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Thread: Another CMA controversy

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    Another CMA controversy

    (I hope this post will not prove too divisive, in a large mixed fan base - that's not my intention, as I believe it touches on a significant issue within the genre - but the moderators can close the thread if they consider it necessary)

    The CMA briefly appointed Gov Mike Huckabee as a board member of their Education Foundation (not of the main CMA Board, as many on social media seem to have assumed). He does, in fact, have some supporting qualifications for that role - he's an instrumentalist, who plays electric bass, and he was an advocate of more arts provision in schools when Governor of Arkansas. However, it is his political and social views which have led to a tide of objections. In the face of opposition - both within the industry, and from fans on-line - he has resigned from the post, less than one day after the appointment.

    The opposition to his appointment seems to have focused primarily on his outspoken opposition to the recognition of same-sex families, in an industry where people openly acknowledging their orientation, and their artist supporters, play an increasingly prominent part; and to his support for the National Rifle Association, currently embroiled in what is arguably the most sensitive issue of current concern. Jason Owen, co-president of Monument Records and owner of Sandbox Entertainment, who is raising a child with his husband, was the most outspoken critic of the appointment, and it is rumoured that Karen Fairchild, of Little Big Town, was on the point of resigning from the CMA's main board in protest.

    This controversy also recalls the arguably less serious row over the CMA's recent attempt to ban political questions from its awards red carpet - a decision that was also quickly rescinded after an outbreak of criticism. I think both reflect the growing gulf between elements in a traditionally conservative establishment and the more diverse opinions of many of its current personnel and fans.
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    I had not heard he already resigned. I think this next year award show Carrie and Brad may need to stay away from politics.

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    Mike Huckabee is & always has been a moron. Adios....
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