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    Shah - Today (EP)

    I know country + rap = crap *cough*FloridaGeorgiaLine*cough* but I do enjoy some rap songs
    This is a new artist from my city, I think he's gonna be the next big thing like Drake (and stay away from "crap")

    Shah is an emerging recording artist whose sound has broken free from the constraints of modern hip-hop. His debut EP is an expression of triumph and growth; a monument to self-expression and youthful defiance. Shah’s distinct style is created through a combination of his confidence-saturated and bass-heavy voice, with production samples ranging from orchestral to electronic. Despite his refusal to compromise his music for the sake of broader appeal, the demo has been praised locally and abroad. A member of his production team stated, “We were able to attract talent from all over the globe just based on Shah's music. As soon as anyone heard his tracks, they wanted in. It wasn’t long before we realized we had built something special.”

    Shah’s story begins like that of so many other rappers on their rise to fame. A defiant adolescent, raised in a forgotten neighborhood, he lost some of his closest friends to violence. It does not take long, however, for the similarities to end. The same boy, expelled from high school, would graduate from medical school and travel the world several times over. The same boy, who had constant run-ins with the law, would go on to create an international non-profit organization.

    In spite of the success Shah has already achieved in fields such as finance, sports, and medicine, he describes music as his only true calling. His story will compel you, but it is his music that will addict you. In Shah’s words, “This is just day one.”
    shah day one 1.jpg


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