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    My 45rpm record on you tube

    After graduating from the University Of Maryland I became an employee of the Nestle Company, makers of Nestles Chocolate and Nescafe. Back in my home town Richard Haggerty was forming a men's chorus to sing barber shop harmony. Since I had been a member of the University Of Maryland Glee Club I was eager to join while still working at Nestles. Since I was an experienced coral singer Richard noticed how my voice stood out from the others and one evening after practice he asked me to stay so he could talk to me about something. He told me he was engaged by the owner of a new record label who was looking for a new artist to be the first vocalist on Rhapsody Records. Richard had me go to his home once a week where he played the piano for me as I sang a variety songs to make sure I could sing correctly.

    Then came the big day to make the recording. The recording session took place in New York City at the Steinway Recording Studio. They had a ten piece band and I remember the name of the violinist was Freddie Fradkin. They also had four backup singers who all belonged to a larger group of singers who sang on TV. After completing the recording the entire band applauded since this was the first time I made a professional record.

    I had pretty much forgotten about the recording until one day recently, something entirely unexpected happened to me.

    Just for fun, I would type my legal name on google to see if anything came up. But as Carrie who has great faith might say, someone put his hand on my shoulder and instructed me to type my nick name which I had never done before.

    What happened next startled me for there appeared on the computer screen Buddy Moraio I'll Never Forget You which is side one of my record.

    The grandson of the original Rhapsody Record label uploaded the record to You Tube and his name is Damian Sullivan where his image appears below the video.

    I nearly "fell out of my chair" when after all these years someone cared enough for my record to put it on You Tube.

    As a favor to me I'd like all you carrie fans to download the record as many times as you like so that the new number of downloads will explode causing the unsuspecting Damian Sullivan to "fall out of his chair." Go to your search engine and enter the following:
    Buddy Moraio
    It must show the date Nov 25, 20ll below the title to make the You Tube connection.

    Hope you like my record and Happy Downloading.

    Positive comments are welcome.

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