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    What songs do you think show Miranda writing talent?

    Her solo cds

    Two Rings Shy, More Like Her, Hard Staying Sober, Another Sunday In The South, Love Song, Dear Diamond, Bathroom Sink
    White Liar, Virginia Bluebell, Gravity Is A B****, Holding On To You, Down, Two Rings Shy, Love Is Looking For You, Love Letters, Gun Powder And Lead, Desperation, Heart Like Mine, Maintain The Pain, Bring Me Down, Makin Plans, Greyhound Bound To Nowhere, Easy Livin, Desperation, Me And Charlie Talking , I Wanna Die, Safe, There's A Wall, Love Your Memory, Bathroom Sink, Holding On To You

    Pistol Annies

    Trailer For Rent, Family Fued, Beige, Hush Hush, I Fell A Sin Comin On, Blues Your A Buzz Kill, Dont Talk About Him Tina, Dear Sobriety, Damn Thing, Unhappily Married, Being Pretty Aint Pretty.


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