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Thread: Tanya Tucker: "While I'm Livin' " era

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    Tanya Tucker: "While I'm Livin' " era

    Tanya Tucker is releasing her first new music since 2002 - an album jointly produced by Brandi Carlile and Shooter Jennings , due in late August.

    Tanya is one of my musical heroines - and many of her songs are burnt into my heart and my memory - so this release will be one I'm eagerly awaiting!. For those who may not be familiar with her career, she broke through at the age of 13, with her first hit, the much covered "Delta Dawn" (which I've heard Carrie sing, and which Miranda named her smallest dog after). She quickly became a sensation, with songs like "What's Your Mama's Name?", "Blood Red and Going Down", and "Would You Lay With Me in a Field of Stone", that had strong themes, especially when chosen by such a young performer. The last named, in particular, which refers to a strong love lasting until the grave, was written by David Allan Coe (said to be for his brother's wedding vows), and can be seen as a forerunner of Tanya's later association with the Outlaw Country scene. Her teenage hits led to an early fame that proved difficult to handle, and led to her media nickname of "Nashville's wild child", with periods of substance abuse, and controversial relationships with older stars. Her music was also seen as increasingly unconventional by many in the Mainstream industry, especially after choosing California to make her powerful Country Rock album, TnT. It's hard to deny that this album had both a stylistic influence, and a liberating effect, on the mixed styles adopted by younger female singers - not least Carrie and Miranda, both of whom Tanya has praised for their work.

    Brandi Carlile is another of my musical heroines, so I'm delighted that she has co-produced Tanya's new album, together with Waylon Jennings and Jessi Colter's son, Shooter. Brandi also co-wrote most (all?) of the new songs on the album, together with her twin guitarists, Tim and Phil Hanseroth. Besides the new songs, it will also include three covers Waylon Jennigs' "High Riding Heroes" (a song that evokes the feelings of someone growing old); Miranda Lambert's "The House That Built Me" (a song that evokes childhood memories to compensate for the alienation often felt in the world today); and Josefus's "Hard Luck" (perhaps a more surprising choice, but providing a link with Tanya's Country Rock days).

    One song - "The Wheels of Laredo", written by Brandi and the Twins - has been released in advance . Opinions on it, of course, may differ, but, to me, it is amazing. Three aspects immediately stand out - the musical style, which is very much my scene; Tanya's great gift in expressing the mood of a song; and the topical message that can be read into the story line - the contrast between the flames that people are fleeing South of the border, and the security symbolized by the church bells in Laredo, marred by the hint of the round up of immigrants in Guadalupe Market Square.

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    Looking forward to this release.
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     Soooo excited!!!! Love me some Tanya Tucker 

    Thanks for posting this FarawayHills.
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    This is the full tracklist:

    1. Mustang Ridge *
    2 The Wheels of Laredo *
    3. I Don't Owe You Anything *
    4. The Day My Heart Goes Still *
    5. High Ridin' Heroes (David Lynn Jones)
    6. The House That Built Me (Tom Douglas, Allen Shamblin)
    7. Hard Luck (John C "Pete" Bailey, David Lee Mitchell, Raymond L. Turner, Jerry Ontiberoz)
    8. Rich *
    9. Seminole Wind Calling *
    10. Bring My Flowers Now * *

    * all songs, except the 3 covers, written by Brandi Carlile, Phil Hanseroth, & Tim Hanseroth. ** the closing track co-written by them, with Tanya herself

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    I have always read about her in different articles since I started exploring country music in 2007. She has often been referred to when writers talk about women in the genre. I never really explored her music despite having known about her so much (also because I used to be very skeptical exploring older country music, thinking I won't like it). "Delta Dawn" is the first song I have heard by her when I watched the CMT Awards and I definitely love the song. "The Wheels of Laredo" is the second song I have heard and I really like the vibe. I think I shall explore more of her music and her legacy.

    Thanks for the brief write-up Faraway.
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    I always enjoyed Tanya's music.... She really had some great songs that spanned through the years..... She is in my league of those singers with a unique style voice.... I loved her raspy, yet sultry style that she had..... She went through hard times, but came out and had some success again after it........ I look forward to hearing this new CD..... I like " Wheels of Laredo"
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