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    Rebecca & Megan Lovell - a 20 min concert some of you may like!

    My girls, the sisters who make up the Progressive Roots duo called "Larkin Poe" (after an ancestor of theirs) have performed on Mountain Stage, and NPR have the audio posted.

    Rebecca plays mandolin and guitar, and Megan plays reso steel (or "dobro"). They appear here with a strong rhythm support. I strongly recommend a listen, for anyone into eclectic modern Roots music.

    Larkin Poe On Mountain Stage : NPR

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    In my opinion, this is Larkin Poe's best song

    Rebecca and Megan Lovell were members of the bluegrass band Lovell Sisters, but Larkin Poe seem not to be a country or bluegrass duo.

    5 questions for Farawayhills:
    - What is Larkin Poe's genre in your opinion?
    - Are there any country and bluegrass influences on Larkin Poe's musical style?
    - Can Larkin Poe's "Long Hard Fall" be considered a bluegrass song?
    - Is Americana considered a genre or a collection of various genres?
    - Is Americana a part of country music?


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