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    Holly Wiliimas New Cd Era

    See Holly Williams Yearn for the Stable Life in 'Settle Down' - Rolling Stone

    The Williams family isn't exactly known as homebodies Hank Williams famously embodied the spirit of the wandering artist barreling down that "Lost Highway," and he bred children and grandchildren who held up the travelling troubadour tradition. But for her contribution to Dave Cobb's Southern Family compilation, Holly Williams chose not to talk about her famous grandpa, or her love for the road. Instead, on "Settle Down," she sings about taking a minute to leave all that behind and establish a home with the family you make, not the one you're born with.

    See Rich Robinson's Gospel Prayer 'The Way Home'
    Black Crowes guitarist teams up with gospel choir the Settles Connection for Dave Cobb's concept album

    In the video premiering today, Williams and her husband, songwriter Chris Coleman, chant face to face to a haunting folk melody that praises the beauty of the quiet life, especially after years of long tours and longer nights. Even if it's a vision that can only live in her wandering dreams.

    Williams has been spending a little more time at home than usual, as she and Coleman just welcomed their second child earlier in the month. But that won't keep her settled down for long: she plans to record her next album, a follow-up to 2013's The Highway, with Cobb has her producer.

    Southern Family, available now, also features performances by Miranda Lambert, Brandy Clark, Anderson East, John Paul White, Rich Robinson and Brent Cobb.


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