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Thread: Interesting article on auto tuning

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    Interesting article on auto tuning

    This is an older article (so you won't see any mention of Carrie) - but I recently came across it, and thought it was interesting, as a historical survey of the tussle in Country Music between the more raw-edged emphasis on "organic" interpretations, and the demand for "pitch perfect" vocals and instrumentals, as the sophistication of recording increased.
    In the case of the latter demand, for example, encouraged by Owen Bradley in his desire to make the "Nashville Sound" a commercial alternative to Pop, some artists sought to achieve perfection by numerous run throughs and takes. More recently, others have used computer technology to "improve" their pitch automatically.

    The article surveys the scene up to 2004 (just before Carrie's remarkable breakthrough as a vocalist). But it's still interesting, as it names names among the artists of that era who "do" and "don't'" use technological correction.

    Pro Tools | Features | Nashville Scene
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    Thanks for posting.

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    Interesting article on auto tuning

    Interesting read, thanks Faraway.

    I hate the use of Autotune for effect, and I don't truly see the harm in using it in the studio if the artist feels like it speeds up the process or whatnot.

    I guess my biggest issue with it has to do with the perception of the artists who use it.
    Artists like Rascal Flatts and Sara Evans might have pitch issues, but comparing them to artists like Martina and Trisha isn't justified, either.
    Unless you're there during the recording process, you don't know why the artist chose to use it, and it could also imply said artist has no talent to back it up.

    I really despise the idea of using it in a live setting, though.

    But obviously there are countless other reasons why one act might make it and another won't; to judge talent based on limited vocal ability or the fact that said artist must use Protools because they can't nail vocals like Martina or Carrie is reaching.

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    There has always been horrible singers, only difference is that now all recordings sound good, instead of letting the bad ones stretching through what should have been a very good song on record.
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    For me it still goes back to an individual bringing their individuality to the table.
    Auto-tune washes that away.

    And as some of us believe a truly gifted singer uses their strengths and weaknesses to their advantage. cheating in the studio just hides the need for an artist to work and struggle or their art.

    A great saxaphone player can not be so lazy in the studio as to say "just use that machine, I don't wanna keep trying to get that passage right!". What an incredible insult to the artform.

    Sorry recording artists, you don't get a free pass from me with the argument "its just easier and quicker this way". IF you want quicker and easier, throw a poptart in the toaster!

    (I am abit put off using names like Clines to support the idea that it "would have been easier". Van Gogh painted the same scenes over and over and over on top of themselves until he felt he "got it right"! Art does not have to mean getting it perfect everytime. Art comes in the effort and expression. INTENTION! That is everything.)

    But at the nd of the day for me it boils down to what Tee always says, and I agree with: There is nothing wrong with expecting singers to be able to sing on PITCH!

    I would never argue the artistry of someone who is a good vocalist even if their pitch slips and dips. As long as it becomes apart of their expressive process. With many it does not. It is just a distraction.

    TS is a good example of this. There was a time where her terrible pitch problems were a real issue. But it seems that with effort and awareness, she is learning how to write music to assist that problem and also learning to sing in a way that minimizes its distracting effects. And she is manageing to do fairly well with that. (not in her recordings of course, they are completely altered!!)

    Point is, if your natural voice is one like sara Evans that tends to "stray" but is still very natural attractive sounding, than work hard to address it. There are lots of ways to do that.
    But auto-tuning is cheap, cheating, and distroys the artistic result of the singer.

    Now, arguing that a producer or engineer or dj using it to create a perfect "recording" that is alittle different. They are creating art also. And if their ginius is in creating the "perfect sound" than we can argue that they deserve artistic credit for accomplishing that. But that would be a deeper arugment to have.

    Many don't believe computers and sequencers and processors are capable of creating art.

    But the World of Animation might disagree with you!

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    It was surprising to see Faith Hill's name listed as someone who relies on auto-tune. Of major female country artists in the past decade or two, I'd put her only behind Martina and Carrie.

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    My perception of Faith through out the late 90's and into the early 2000's was that she was a reasonable voice with a very beautiful face.
    It took a long time to develope the idea that she was a solid vocalist.
    And many who study voice would still question it.

    I put her in the same catagory as a Sara Evans. I think there is a quality that people like. But the voice itself is nothing particularly special. And no where near Carrie or Martina.


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