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  1. Elizabeth Chan (session drummer)
  2. Shawn Tubbs
  3. What an Honor
  4. The Band
  5. Jimmy Herman
  6. 4 questions with Sydni Perri
  7. The Band
  8. New Band Members
  9. Garret Goodwin's charity project
  10. Chat with Ed Eason!!
  11. Carrie Underwood's Fiddler Sees the World
  12. Jimmy Herman Rocks Out With Carrie Underwood, Loves His Deer Hunting
  13. E book by garrett goodwin -break into the music industry-
  14. Was glad to get a glimpse
  15. Where was the rest of the band?
  16. Where was Garrett and Jimmy? And, the other people that participated in this project?
  17. Gordie Sampson gets Honourary Doctorate from Capre Breton University, performs JTTW
  18. Surprised
  19. Jimmy Herman-Milwaukee
  20. Music City Hitmakers concert
  21. Garrett Goodwin in Modern Drummer poll
  22. Jamie & her husband form band "Two Story Road"
  23. Garrett Goodwin's Engagement Video
  24. The Sound Man
  25. Andrea Thomas
  26. Jamelle message from FB
  27. Blessings for the tour
  28. Jamie leaving??
  29. Ed with Paul Brant's Band
  30. Ed Eason-great vids!
  31. Lets Talk about the Band
  32. Amazing CMT performance!!!
  33. Cherie on the Voice
  34. What do you talk to band members about?