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  1. 2 new Olay ads in Cosmo
  2. All American Girl Video
  3. Have you guys seen this video?
  4. Temporary Home in Korean Drama
  5. New Carrie "Good Girl" video?
  6. Cmt crossroads commercial featuring carrie underwood and steven tyler
  7. Mike talking about Carrie in Us Weekly!
  8. Carrie Underwood New Music: Good Girl
  9. Idol Contestant Did Temporary Home Tonight!
  10. Loretta Lynn Commented About Carrie Last Night in Dallas :)
  11. Carrie talks Country Music & AI
  12. New Album Photoshoot?!
  13. CMT Crossroads ANNOUNCED!!!!
  14. Carrie on Fox 23 news at 9pm last night
  15. Carrie Mention/Song on American Idol Tonight :)
  16. Grammy Glam:Legs
  17. 104.1 WTQR (Carrie Mention)
  18. Brand new getactivenow.com video
  19. Carrie in Cosmo Magazine
  20. Brad Paisley Concert Wows The Crowd (Carrie hologram mentioned lol)
  21. Tweets From Carrie's Photoshoot Coming in :)
  22. E!News: Carrie Underwoods Heroic Act
  23. Carrie on the front cover of People's Stylewatch Feb. 2012 issue!!!
  24. Cowboy Casanova on Fox News
  25. Carrie at Preds Game Last Night
  26. Carrie to Be Featured on Dick Clark's 40th Anniversay of Rockin' New Year's Eve!
  27. 14 million cd's 14 singles
  28. Chris Willman Disses Carrie On Twitter
  29. Cute Xmas Present For Carrie ! :)
  30. New Blog 12-23- 11
  31. Carrie on You tube for Titans
  32. New James White Photoshoot today!
  33. New Vitamin Water Ad
  34. Carrie mention on Heartland TV Show
  35. Carrie at Pred's Game Tonight!
  36. Carrie Just Honored at Emerald Ball! :)
  37. Audio: Carrie Underwood promises 'crazy' 2012
  38. MSN: Hottest WAGs
  39. Carrie and Ace Behind The Scenes at Ellen
  40. Carrie Underwood Style: Where to Buy Her Best Looks [PHOTOS]
  41. Soul Surfer is Now on the Movies on Demand Channel!
  42. E!News: Carrie Underwoods Big Win at ACAS
  43. Funny Jay Demarcus (Rascal Flatts) tweet about Carrie!
  44. Kara Dioguardi Tweeted about the Mama's Song Grammy Nom!
  45. New Project: "Beyond the Hits" (includes Carrie)!
  46. Best Legs
  47. Big Carrie news on Monday?
  48. Skin Care Facts: Get the truth from Carrie and Olay
  49. CMT Contest to Win Tickets to an "Upcoming CMT Crossroads" (no artist named yet)
  50. New Blog 11-25-11
  51. Carrie cooked a turkey dinner? :O
  52. iHeart Radio Music Festive premiers on VH1 -- 11/23!!
  53. Carrie to Perform at Christmas Party for Great American Financial Group in Cincinnati
  54. BHC on Family Guy with Stewie Singing
  55. GAC: Opry Concert Special: How Great Thou Art
  56. Federal Observer posted HGTA performan of Carrie & Vince on it's website!!!!!
  57. New Carrie blog 11-14-11
  58. Carrie Spotted at David Cook/Gavin DeGraw Concert Last night!
  59. Heard carrie in a restraunt i was at!
  60. Michael Buckley covers the CMAs!
  61. Jamie Lynn Spears Tweeted About Carrie's Legs :)
  62. Carrie on E!News for CMAS 11/10/11
  63. Michael Buckley (whatthebuckshow) mentioned Before He Cheats
  64. Carrie Underwood is a TT!
  65. Sara Evans Tweeted About Carrie/Brad's "Remind Me" Song :)
  66. New Olay Commercial
  67. Carrie Underwood at BMI Awards Tonight! :)
  68. Brad talks Carrie on E! News
  69. Urban Method Performs Carrie's Before He Cheats on "The Sing Off" :)
  70. Miss Piggy Tweeted About Carrie & the CMAS! lol
  71. ABC News interview with Carrie and Brad - CMA and album talk!
  72. Carrie In Australia's Cable TV Mag For CMA's!
  73. Remind Me rehearsal VIDEO!
  74. CMA Press Conference
  75. Stewie From Family Guy sang a Carrie song
  76. CMA Rehearsals - Remind Me (Picture)
  77. More Carrie and Brad CMA Promos
  78. New Carrie blog! (11/06/11)
  79. Jamie Lynn Drohan is gonna interview Carrie and Brad on Monday
  80. Interview with Stylelist next week.
  81. Tweet from David Hodges (TAPFU cowriter) about Carrie! :)
  82. Billboard Tweet From Miranda Lambert About Carrie :)
  83. David Wild working with Brad and Carrie for....SOMETHING!
  84. Mike tweeted a pic of Ace's hallowe'en costume!
  85. Zac Brown Band tweeted about Carrie!
  86. The Road to the 2011 CMAs!
  87. new carrie and brad cma promo
  88. Carrie & Brad CMA Awards stickers
  89. Picture of Carrie Underwood at Preds Game Tonight :)
  90. Carrie Blogged 10/25/11
  91. Country Weekly Interview Summary
  92. Tune in to Good Morning America tomorrow morning!
  93. Carrie is in Singapore for the 2nd time?
  94. PHOTOS: Carrie Underwood at the ‘Redneck Rally’
  95. Lauren Alaina Turns to Carrie Underwood for Career Advice
  96. Carrie Underwood Shows Up at Jeff Foxworthy-Led Fundraiser
  97. Brad on Twitter(Remind Me video)
  98. Cowboy Casanova Got a VH1 Pop Up Video Too!
  99. Brandon Heath dabbles (Carrie Mention)
  100. Glimpse of the #1 party (VIDEO)
  101. Carrie just blogged! 10/19/2011
  102. Does Carrie ACTUALLY support PETA?
  103. Carrie Underwood & Brad Paisley Access Hollwood
  104. NEW new blog :P (10/14)
  105. Preview Clip of Carrie/Brad CMA Promo Commercial from Access Hollywood!
  106. Carrie to attend NSU homecoming parade tomorrow (Oct. 15)
  107. carrie's opry performance oct 4th
  108. New Carrie Blog 10/7/2011
  109. Remind Me @ Homecoming dance!
  110. Carrie spotted at a mall in Nashville
  111. Tweet About New Brad/Carrie Video Shoot
  112. Fresh Fall Hairstyles A stylist critiques the new 'dos of Carrie Underwood, Tom Brady
  113. Randy Travis Honored at Grand Ole Opry
  114. New Carrie Blog 10/1/11
  115. "Eighteen Inches" - Lauren Alaina [CLIP]
  116. [unconfirmed] Carrie is performing the National Anthem at the Pred's game tonight!
  117. Before He Cheats on The Glee Project Auditon Song list
  118. Smokey singing My Girl
  119. Carrie Mentioned on "Hart of Dixie" Tonight (Rachael Bilson show)
  120. New Carrie blog! (09/26/11)
  121. Carrie Underwood on E!News for IheartRadio Festival! (9-26-11)
  122. Twitpiuc of Carrie, Tony Bennett, & Stevie Wonder from Staples Center Concert Tonight
  123. Carrie and Brad on CCUSA
  124. Carrie spotted at Brad Paisley's concert tonight!
  125. Tony Bennett's Target Commercial [Happy Birthday Singing]
  126. Carrie Underwood & David Cook Spotted in LA Eating Dinner :)
  127. Kristin Chenoweth on Carrie
  128. Twitpic of Carrie on Target Commercial for Tony Bennett's Cd/Birthday!
  129. US Weekly Interview: 'Reese Witherspoon is my fashion icon'
  130. TV New Zealand interview with Carrie
  131. New Behind the Scenes Video From Blue Bloods: Carrie, Tony, Donnie Wahlberg :)
  132. 2011 CMA Awards ad! (Short Carrie/Brad sighting)
  133. Carrie at the Ella Awards Tonight! :)
  134. Carrie on Hot 89.9!!
  135. New Behind the Scenes Olay Ad- from Country Weekly
  136. Carrie is too cute :D
  137. "Remind Me" - Platinum!
  138. X Factor Winner Joe McElderry tweets about Carrie
  139. Carrie blogged! 12/9/11!!!!
  140. Lindsay Lohan wearing Carrie's ACM Girls night our dress
  141. Justin Bieber Said Carrie Underwood is AMazing :)
  142. Carrie popped up at Brad's concert tonight!!!
  143. Remind me live
  144. Carrie performing at Preds party tonight
  145. Carrie and Brad Recording Today?
  146. Carrie Underwood's Beauty Confession
  147. Tweets About Carrie's Concert Tonight in Minnesota! :)
  148. Carrie doing CMT Crossroads?
  149. Undo It at the US Open
  150. Soul Surfer DVD Sparks Release of Church Growth Resources
  151. Artista Nashville Congratulates Carrie & Brad (:
  152. Carrie legs mentioned (yet again) - in "5 Ways to Whiten Your Teeth—Fast!" article
  153. Kathryn from "Bachelorette" Tweeted about Carrie!!
  154. Sharon Osbourne referenced Carrie on tonight's America's Got Talent!
  155. Tweet From Producer Working on Carrie Underwood Track(s)
  156. Heard Carrie On My Way To School!
  157. New Carrie Picture?
  158. Hit List TV Interview (Video)
  159. Funny Picture
  160. Chris Brown: When I Was 17 (Small Carrie Mention)
  161. Old Carrie Song (I've never heard before)
  162. bikini shot on comcast
  163. Another Clip Of Brad Saying Nice Things About Carrie
  164. Miranda Lambert Tweeted About The Show w/Carrie Tonight :)
  165. IHeartRadio Commercial
  166. Carrie spotted shopping in Ottawa!
  167. Lauren Alaina Debut Album, "Wildflower", Set for 10/11/11 Release - Carrie Mention!
  168. Idols Tweet
  169. iHeartRadio Interview (Video)
  170. Looks like Carrie and Mike are at another wedding
  171. ACM Lifting Lives Music Camp 2011 Highlights
  172. Remind Me Video... (VEVO)
  173. Mike's interview on Grecosize (Carrie mention of course)
  174. More of "It Had to be You" Amazon
  175. New Carrie Blog /1!!!
  176. Carrie Underwood, Michael Buble, Sheryl Crow, others Wish Tony Bennett Happy Birthday
  177. Carrie at Sips and Strokes again
  178. Behind the scenes of the Remind Me video
  179. Show in San Francisco
  180. Remind Me vid on CMT!!!
  181. People's Country's Biggest Stars!!
  182. Trending on Yahoo!
  183. Carrie Underwood, Tony Bennett, to Appear On CBS Premiere of Blue Bloods 9/23!
  184. Carrie Included in Nashville Predators Clip: History Rocks
  185. New PIC of Carrie and Mike in Montreal
  186. Carrie in Nashville Studio??
  187. Shia <3s carrie underwood
  188. Carrie HAd a Private Show at a San Manuel Casino Last Night
  189. Do It For Daron - Mike & Carrie PSA
  190. Toned legs…yes please (Carrie mentioned)
  191. Lauren Alaina and IDOL tour!
  192. Carrie performance at July 8th Country Concert at Hickory Hills Lake
  193. Brad Paisley on "Hannity" Tonight (Hannity Mentions Carrie!)
  194. Mike Fisher Trade Song
  195. ACM Lifting Lives (Video)
  196. Funny Blake Video (Carrie mention)
  197. Boston Pops Fireworks Spectacular
  198. Carrie underwood & Hubby at U2 concert tonight!
  199. Carrie/The Office picture on tumblr
  200. Carrie allusion in 2005 episode of Doctor Who?
  201. Carrie In Prague
  202. Blog/Picture from Australian Private Showcase Carrie Did!
  203. One Republic's Ryan Tedder writing for Carrie
  204. Carrie & Mike Spotted at New Kids/BackStreet Boys Concert Tonight!
  205. Carrie supports Sony Foundation
  206. Guy Sebastian Tweets About Carrie! :)
  207. Carrie Underwood MTV Australia interview June 17 2011
  208. Carrie's Review in Austrailia (with video)
  209. Cap of Carrie's Australian Rugby Game HalfTime Performance Here:
  210. Tweet from Official Brisbane Broncos about Carrie's HalfTime Show Tonight!
  211. Carrie Playing Free Show in Brisbane at noon tomorrow!
  212. Carrie Performing Showcase in Australia Right Now: Picture/Tweets!
  213. New Australian Associated Press Interview!
  214. JTTW On The Voice
  215. Actress Chelsea Tavares Tweeted About Carrie!
  216. (Pics) Carrie leaving DWTS in Australia
  217. GAC interview at Grand ole Opry!
  218. Carrie at Tootsies
  219. Lauren Alaina Recording one of Carrie Underwoods co-writes for Her New Album
  220. Great/Surpriing Stuff on XM
  221. (Old) Kathy Griffin mentions Carrie/Faith Hill CMA incident
  222. Carrie Interview With 2dayFM (Kyle & JackieO) Sydney!
  223. Carrie's first Aussie radio interview!
  224. Brad Paisley's Walmart Soundcheck Video (Carrie Mention)
  225. 2011 Carrie Underwood Official Fan Club Party
  226. Carrie Filming a Commercial Today in Ohio!
  227. Carrie & Mike Mention on WEEI
  228. Scotty & Lauren @ NBC (Carrie mention)
  229. Carrie Sighting from People Mag! Out For Dinner in LA!!
  230. Lauren's Q&A (Carrie sighting)
  231. Kara DioGuardi's BMI Interview (Small Carrie mention)
  232. Carrie and Mike Sighting at Restaurant in Nashville!!!
  233. Jimmy Kimmel -- How Many Idols Can You Name? (Carrie sighting)
  234. Carrie Getting tons of Love in the UK For American Idol Airing Today!
  235. Carrie Underwood Archive---> Underwood Reacts to Earning Season 4 Crown
  236. Carrie Red Carpet A/I Interview & Dialing Mix-Up
  237. Hilary Duff calls Carrie Underwood 'Super Sweet' :)
  238. Lauren Interview (Carrie Mention :))
  239. Carrie, Lauren, and a Pussycat Doll
  240. Carrie at the AI finale! (Red Carpet and Performance pictures!)
  241. Ashley Greene of Twilight tweeted about Carrie's Idol Performance! :)
  242. New Carrie Blog (5/23)
  243. Carrie's Speech To Simon Fuller
  244. Carrie, Lauren, and Scotty....
  245. Ryan Seacrest and Carrie!
  246. Simon Fuller getting star on Walk of Fame --> Carrie will be there!
  247. Soy Hello to Hollywood's Hottest Vegetarians!
  248. Carrie Attending Toys R Us Charity Gala in NYC Tonight! :)
  249. New Carrie blog (5/18/11)
  250. Simon Fuller Getting Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame: Carrie to Appear!