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Thread: Sunny Sweeney: "Provoked Era"

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    Sunny Sweeney: "Provoked Era"

    Sunny's third album, to be called "Provoked", will be released on Aug 5th

    After mixed fortunes, working with Big Machine and Republic, Sunny is returning to an Independent release, through Thirty Tigers, partly financed by fan pledges. She will donate some of the proceeds to a charity supporting abused and neglected children.

    Nearly all the tracks (a few of which have already been heard by fans) are co-written by Sunny, with collaboration from a number of acclaimed writers, including Natalie Hemby, Brandy Clark, Ashley Monroe, Angaleena Presley, and "Song of the Year" writer Connie Harrington.

    This is the track list , thanks to Jason Scott:, ("gaycarebear")
    Sunny Sweeney to make a comeback with new album 'Provoked' - National Country Music |

    1. "You Don't Know your Husband" (Sunny Sweeney/Angaleena Presley/Mark D. Sanders)
    2. "Bad Girl Phase" (Brandy Clark/Jessie Jo Dillion/Shannon Wright)
    3. "Second Guessing" (Sunny Sweeney/Natalie Hemby)
    4. "Carolina on the Line" (Sunny Sweeney/Brett Warren/Brad Warren/Lance Miller)
    5. "Find Me" (Sunny Sweeney/Buddy Owens/Jay Clementi)
    6. "Can't Let Go" (Randy Weeks)
    7. "Front Row Seats" (Sunny Sweeney/Lance Miller/Brett Warren/Brad Warren)
    8. "My Bed" (Sunny Sweeney/Angaleena Presley/Ashley Monroe)
    9. "Uninvited" (Sunny Sweeney/Natalie Hemby)
    10. "Sunday Dress" (Sunny Sweeney/Monty Holmes/Buddy Owens)
    11. "Used Cars” (Sunny Sweeney/Natalie Hemby)
    12. "Backhanded Compliment" (Sunny Sweeney/Natalie Hemby)
    13. "Everybody Else Can Kiss My Ass" (Sunny Sweeney/Brett Beavers/Connie Harrington)
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    Thanks for posting. Adore Sunny.

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    She is a great example of being extremely talented but doesn't have the ability to attract fans for whatever reason.


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