she wrote at 14!
  221. Olay
  222. EXCELLENT vid of Carrie's Vocal Range (not made by me lol)
  223. Carrie Underwood's Hubby Heads South
  224. The Carrie Underwood Army: Loyal To Their Entertainer Of The Year
  225. In Honor of this weekend......Ever Ever After
  226. Neon Moon LIVE!!!(!) Brrooks & Dunn Tribute(!)
  227. Temporary Home LIVE ACM's 2010
  228. Carrie Underwood National Anthem
  229. Carrie Tonight The Heartaches On Me (Dixie Chicks Cover)
  230. Carrie Underwood - First the CMAs, now the ACMs
  231. Video of Carrie singing Time of my Life- Last PO Show!
  232. Temporary home cover
  233. All American Girl Video Three Years
  234. Jesus Take Wheel/How Great Thou Art LIVE PO Tour!!!
  235. A Longer Soul Surfer Video
  236. Carrie Underwood-Paradise City (My favorite cover of hers)
  237. Before He Cheats-AI Audition Montage