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    Quote Originally Posted by teesharky View Post
    Agree! Also the steven tyler fans are saying aerosmiths new album has a country duet on it and they are speculating it is carrie! That makes sense based on carries hint in her blog about working with him. It could be more then the cmt xrossrds.
    THIS would be awesome....Would give so much more meaning to that "Hmmm...."

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    I would LOVE for Carrie to sing her new single at the Grammy's - they have to know that there are a lot of people waiting for her new single and it seems that they would want to capitalize on that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by teesharky;4243960[B
    ]True but taylor got to perform that crappy fairytale song whIch was not nominated for anything.[/B] So sometimes tgey do allow exceptions. Carrie is admittedly not as big a star as lady gaga butsge is definitely as big as taylor.
    Remember: Taylor was also one of the biggest/hottest artist that time during her "Fearless" era leading with 9 Grammy nominations (including the top 3 all genre categories) and winning 5. She had PLENTY of buzz with her album selling up to 6x-that's MORE than enough exposure and success to perform anything she wants with her slot.
    Carrie, of course is as big a STAR but her year has been relatively quiet with no single or album. Yes, Carrie is nominated in a category but so are many others-not everyone who's nominated gets to perform.
    I wish they'd make an exception for Carrie though because she's just the best, obviously

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