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    Corb Lund ~ "Things That Can't be Undone" era

    One reason for posting this new album release is that Corb's statement of principle about it struck me as rather similar to what Carrie might feel about her own new album:

    "And while fans won't be disappointed with the new set of songs, they should know by now that Lund is always looking for ways to implement new twists to his classic alt-country sound. "I would like to think it's a healthy balance of pushing our stylistic boundaries and pushing our audience's ears, but keeping it familiar enough so that they're not totally alienated," Lund said in a press release. "I think I've trained them by now to expect different things."

    Another reason might be that Corb provides an alternative to the feel good party songs that predominate in much of the male songs on Mainstream radio. Yes, he does push the "twang rock" in new twists - but basically his steady narration and thought provoking story lines give the album a traditional feel that keeps it firmly rooted.

    The album will be released on Oct 9th, but New West are allowing a full stream in advance:
    Corb Lund 'Things That Can't Be Undone' (album stream)

    Highlights include the title track, in which a man in prison expresses regret for a gun killing;
    "Alice Eyes", a gentle love song, turning into the pain of eventual loss;
    "Sadr City", a sodier's disillusion with war in Iraq (Corb's war songs have earlier been commended for their thorough research)
    "Washed-up Rock Star's Factory Blues", a new satirical take on the favourite Outlaw "stick it to the man" theme, in which a failing singer has to go back to the day job he rejected.
    "S Lazy H", a poignant lament for the passing of a traditional way of life, in the face of family disagreement over the land.


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