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Thread: Kelsea Ballerini 'kelsea' Era release date 3-20-20

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    Kelsea Ballerini 'kelsea' Era release date 3-20-20

    So Kelsea has a new song out!

    It’s very emotional, pretty, and catchy. I wonder though how it’ll do on radio because I find its subject matter very similar to Cry Pretty, although this one isn’t nearly as attention-grabbing, and of course Kelsea doesn’t have Carrie Underwood’s name. Still, I really am enjoying the song.
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    I was just thinking that it had a similar message to Cry Pretty but told in a different way. I am really enjoying this one from Kelsea. This is easily one of my favorites from her. I've been back and forth with her. The last album Legends was okay and I really liked Miss Me More but that was it.

    I feel this song trumps anything from that album so I hope the are other songs she's recording match this quality.

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    I made a few comments about this song on Twitter and thought I would share them here. Thematically, I do find it similar to CP, although as others have said, it might be the perspective from a different time in a woman's life - but still the same subject matter in my opinion. Obviously the production and music is quite a bit different from CP. I love CP and I really like Homecoming Queen. I would love for Kelsea to be the one that eventually takes the "crown" from Carrie as far as women in country music. I like that HQ sounds a little more country. However, it's also bittersweet, because although I wish success for Kelsea and would love to see HQ go #1 for her, it also makes me furious that CP didn't go #1 for Carrie when it is such an amazing song and was the perfect song for her to transition from some rough times into a new era both musically and in her personal life. Anyway, I like Kelsea and frequently streamed both of her first two albums, so I am looking forward to this new one as well. I like her music and I think she seems to have a very sweet personality as well.

    Also, forgot to mention that I actually watched the music video for HQ on mute, because I was at work and I was still tearing up when Kelsea started to cry in it. Very touching video. And I really wish that Carrie would start doing that - releasing the single and video the same day. I don't think she ever will, but I wish she would.
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    I like it and can see the similarities too. My preference is Cry Pretty and the words for Cry Pretty are more piercingly intense but Kelseas popularity will likely see her scoot to number 1 with hers
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    The first few seconds of the video (and even the percussion in the opening music, which I think is untypical of the lighter accompaniment in the rest of the song) definitely put me in mind of "Cry Pretty". Given the fact that Kelsea acknowledges Carrie's influence on her own development as an artist - and is probably one of the strongest admirer sof her personally, among the next wave of artists prominent in the genre, I think it's possible that that opening passage was intended as a "homage" to the earlier song. (Such "homage" tributes have long been common when there is a longer time interval between the songs - but I've also noticed a tendency, for the female artists especially, to include such "nods" of recognition even in their contemporary work. Usually, these only involve brief references in the song - and they may be connected with the desire to show solidarity. I see nothing at all wrong with such "nods".) I'm not saying that that is the case here - as I have no evidence - but I think it is at least possible.

    After that brief opening passage, I think the songs are actually pretty different. Thematically, Carrie's song focused on the tension between an entertainer's public performance and her personal feelings. But after the opening shot of the dressing room door, I don't really feel that Kelsea's song is focusing on the entertainment world at all. As the title implies, it's about a Homecoming Queen, of school or college age, having to dance and put on her prom queen dresses, regardless of feelings. Obviously, there is a general parallel between the themes - but they come from a different perspective and a different context, and (as has already been pointed out) are probably intended to focus on a mainly different age group audience. I think the new song is able to - and deserves too - stand on it's own terms, exploring a the effects of a a different sort of peer group pressures (which I'm sure are very real to quite a few girls in those circumstances).

    Musically, they are very different. "Cry Pretty", in my view, is not only a strong standard bearer for the album - but also a strong illustration of Carrie's musical philosophy - which her co-production role probably gave her a full opportunity to express. She uses a very traditional, waltz time, motif in the early choruses- something today's Mainstream has largely abandoned, to evoke a deep genre feel, and combines that with a very progressive musical development in the song's concluding section, to express the chaos of emotion in a very innovative way. By contrast, I think "Homecoming Queen" is delivery-driven, depending strongly on the interplay between the lyric and the feelings of the singer - with the music playing less of a foreground role. It's mainly a lighter, tinkling refrain, very much in sympathy with the singer, and providing the listener with a less obtrusive background. In my view, it's a good example of the more melodic line of Contemporary Country, neither dipping too far into the genre's history, not taking the listener very far in terms of innovative musical progression. Both work well - but in different ways, to suit what I feel are basically different songs.

    Kelsea's song is, in my view, an interesting one, in both topic and delivery. She's been involved throughout her career in the writing of virtually all her repertoire. and co-wrote this one with Nicolle Galyon and Jimmy Robbins , two successfull hit makers, who've quite often collaborated together.
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    Homecoming queen is alright, not sure how it would do on radio tbh. Kelsea just reminds me so much of the old Taylor...which is fine cuz I loved the old Taylor.

    Also I really hope Carrie is featured on this album! I know Kelsea is a huge fan and it would make sense for them to do a song together... it would be amazing
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    Kelsea Ballerini ‘kelsea’ album era

    So nobody is posting this yet but Kelsea Ballerini is releasing a new album on 3/20/20 called kelsea.

    The lead single:
    homecoming queen?

    Other singles:
    la (newest single)

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    Oops I didn’t know that someone posted something about this topic already.


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