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Thread: Taylor Swift's 6th album era

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    [QUOTE=pklongbeach;4745730]It sounds very much like one of those "in studio" writes where you get a beat submitted and start playing with it in the sequencer and just start riffing off it. With just a little time and a few clever lines you have a song...... Not the most creative or artistic way to create something special or unique. But that is how a lot of music is getting made today. Not really sure what some of Taylors favorite ways to write are these days. I know she used to do it on her own with just a guitar and a recorder. Not sure now.

    If that is how she is now writing that would be explain why in my opinion her writing has regressed. There used to something special about her that just seemed to go away when she went completly pop.

    I respect the old Taylor the new Taylor not so much.
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    One difference in the writing that I am detecting that would be a result of a change in writing style is that when she was young and working with Liz Rose to polish her thoughts and melodies, it felt that every word and phrase was specifically placed and thoughtfully set so that the stories and ideas would be very clear and satisfying. Now you have what so much "in studio" material has which is strips of phrasing and melody and a few clever lines that are just repeated again and again in order and out of order so that you have a very formulated progression that comes to an obvious end. This is all sequenced and formatted into a computer and you just hit "play" and then riff over the top of it. Record it. And for many recording artists, that is the whole process. It ends up with a very thin creative piece.

    You would never get White Horse, Our Song or Love Story writing this way. And I don't believe she is ever going to get back to that level of creativity again.
    Now days her creativity has moved over to the studio experience. That's not a bad thing or a judgement. You can call it growth and progression in her creative process. And that is fine. But again, you are not going to get the well designed songs of her past that way......
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    (We were talking about the influence of Liz Rose in Carrie's album thread - but, if Taylor's fans will forgive me, I'll make this point here, rather than there, to avoid too much digression)

    This is Caitlin Rose, Liz's daughter, in 2011, singing one of her own songs, which brought her to the attention of Country fans over here:

    I'm posting it because I think it's a great example of what I mean when I use the expression "Progressive Roots" - the use of modern music which still pays homage to the genre's historic development. The style is arguably too gentle for Carrie's trademark hits - but I'd still like Carrie to explore something along this general line on an album track. (And if Liz Rose had managed to inspire similar work in another teenage singer, I might have been a staunch TS fan today!)

    (And by the way, playing steel in that video is our home grown boy, Spencer Cullum Jr, who also played on "Something Bad", and was one of the close knit band who helped Miranda develop TWOTW in near secrecy in Eric Masse's East Nashville studio)

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    Don't care for "Ready For It" too much. I'm hoping at least half the songs are not in this vain of songwriting on Reputation. Do you think she might release more songs like some people have done? If so I hope its at least one more song that's at least pretty good. I did like songs on 1989 (didn't like Shake It Off) so I'm hoping this is same situation.
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