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  1. Share Your Carrie Collections!
  2. 2016 cma
  3. Carrie announcing my pregnancy!
  4. MSG Ticket for grabs :(
  5. 10/3/09 Carrie Fan Anniversary
  6. My New Carrie Poster
  7. Pretty awesome Something in the Water moment!
  8. Carrie Song in a Movie
  9. Jesus take the wheel moment
  10. Last Name story
  11. WYR used in KY State Cheer competition routine
  12. Carrie moment at IGA in Montreal!
  13. 2 Carrie Moments At Wal-Mart Last Night
  14. Hopefully Untrue Mention About Carrie
  15. Last Carrie song you heard?
  16. Carrie Moment In Charleston Town Center Mall
  17. My (very brief) Visit to Checotah
  18. Father's Day and my son-in-law
  19. Cool SYA Moment (Baptism scene)
  20. Dream about SYA
  21. Carrie vs. Christina (my dream)
  22. My Carrie Moment
  23. Hypnotist Show
  24. OWT in Manila, Philippines
  25. JTTW karaoke fail
  26. BHC moment with my friend :)
  27. Jesus Take The Wheel
  28. Carrie Music Playing at My College :)
  29. Surprising Carrie Moment at Sophia's Heart Cruise 2013 with Danny Gokey & TSR
  30. Carrie moment wile on youtube.
  31. Carrie Giveaway on the radio this morning :)
  32. Carrie moment without trying
  33. Carrie Underwood on Times Square (Grammy Commercial)
  34. Sam and Ella (delicious pizza joint), Tahlequah OK- carrie worked there
  35. K102-Carries album promotion
  36. Carrie on at Hastings
  37. Ottawa Concert: Carrie Waved At Me! :)
  38. A "Before he cheats" moment...
  39. Funny Carrie moment with my Dad :)
  40. Proof that Carrie has controlled my television viewing habits since 2005.
  41. Momento mío con la música de nuestra Carrie/ A moment of mine with our Carrie's music
  42. Carrie me me sick, no she didn't!
  43. Carrie moment after playing tennis with my friend
  44. Six Month Anniversary gift
  45. "See You Again" Played At the NY State Fair Today! :)
  46. Did I just hear DYTAM??!
  47. Carrie Songs At KD
  48. Carrie Hologram at Brad Paisley Concert
  49. Look like Carrie?
  50. Blown Away in Uruguay radio !
  51. Soul Surfer in Uruguay !
  52. Carrie Moment involving Extra Sensory Perception...It's True, but Unbelievable....
  53. just in the airport waiting for my flight to london! :)
  54. Carrie looks good on my wall!!!!
  55. Just watched soul surfer!!!
  56. "Last Name" Moment!
  57. See You Again
  58. Weird Carrie moment in Brazil
  59. got my tix for LONDON!!!!!!!!!! BOOM!
  60. Carrie moment in FRANCE
  61. Carrie t shirt happiness
  62. Lifetime Movie
  63. My Carrie dream about Good Girl!
  64. Random Carrie Question
  65. A carrie underwood TH essay from an autistic child.
  66. Carrie in a 3 year olds eyes
  67. *******My Carrie Moment*******
  68. I've been listening to this Carrie 'oldie' a lot today
  69. Carrie Moment in 3rd Period
  70. Carrie Dream
  71. 2 Jesus Take the Wheel moments on Camping Trip
  72. Carrie in my Yearbook!!!!
  73. Awesome Carrie Moment!
  74. Carrie Billboard Sign in New Orleans
  75. On My local TV RIGHT NOW!
  76. Carrie mentioned in True Blood book
  77. RM highway story
  78. My Crazy Carrie Dream
  79. Had a Carrie Moment in our choir rehearsal
  80. My Carrie Dream
  81. The Voice contestant Jeff Jenkins sings JTTW on the show!
  82. "The Voice" contestant Javier Colon replied to my tweets about Carrie!
  83. Playing Carrie In A Cafe @ Montreal
  84. Carrie at my internship.
  85. My Unexpected Carrie Moment!!
  86. Funny Carrie Moment in 4th period
  87. Funny Not Really Carrie Moment
  88. My blog...first post is about Carrie's HGTA. (:
  89. Carrie film chat moment
  90. Saw Carrie in the Washington Post
  91. Fun Carrie moment With My Baby Niece :)
  92. Before He Cheats in a play
  93. I won tickets to see Soul Surfer!
  94. Carrie organizing moment in the lunchroom
  95. My Random Carrie Moment...
  96. Yayayayayay!
  97. Help my friends maybe have a Carrie Moment!! Please :)
  98. CMA Fest Holds Photo Contest to Help Celebrate 40 Great Years
  99. Funny skit me and my friend wrote
  100. Carriefans/OFC Moment on television
  101. Carrie moment in Science
  102. Heard Carrie
  103. Carrie and Boot Camp!
  104. I got it!!!
  105. My two awesome Carrie moments. (:
  106. <3
  107. Awesome Moment
  108. Guess what I got???