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Thread: Who is your favorite artist in music besides Carrie

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    Who is your favorite artist in music besides Carrie

    Why is he/she your favorite? What song/s do you think best reflect why you love their music? It doesn't matter what genre.

    I just love her soft singing. Like how her first cd was piano drive then Aventine (2nd cd) had piano with more dominate string instruments and 3rd one Citizen Of Glass is popish mixed with piano and strings. Piano and strings is still prominent in some songs. Her writing and producing that she does by herself a lot is so incredible! Her lyrics are so strong. She is like poet who writes in such interesting way. Like her concepts like for example Citizen Of Glass is using Glass reflect fragility, transparency and letting in light with some dark themes. She is just so incredibly talented.
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    Shania Twain is my other favorite ❤️

    Iíve absolutely LOVED Shania for as long as I can remember. I love her voice, I love her music, I love her style; she was so groundbreaking and forever changed the landscape of country music for everybody. Her songs (especially from Come on Over and Up!) are so lighthearted and fun, and thereís really nobody else like her.
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    Thanks for starting this thread!

    This music has been my abiding passion - and the female singers, in particular, have that gift of seizing the emotions and touching the heart. There've been so many favourites that it seems invidious to pick one (the music is like a tapestry that so many contribute to, with changing moods and textures!). But these three stand out for me, in a particularly special way.

    Over the long term, it's been Emmylou who's had such a big influence on my feelings, through my life - the heartbreak of "Boulder to Birmingham", the tender passion of "Together Again", the energy of "Luxury Liner", to name just a few. Her first two bands, the Hot Band, and the Nash Ramblers, gave such memorable performances - "Live, at the Ryman", is a fantastic album, and "Walls of Time" is a song that could well be played to send me to rest, when my time comes!
    And I admire the fact that, when radio and the award shows seemed to tire of her, she had the courage and creativity to reinvent her sound, and came out with some of her best work,such as "Wrecking Ball" and "Deeper Well"

    Of the contemporary artists of today, it's Miranda who holds a very special place for me. Her emotional insight is something that stands out from the very beginning. I have her rare 2001 album, "Miranda Lambert", and it was already evident that she had a special talent for expressing feelings - for example, in lines like these, solo written in her teens:
    "Lately I've seen your leaving in your eyes
    So nothing you can say will come as a surprise
    I'll tell my heart that it didn't cause it to break
    And I'll tell my life that I'm the one who made the mistake
    And I'll tell my eyes they don't need to cry one tear
    Go on, and leave my lying here"

    Much of her work reflects her Outlaw Country Rock influences, but it's her slower numbers that especially touch me - her voice is so good at combining a fragile vulnerability with a realism and understanding that accepts life for what it brings. And in the remarkable "The Weight of These Wings", a treasure trove of changing moods, she reminded me of what Emmylou achieved with "Wrecking Ball".

    Finally, among the many artists who are deservedly breaking through more recently, I'll give a special mention to Courtney Marie Andrews - an artist whose voice and powerful presence can make any room a major stage. If you don't know her, this is the title track of her current album:

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    I like a number of singers, but my favorite is Garth Brooks. I've loved his music since I was a little kid. He just puts so much energy, passion and emotion into his songs. I have every album he's ever released. In addition, he is an amazing showman. I saw him at Texas Stadium in Irving, Texas in 1993 and he just blew me away. I guarantee you, today's country acts owe him a lot of credit for what he's done. Before Garth, most country acts just stood in front of the mic and sang. But he mixed the theatrics of a rock concert with the raw emotion of country and the result was country's biggest growth in audience, record sales and more.

    As for more traditonal acts, my favorite is George Strait. He is a living legend who never changed his style, scoring hit after hit over a 30-plus year career. His 2006 Hall of Fame induction was well deserved, and he still scored hits after that. He may have stopped touring five years ago, but I listened to his new album on YouTube recently, and the King still has it.
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    ELVIS. Bar none. Seen both lives & Carrie & King only two artist to constantly give me chills!
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