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    Ed Sheeran - X (Multiply) Era

    Absolutely obsessed with this album. And Ed in general. He's been on my list of artists to listen to for a long time, and I finally listened to + recently. In love with his music.

    So far on X my favourite songs are "Don't," "Photograph," "I'm a Mess," and "Afire Love". I highly recommend you guys check out this live performance of his in Dublin. Trust me, it's worth the 88 minutes. It's literally just him on stage - he doesn't have a band, he records things live on stage on a "loop pedal" to make the sound bigger. Crazy talented kid. At least watch the first song, and you'll see what I mean.

    (PS - I'm gutted that the one time I'm in the UK - this September - he's busy touring North America. lol. Just my luck!)


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