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Thread: All Music Guide's "Best of 2014"

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    All Music Guide's "Best of 2014"

    The large and widely quoted recorded music reference site "All Music Guide" have published their lists of Best Albums of 2014

    This is the all-genre album listing:
    AllMusic Best of 2014 | AllMusic 2014 in Review

    Four Country albums made this group (and I think they are all worthy choices, which I would have picked):
    Angaleena Presley: "American Middle Class"
    Lee Ann Womack: "The Way I'm Livin'"
    Miranda Lambert: "Platinum"
    Sturgill Simpson: "Meta-modern Sounds in Country Music."

    (Three of those choices involve women artists - repeating a trend also seen in several of last year's top critical lists, and underlining the variance from the radio playlists. Interestingly, two of the choices this year were produced by Frank Lidell)

    I can't claim to listen to much Pop Music, but I was pleased to see that my top Pop choice also made the all-genre list:
    Jenny Lewis: "The Voyager"

    In addition to the overall list, they also publish lists of their favourite choices in specific genres. This is their Country listing:
    Favorite Country Albums | AllMusic 2014 in Review

    And their Folk Listing (which overlaps considerably with Roots music, including Bluegrass acts like Chatham County Line, and singer-songwriters like Mary Gauthier and Eliza Glikyson):
    Favorite Folk Albums | AllMusic 2014 in Review
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    I'm glad Miranda made the list! And I'm a big Angaleena fan too <3 Other than that, I'm not a particular fan of any of the other albums, but I'm hardly hip with music!

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    Lee Ann Womack's new CD is amazing. Glad it is getting noticed. I really didn't listen to her (besides I Hope You Dance) until I heard Last Call on the radio. I haven't had the chance to listen to Angaleena's new album yet.

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    I went and listened to Last Call, and it really is good! Ive never been a fan, not even of I Hope You Dance, but it is undeniably good.
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