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    (Cheap) Raffle fundraiser (win $3,000!) supporting Healthy Futures for Kids

    I'm working a one-year job, ending in 4 weeks, for a Boys & Girls Club in South Dakota. Boys & Girls Clubs are nationwide after-school and summer programs focused on Academic Success, Character & Leadership, and Healthy Lifestyles to fulfill its mission to "inspire and enable all young people, especially those who need it most."

    The big project that will see the end of my term is an ATV Raffle called 'Your Ride, Our Future'.

    The prize for this Raffle is a new Arctic Cat 425 Special Edition ATV OR $3,000! (The winner picks which prize they want. If the ATV is chosen, the winner must transport it from Flandreau, SD so I figure the cash is more desirable).

    Tickets are only $30 and there will be only 500 sold. Not bad odds, especially if you buy more than one.

    Tickets are on sale until July 19th, so if you're interested, get one fast.

    Tickets can be purchased online here: Great Futures Start HereMoody County ATV Raffle
    Your stub will be mailed to you. Winner DOES NOT have to be present at the drawing to win.
    If you buy one, message me and let me know so I know who this reached! (smiley)

    I figure who better to help me out than Carrie Fans?


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