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  1. At least seven wounded in Brookfield shooting near Milwaukee
  2. My family and i had a house fire today (8 hours ago)
  3. Oregon Family Thanks Teen for Rescuing Boy From House Fire
  4. Election 2012: Who will you choose?
  5. The Business 9 Women Kept A Secret For Three Decades
  6. Test yourself on US election issues
  7. Illinois Boy Wins $1,000, Donates Money to Neighbor Fighting Leukemia
  8. Hal David, Legendary Songwriter, Dead at 91
  9. New Jersey shootings
  10. Loretta Lynn to celebrate 50th Opry Anniversary Is Carrie going to be involved in it?
  11. Neil Armstrong dead at 82
  12. Empire State Building Shooting
  13. Apple-Samsung smartphone court clash
  14. Texas A&M University Shooting
  15. Paul Ryan selected as running mate
  16. Equal Rights for ALL citizens.
  17. movie screening shooting
  18. Texas Republicans to Ban Critical Thinking
  19. Foie Gras ban kicks in in California!
  20. Health Care Mandatory tax
  21. "For Those who DON'T Believe in Marriage Equality, Step in"
  22. The straight people lifestyle thread
  23. USA presidential election of 2012
  24. 2012 Egyptian presidential election انتخابات الرئاسة المصرية
  25. Sony reports more record losses
  26. 2012 French presidential election on May 6th: François Hollande vs Nicolas Sarkozy
  27. Situation in West Africa
  28. Australian billionaire plans to build Titanic II
  29. News: Sony Doubles Red Ink Forecast to $6.4 Billion, Worst Loss Ever
  30. Bethenny Flashes Everyone! Ha! :)
  31. Happy International Women's Day!!!!
  32. Chinese "gay wives" face legal limbo, cultural bias
  33. Kony 2012-Invisible Children
  34. Storms Carve Deadly Path Across U.S.
  35. The Gay Rights Movement
  36. Kim Jong Il has died
  37. National Tsunami Recovery Funds Now Go to Japan’s Whaling Industry
  38. Hillary Clinton declares 'gay rights are human rights'
  39. Church ban on interracial couple!
  40. MINDY MCREADY & 5 yr old Son Missing
  41. Now we can eat horse meat!
  42. Project for rape victims
  43. Serina Butcher from checotah OK dies in afganistan
  44. Madonna reportdly headlining Super Bowl XLVI halftime show
  45. Amanda Knox wins murder appeal, goes free
  46. Do It For Daron
  47. 9/11 10th Anniversary
  48. Another Al-Qaida member killed!
  49. Creepy Jim Carrey Video
  50. Nancy Reagan Falls!
  51. Earthquake in Mid Atlantic
  52. Jerry Lewis Is Reinstated As The Host Of MDA Telethon
  53. Stage Collapses At Pukkelpop Festival
  54. Prayers for Indianapolis
  55. Casey Anthony Found Not Guilty
  56. Trace Adkins' Home Burns
  57. BREAKING NEWS: Osama bin Laden killed
  58. Please pray for the victims of Realengo - Rio de Janeiro
  59. Japan earthquake/Tsunami disaster videos
  60. Lady Gaga Helps in Japan Earthquake Relief
  61. Explosion at Japan nuke plant, disaster toll rises
  62. Mubarak Steps Down As President Of Egypt!
  63. Cyclone Yasi Qld Australia to be hammered again