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    Ariana Grande - Dangerous Woman Era

    Ariana Grande has released the lead single from her upcoming third album, Dangerous Woman:

    I like it. I think it is better than Focus and will perform better than Focus.

    Even though Ariana has a tendency to be a total diva, I think she has a stellar voice, and I have thoroughly enjoyed her first two albums and can't wait for this one. What do you guys think about her?

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    Concert Stars's finally here! I must say that I think that it's her most cohesive album so far. I really love Moonlight, Into You, Greedy, and Everyday, but I'm not sure what the singles are gonna look like down the road.

    Predictions are forecasting that she will miss the top spot because of Drake's still massive streaming, but hopefully she at least pulls out ahead of Blake for the number 2 spot.

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    ^I like the album, too, and I've never been a big Ariana fan. But I love the four you mentioned, plus Dangerous Woman, Touch It and Leave Me Lonely.

    Edit: And Thinkin' 'Bout You!!!


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