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  1. Nash Music Madness
  2. Vote 'The Fighter' on GAC
  3. Vote for 'The Fighter' on CMT Hot 20
  4. Vote for Carrie & Heartbeat for Australian CMC Music Awards
  6. Vote for "Dirty Laundry" on GAC
  7. Vote for Dirty Laundry on CMT Hot 20 & 12 Pack
  8. Vote Now: The 16 Best Singles of 2016 . . . So Far
  9. Best Female Singers of All Time - Worldwide list of singers
  10. Nominate Carrie & Others in Tennessean Readers' Choice Awards 2016
  11. Vote For "Church Bells" | GAC Top 20
  12. Vote For "Church Bells" | CMT Hot 20
  13. Teen Choice 2016
  14. Vote for Church Bells!!
  15. The Showdown: Carrie Underwood vs. Jason Aldean
  16. Who is Country's Top Vocalist 2016?
  17. Country Music Channel Awards AUSTRALIA 2016
  18. ET Canada Star of the Year
  19. Vote "Heartbeat" on GAC's Top 20
  20. Vote "Heartbeat" on CMT Hot 20 & Pure 12 Pack
  21. The Showdown: Kane Brown vs. Carrie Underwood
  22. Vote for Storyteller: Album of the Year – 2015 Taste of Country Fan Choice Awards
  23. Vote for Carrie as the Best Country Whuppin’ Champ Ever
  24. Rate the Music - Smoke Break
  25. Daily Streaming for Music and Video's
  26. Vote for Smoke Break on GAC Top 20
  27. Vote Smoke Break | CMT Hot 20 & Pure 12 Pack
  28. Who should perform the Super Bowl 50 halftime show? - USA Today Poll
  29. Vote for Smoke Break
  30. Teen Choice Awards: Nominations Out-- Vote for Carrie!
  31. Teen Choice AWards 2015: Tweet to Nominate Carrie in Her Categories
  32. [Poll] Who is your favorite American Idol success story?
  33. CMT Music Awards Voting Thread
  34. Vote for your 20 favourite Country songs of the last 90 years
  35. Ibrawlator: Wiz Khalifa Vs. Miley Cyrus Vs. Carrie Underwood — Whose “See You Again”
  36. Vote for the better Maria
  37. Vote for Carrie Underwood on Country Weekly's Country Music March Madness
  38. Vote for Little Toy Guns
  39. Vote for Little Toy Guns on GAC
  40. Carrie Underwood vs. Austin Webb – The Showdown
  41. Vote for "Little Toy Guns" on CMT Hot 20 & Pure 12-Pack
  42. Vote For Carrie in the 2015 CMC Music Awards
  43. Vote for Carrie in the 2015 Taste of Country Awards
  44. VOTE for Carrie's #CUX1 for Album of the Year (The Boot)
  45. Carrie Underwood is up for Celebs Gone Good Poll (have until the 24th of December)
  46. Vote for Carrie: "Do Something" Charity Award!!!!
  47. Radio Voting and E-questing
  48. Carrie Featured in "Favorite Artist of 2014" Poll by Music Hub
  49. Vote for "Something In The Water" on GAC-TV
  50. Vote for SITW on ToC Top 10 Video Countdown
  51. Vote for SITW on CMT Top 20 & Pure 12 Pack
  52. People's Choice Awards 2015 - Determine the final nominees NOW!
  53. Country Weekly's Most Beautiful Woman 2014
  54. Carrie Underwood vs. Glen Campbell – The Showdown
  55. Carrie Underwood vs. Dierks Bentley – The Showdown
  56. Carrie Underwood vs. Brett Eldredge – The Showdown
  57. Carrie Underwood vs. Tyler Farr – The Showdown
  58. Josh Turner vs. Carrie Underwood – The Showdown
  59. Vote for Greatest Hits: Decade #1 for Music Hub's Most Anticipated Album!
  60. Scotty McCreery vs. Carrie Underwood – ToC Fan Football League, Semi-Finals
  61. Alan Jackson vs. Carrie Underwood – ToC Fan Football League, Round 2
  62. Vote For Carrie in Fantasy Fan Football League- Taste of Country!
  63. Vote for Somthin Bad on CMT - Cody Plays Top 5 After Midnite
  64. Vote for Carrie in the Nashville Toast of Music City poll for Best Local Celebrity
  65. Vote: Nashville Lifestyles 2014 Most Beautiful People in Music City
  66. Video Shootout: Somethin' Bad vs Young in America vs Meanwhile Back at Mama's
  67. Vote for 'Somethin' Bad' on GAC Top 20
  68. Vote for "Somethin' Bad" on ToC Top 10 Video Countdown
  69. Ultimate Song countdown--Need more submissions
  70. Vote for Somthin Bad on CMT Pure 12 Pack
  71. Vote for Somethin' Bad on CMT hot 20 countdown
  72. Taste of Country showdown: Idol Carrie Underwood and Miranda Lambert vs David Nail
  73. Taste of Country showdown: Idol Carrie Underwood and Miranda Lambert vs Jana Kramer
  74. Vote for Carrie to Headline Australian Country Festival in March 2015!
  75. ***CALLING ALL CARRIE FANS. CMT Awards VOTY voting
  76. 1st Annual CMCHATTY
  77. Christian Mediabase Request Thread
  78. BBMAs Poll: Which Performance Are You Most Excited for?
  79. Vote for Carrie in the 2014 Golden Boot Awards
  80. 2014 CMT Music Awards
  81. Time Magazine 2014 Reader's Poll
  82. Billboard Milestone Award
  83. GAC Poll: ACM FVOTY
  84. Country Cuties 2014: Vote for Idol Carrie Underwood
  85. Poll: The Boot - Vote for Carrie's "Two Black Cadillacs"
  86. Vote for Carrie Underwood Cover (RedBook magazine)
  87. CMT Social Hour (VOTE for Last Name)
  88. CMT Social Hour (VOTE for I Told you So)
  89. RS Best Single of 2013
  90. CMT Hot 20 Countdown
  91. GAC Top 20 Countdown
  92. CMT Social Hour (VOTE for Undo It)
  93. MAXIM: Hottest Women of 2014
  94. TOC Live Act Of The Year (Vote for Carrie)
  95. Poll: What Did You Think of Carrie Underwood’s Debut in ‘The Sound of Music Live’?
  96. Poll: What’s the Best Country Song About Faith?
  97. Vote for the Most Anticipated Album of December 2013
  98. toc semi finals artist of the year
  99. Who has the best CMA performace Voting Thread........
  100. GAC POll: Who do you think will win Female Vocalist?
  101. GAC: Top 50 Videos of 2013
  102. American Country Awards 2013: Vote for CARRIE UNDERWOOD now! (4 nominations)
  103. Carrie Underwood vs. the Band Perry – Hottest Country Star of 2013, Round 1
  104. People's Choice Awards--Voting begins Oct. 22nd
  105. American Music Awards--VOTE for Carrie!
  106. 2013 Country Weekly's Most Beautiful Woman
  107. Hot AC request thread for "See You Again"
  108. Important Poll: Please Vote For Carrie- v- Faith for the Better SNF Opening- EW Poll
  109. Poll: Who’s Your Favorite Female Country Vocalist?
  110. Help Moon WBKR choose who to nominate for CMA awards
  111. Important Poll: People Mag- Sound of Music Poll-- Please Vote!!!
  112. Vote "See You Again" Top 5 Countdown!
  113. The Boot: Who Is Your Favorite ‘American Idol’ Country Singer?
  114. Help Nominate Carrie For Women in Music Award- Billboard!
  115. U.S. Mediabase Request Thread - AC stations
  116. Canadian Mediabase Request Thread - country and AC stations
  117. Roughstock: Vote for Song of the Summer
  118. Help me request!
  119. Vote for See You Again on CMT and GAC Top 20
  120. ROUND 2: Who Is Your Favorite ‘American Idol’ Winner of All Time?
  121. Poll: Favorite American Idol Winner of All Time
  122. Best performances ever on AI
  123. CMT Social Hour Poll (VOTE Mama Song)
  124. People's Choice Poll: Which artist on tour is your favorite?
  125. On The Red Carpet Poll: Vote for Carrie -v- Faith for SNF Gig :)
  126. 2013 CMT Awards Voting Thread
  127. See You Again on New Country Rate The Music Poll: Please vote
  128. CMT Social Hour poll ( VOTE Good Girl)
  129. Tennessean Poll On Ag Gag Law: PLEASE VOTE !
  130. Best legs in Hollywood
  131. Taste of Country Showdown:Scotty McCreery Vs. Carrie Underwood
  132. The Boot: Vote For Carrie for Biggest ACM Snub & Best Dressed!
  133. GAC Poll for Favorite Female Artist for The ACM's
  134. Carrie Is LOSING To Toby Keith
  135. Final Round-K102 Poll for Biggest Country Star
  136. VOTE Carrie The Biggest Star In Country Music
  137. Country Cuties 2013
  138. Carrie Underwood Up For Biggest Star In Country Music
  139. Mediabase Canadian Country Request Thread
  140. Mediabase Country station request thread
  141. Week-long REQUESTING party...Carrie's bday!
  142. Ryan Seacrest - SEMI FINALS: Who’s Your Favorite Female Country Singer? Vote!
  143. CMT Social Hour - Vote for Blown Away
  144. People Mag Grammy Poll: Best Performance- Vote for Carie!
  145. People Mag Grammy Poll: Vote for Carrie!
  146. *ROUND 3!!!* PopDust best love song!
  147. Need help in requesting tbc
  148. GRAMMY OFFICIAL SITE VOTE! Important one- Please Vote for Carrie!!!!!!!!!!!!
  149. Most Anticipated 2013 Grammys Performance? – Readers Poll
  150. Vote for Carrie (10 Nominations) @ 2012 Pulse Music Awards
  151. *ROUND 2!* Greatest Love Song Tournament - PopDust
  152. Greatest Love Song Tournament - Popdust
  153. New Ryan Seacrest Poll: Vote for Favorite Female Country Singer!
  154. "Can't Stop Loving You" - Hot AC request thread
  155. Vote to Determine the Top 10 Videos of the Week in Taste of Country’s Countdown
  156. Taste of Country Bowl: Final Round: Vote every hour
  157. TBC now on CMT's new Hot 20 Countdown voting page
  158. Brazilian voting with Two Black Cadillacs!!! Vote Now!
  159. Taste of Country Bowl, Round 3 - Carrie vs. Eric Church
  160. TBC is now on the GAC Voting Page
  161. Vote for Reality TV’s Greatest Music Star of All-Time! Round1 unlimted voting
  162. We should get Carrie nominated for a Shorty Award!
  163. Carrie Underwood vs. Brad Paisley – Taste of Country Bowl 2013, Round 2
  164. Vote for Us CareBears on Ryan Seacrest New Poll: Best Fanbases! :)
  165. 6-Pack at 6
  166. Carrie vs. LBT - Taste of Country Bowl 2013
  167. South Florida Country Awards!
  168. CMC Australia Music Awards 2013
  169. ROUND 2 - RyanSeacrest.com -- VOTE - FAVORITE FEMALE ARTIST OF THE YEAR!!!!!!!
  170. VOTE - RyanSeacrest.com - VOTE FOR MOST VIEWED/FAVORITE VIDEO OF 2012
  171. FINAL ROUND: RyanSeacrest.com - FAVORITE ALBUM of 2012 (We made it - VOTE LIKE CRAZY)
  172. First Annual CFA's Final Ballot!
  173. TOC The Showdown: Carrie Underwood vs. Rascal Flatts
  174. TOC The Showdown: Carrie Underwood vs. Hayden Panettiere
  175. TOC The Showdown: Carrie Underwood vs. Toby Keith
  176. CMT Hot 20 Countdown Will Launch Jan. 5
  177. TOC The Showdown: Carrie Underwood vs. Jason Aldean
  178. Ryan Seacrest Queen of 2012 poll - VOTE!
  179. TOC: The Showdown - Lee Brice vs. Carrie Underwood
  180. Carrie Underwood - 4 nominations - World Music Awards 2012 (20 December)
  181. Billboard's Reader Poll: 2012's Best & Worst
  182. Kick It Or Pick It: Carrie Underwood Vs Dustin Lynch
  183. Taylor Swift or Carrie Underwood — Vote for Your Favorite Album of 2012
  184. Song of the Year – 2012 Taste of Country Awards
  185. 2012 Taste of Country Awards - Picture of the Year
  186. Carrie Underwood will play Maria in NBC's 'Sound of Music' remake (LA Times)
  187. Important: Vote for Carrie in Sound of Music Poll- Is She Right Choice for Role! :)
  188. Kick It Or Pick It: The Band Perry Vs. Carrie Underwood
  189. 1st Annual CFAs Round 1 voting!! (Carrie Fans Awards)
  190. Roughstock Fan Poll: The Best Country Albums of 2012 - VOTE BA
  191. Roughstock Fan Poll: The Best Country singles of 2012 (Carrie Mention)
  192. Vote for TBC in KMLE Music Poll
  193. Krty new music poll
  194. How Often can you VOTE
  195. Carrie NEEDS YOUR Vote To Beat Taylor Swift
  196. VOTE 'Love It' for TBC - KKYR (Kicker 102.5)
  197. CMA floral dress poll against (SURPRISE!)
  198. Entertainment Weekly Top Musician 2012
  199. VOTE - Carrie got 3 Nominations - People's Choice Awards
  200. Most Exciting 2013 Tour? – TOC Readers Poll
  201. GAC New Daily Poll
  202. Q106.5 Fresh Track of the Day: Carrie Underwood Follows up BA w/TBC
  203. VOTE - Who is the Hotest Woman in Country Music (93.1 WPOC)
  204. Vote for TbC in Bull Poll v Toby Keith!
  205. Vote for Carrie On Ask Men Hottest Women of 2012 Poll!!!
  206. Pop Dust Poll: Please Vote- Carrie Needs Help!!!
  207. TOC: Best Title Track of 2012 - VOTE for BA
  208. GAC: VOTE for Top 50 Videos of 2012 - GG & BA are both on list
  209. Who dressed best this week?
  210. Vote for Best Gangnam Style Dancing Among Various Celebs Listed
  211. TOC cma female vocalist
  212. GAC Poll: Who do you think should win the CMA top female vocalist award?
  213. New GAC's Daily Countdown
  214. Y108 Poll
  215. CMA award poll on cmt
  216. People's Choice Awards round 1 voting!
  217. Blown Away vs. Bruno Mars - Pop-off
  218. Country Weekly: Country's Most Beautiful Woman
  219. Award Show Voting Links
  220. CMT Social Hour poll - Blown Away
  221. TOC Best Storm song? poll
  222. Vote for Blown Away Video on VH1 Top 20 Countdown
  223. Voting For Blown Away Radio Polls
  224. 5 at 5 for Big 99.9
  225. Taste of Country Poll - Biggest News Story of the Week?
  226. 6-pack at 6
  227. Blown Away - Hot AC request thread
  228. Canada Country mediabase request thread
  229. Vote for Carrie in Portrait Mag's Top 30 Under 30!
  230. GRAMMY nominations will be announced Dec. 5 in Nashville.
  231. Ryan Seacrest Poll on Which Artist Glee Should Cover This Season
  232. Sexiest Female Country Music Star 2012
  233. MMTop20 - Vote For Blown Away!
  234. Sirius Country Radio Highway Patrol: Rate the ARTIST Poll
  235. Kick It or Pick It: Carrie Underwood vs. Taylor Swift
  236. Best Angry Break Up Song - Readers Poll
  237. Vote for Carrie to play Country Stampede
  238. Vote and Stream Blown Awayl on CMT Top 20 Countdown
  239. GAC Poll: Please Vote For Our Carrie
  240. Vh1 - Vote for Song of the Summer - Both Good Girl & Blown Away are on List
  241. Vote for Good Girl for Summer Theme Song - CMA Website
  242. [Malaysia Radio Station] MIX FM Top 40 & Top 1000 Variety Countdown
  243. KLAW Country Song Showdown Miranda Lambert vs Carrie Underwood
  244. Kick It or Pick It: Carrie Underwood vs. Eric Church
  245. Most Passionate Country Fans – Readers Poll
  246. Favorite Carrie Underwood Video - Readers Poll
  247. Voting & Streaming for "Blown Away" Video!
  248. Vote for "Blown Away" on the GAC Top 20 Countdown
  249. Rate the Music Has Added Blown Away to a New Country Poll! Please Vote :)
  250. best smile