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Thread: Holly & Hilary Williams

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    Holly & Hilary Williams

    Hank's grand-daughters are both singer-songwriters. Today is the ninth anniversary of the very serious car accident they suffered while attending their grandmother's funeral in Louisiana. The crash nearly ended their own lives, but thankfully both survived their injuries. In this video they talk about the accident, and Hilary describes the "near death experience", where she felt she had visions of people who had passed away. She was the more severely injured, and had to undergo more than 20 surgeries, and defy expectations that she might be permanently disabled..

    Both sisters have written inspirational songs about the events surrounding the crash, including Holly's "Without Jesus Here With Me", and Hillary's "Sign of Life".
    Holly is the better-known singer, with three albums, including "The Highway", which featured on several critical lists as one of the top five Country albums last year.

    Hilary is so far less established in public notice, but she has an EP available on i-tunes, which her sister tweeted about today

    Videos of Holly's songs have been posted before in various threads, but if you'd also like to see one of Hillary's, this is a link:
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    That's scary. I'm glad they survived and are doing well. Rip their Grandma.

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    I like Holly and since The Highway was released in 2013, I have been keeping my eyes peeled to see if she will be releasing a new album soon. Fingers crossed. I knew of the accident b/c of "Without Jesus Here With Me". I didn't know Holly's sister was involved in the business at all. I'm glad they both survived and Hillary was able to beat the odds. Thanks for the post.


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