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  1. Carrie Blogged! 5/17/11
  2. David Wild of RollingStone Mag Commented about Remind Me!
  3. Carrie & Mike Spotted at the Movies :)
  4. Carrie to Take Part in CMT Charity Concert to Benefit Flood Victims
  5. 'Music Builds: The CMT Disaster Relief Concert' Premieres Live On May 12
  6. New Carrie Blog 5/9/2011 Predators Game
  7. A Carrie "career summary" video by PopSugar TV
  8. Carrie Shown on TV at the Preds Game Tonight 5-9-11 :)
  9. New Carrie blog (5/9/11)
  10. Carrie High School Reunion
  11. Snippet of Carrie recording with Randy Travis
  12. Funny Moment w/Mike Fisher in Penalty Box: Carrie Underwood Related :)
  13. Carrie at Mike's game May 5th
  14. Carrie scores fifty #1s!
  15. Carrie radio interview with Vancouver station (5/5/11)
  16. Carrie will be covered tonight on Idol!
  17. The Green Men Strike Again! New (Funny) Picture of Carrie for Preds Game Tonight!
  18. Pretty Funny Before He Cheats Parody by Canucks Fans! lol
  19. KFROG Radio interview (05/01/2011)
  20. Carrie at Stagecoach Festival: Tweets, Photos, Setlist
  21. Carrie at Soundcheck Rehearsing for Stagecoach!
  22. Carrie is featured on the Youtube Front page :)
  23. Mike Fisher has TWITTER!!!!!!
  24. Carrie being interviwed by Cody Alan this weekend!!!
  25. Carrie at the US Naval Academy- Annapolis, MD 4/29/11- LOTS of pix and some video
  26. Blake Shelton's Prank with Carrie's Help!
  27. K102 Minnesota interview with Martina McBride (Carrie mention)
  28. Blake Shelton Inspired by Carrie's Wedding (Funny)
  29. Twitpix of Carrie at the Annapolis US Naval Base Concert Tonight!
  30. Carrie Just Blogged About The Annapolis Show, etc 4/29/11!
  31. New Carrie Blog! 4/26/11
  32. Kristin Chenoweth tweeted about Carrie :)
  33. Bethany Hamilton Tweets About Carrie's HGTA Performance!
  34. Article listing some desperate inadequacies (Carrie mentioned)
  35. New Carrie Blog (posing as Penny)
  36. Nicole Scherzinger tweets about Soul Surfer
  37. Carrie's Performing at the Preds game!
  38. Predator's Game VIDEO!
  39. Carrie at the Predators game 17042011
  40. ACM Girls' Night Out Backstage Interview
  41. Another Carrie Song on the Singing Bee!
  42. Carrie at the Soul Surfer Premiere
  43. Tweet: Carrie Made the Cut for People Mag's Most Beautiful 2011!
  44. Carrie Blogged!
  45. Carrie @yahoo
  46. Lindsey Cardinale Seeing Soul Surfer
  47. Carrie Is at the Movies Tonight Seeing Soul Surfer! :)
  48. Actress Ellen Page Tweeted About Soul Surfer! :)
  49. Scotty McCreery of American Idol Loved Soul Surfer!
  50. Carrie at the Preds game tonight.
  51. Carrie Song On The Singing Bee!!
  52. Soul Surfer Box Office Report (to be updated)
  53. Perez Hilton Defends Carrie On Twitter :)
  54. Carrie trending at Yahoo!
  55. Webcast with clips of Carrie talking about Soul Surfer
  56. Carrie/Dennis Quaid/Bethany/Helen Hunt interview (video)
  57. Tweets about Remind Me
  58. New Carrie Blog! 4/5/11
  59. Lily Allen Tweets About Carrie
  60. Seven Tyler Tweeted About the ACMS :)
  61. My Carrie story!
  62. Greenbay Packer Tweets About Carrie
  63. Brad on Carrie
  64. Carrie Blogged! 4/3/11
  65. What bugs carrie underwood most about her hubby?
  66. Carrie At "Soul Surfer" Premiere
  67. Carrie and sarah hill
  68. Another Perez Hilton mention!
  69. Carrie on E!NewsNow - Soul Sufer + Baby Rumors
  70. Awesome Fox Interview of Carrie at Soul Surfer Premiere!
  71. Carrie on E!News 3-31-11 for Soul Surfer!!!
  72. Red Carpet
  73. People: "Carrie Bears Her 'Soul'"
  74. Carrie Leaving Soul Surfer After Party in Hawaiian Leis
  75. New Blog 3/30!
  76. Carrie at the Opry June 7
  77. Points of Light Gala TV ad
  78. Cowboy Casanova to be featured on Country Dance video game for Nintendo Wii!
  79. Jimmy Carter Heard the Brad/Carrie Duet! Loved it! :)
  80. Carrie Shown on American Idol Tonight in Soul Surfer Commercial!
  81. Carrie at NYC City of Hope Benefit Tonight!
  82. Carrie on XIX
  83. Carrie in DC - Clip of Performance and Interview!
  84. Lauren Alaina names Carrie as her ultimate musical inspiration!
  85. Carrie at the Predators/Bruins Game!
  86. Carrie talking about Soul Sufer (Video)
  87. Numerous Twitter Birthday Wishes for Carrie Today
  88. Soul Surfer 30 Secong Spot! :)
  89. Hockey player tweets about Mike and Carrie!
  90. Grand Ole Opry New Artists - Carrie Co-Hosting - LISTEN LIVE NOW
  91. America's Opry Weekend - Listen Live
  92. Ottawa HoeDown Single Day Seats Sold Out for Carrie, Miranda, Billy! :)
  93. Sal Oliveri tweets about a song by Carrie
  94. David Wild's Comments about Carrie on Twitter :)
  95. I saw Carrie's Olay Posters at Rite Aid! :)
  96. Brad Paisley Tweeted Me About the Duet! :)
  97. Country Radio Seminar (CRS)
  98. Carrie Pictures from singing National Anthem 3/2/11
  99. New Blog March 1st
  100. #1 party for undo it
  101. Hip Hop vs Country
  102. Soul Surfer (CLIP) - I Don't Know Why Terrible Things Happen
  103. Carrie Mention on Mr. Sunshine! [Video]
  104. A small town show containing "Carrie"
  105. [Feb 22] Official Nashville Columbus (aka stalking) Carrie Gameday Thread
  106. [Feb 19] Official Nashville Phoenix (aka stalking) Carrie Gameday Thread
  107. Get Carrie Underwood's Star Style
  108. Nikki Sixx Carrie Mention
  109. [Feb 17] Official Nashville Vancouver (aka stalking) Carrie Gameday Thread
  110. New Soul Surfer Clip with Carrie!
  111. [Feb 15] Official Nashville San Jose (aka stalking) Carrie Gameday Thread
  112. How Carrie Spent Grammy Night lol
  113. ENews Countdown to Grammy Red Carpet
  114. Yahoo!
  115. [Feb 2 2011] Official Nashville Colorado (aka stalking) Carrie Gameday Thread
  116. Lee Dewyze Interview (Carrie mention)
  117. Bieber Movie!!
  118. Carrie replied to a thread on the FC about Mikes move from Ottawa
  119. Carrie was AWESOME in Soul Surfer!!!!!! (I just saw it!!)
  120. OLD Carrie interview-CNN
  121. Carrie Spotted At King Roads Cafe
  122. Carrie Mention on the Rachel Ray Show
  123. Carrie Spotted in LA Tonight!
  124. Carrie on SoapNet
  125. David Hodges May Be Writing With Carrie Again! :)
  126. Carrie at Mike's game last night!
  127. Carrie is the "Photo of the Day"
  128. Carrie & Mike at tonight's Brad Paisley Concert (1/30/11)
  129. Carrie shopping in Soho
  130. Carrie on my local country music stations!
  131. Carrie & Mike Spotted at Phantom of the Opera in NYC!
  132. Carrie and Mike on E! News
  133. Carrie Spotted at Knicks Game Tonight!
  134. Carrie Shown on Idol Tonight- Nashville Night!
  135. Carrie on Narnia DVD/Blueray?
  136. E News NOw-Is Carrie Underwood Expecting?
  137. ET Flashblack 2005: Carrie Underwood
  138. Carrie on Entertainment Tonight for Soul Surfer!!!!!
  139. Sens TV: Carrie Says Mike Would Be Fired on Celebrity Apprentice :)
  140. Old Video, but so good! part 2
  141. Carrie at Sens game 1/25/11
  142. Penny' pictures
  143. Old Video, but so good!
  144. Ottawa Senators Visit Children's Hospital (Cute Carrie Mention)
  145. American Idol Winners talk about Idol and life after
  146. Carrie is Paris Tisan's favorite Idol Contestant!
  147. Carrie at the Sens game tonight.
  148. Soul Surfer official website!
  149. Paris Tassin's TH audition featured on US weekly website!
  150. Temporary Home sang on American Idol
  151. Badgley Mischka Tweet: Carrie's Golden Globe Dress Featured in In Touch Magazine!
  152. We're Young and Beautiful!
  153. Billboard Picture/Yahoo 'Idol' Chatter
  154. Randy Jackson: Carrie is the best all-time Idol
  155. Carrie Talks Fashion
  156. Pre-Screening of Soul Surfer Tonight :)
  157. Finally Picture and Video of Carrie at the Golden Globes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  158. Carrie on the E! News Glam Cam! :)
  159. Carrie on with Cody Alan tonight!
  160. Carrie's Golden Globe Interview 1/16/11
  161. Carrie will be Talking to Whitney Allen's Producer!