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Thread: Pistol Annies fans 10 favorite songs.

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    An interview of Ashley Monroe with the Rollings Stones where she talks about the Pistol Annies.

    Monroe and Lambert formed the Pistol Annies while smoking pot after a camping trip.
    “Her and I hung out all the time back then,” says Monroe, who remembers taking a camping trip in Lambert’s Airstream trailer sometime back in 2011. After logging a day or two in the outdoors, the two headed to Lambert’s then-home in Oklahoma, where they spent an evening watching TV and listening to Angaleena Presley’s music. Lambert, who’d never heard Presley before, was impressed. Around midnight, they decided to call Presley and propose the idea of forming a band together. “She was like, ‘Why are y’all calling me up at midnight?'” Monroe remembers, laughing. “Miranda was like, ‘Do you wanna be in a band with us?’ And [Angaleena]’s like, ‘Y’all high?’ And we were like, ‘Yes, but we still want to be a band.'”

    The secret to the Pistol Annies’ success? A genuine appreciation for one another’s opinion, as well as a lot of mutual respect.
    “This [upcoming Annies] record more than ever, we are just in constant communication about the music,” explains Monroe. “All three of us have very distinctive sounds, but we’re all fans of each other. I like it when Angaleena is like, ‘I have a production idea,’ because I’m gonna like it and it’s gonna be different. We all really do equally contribute.”

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    Although no actual date is specified (and we've had experience of Sony stalling releases before), Billboard have confirmed that the new Pistol Annies' album is due for release in "late Fall".

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    Angaleena played the Long Road Festival (the one Carrie was due to headline, but sadly had to miss, due to her illness in Germany). She gave this interview to Lyric magazine - and it's well worth a read, as she's at her lovable best, which has made her such a fan favoourite over here. (I particularly liked her comment about Outlaw Country
    "we’re actually the ‘in-laws’ of Country music! (laughter) We’re like the grannies, uncles and aunts of Country music even though the market and the charts says that we’re outlaws." Lol)

    LYRICinterviews: Angaleena Presley On Her Love For The UK, Being Wrangled And New Music From The Pistol Annies | Lyric Magazine

    I think her "my lips are sealed" answer about a UK tour for the Pistol Annies, followed by obvious laughter, can be taken as a pretty good hint (There've been other rumours too). Reconciling three different labels, three different management structures, and solo career promotional paths can't be taken for granted - but it seems clear they do want it to happen!
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