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Thread: Sheryl Crow - Callin' me when i'm lonely

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    Sheryl Crow - Callin' me when i'm lonely

    This is nine - time Grammy award winner Sheryl Crow's second country single taken from her first ever country album (released in Autumn 2013).
    --What do you think about the song's lyrics, the production and Sheryl's vocal performance??
    --How high do you predict it can get on the country airplay chart??

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    I absolutely love this song. I think it's so good, but unfortunately I think it will miss the top 10, and maybe even struggle to get to the top 20.

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    I think it will do next to nothing on the charts.

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    Interesting she's touring with Rascal Flatts this summer.

    It's too bad that so many artists have to crossover to country because they no longer fit in the pop format.

    I like Sheryl's approach though; she's letting the chips fall where they may, instead of letting her label/PR team push her. Sheryl still seems quite authentic, and I wish her the best of luck with this single.

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    Sheryl is performing there with Fred Eltringham (the Dixie Chicks' drummer). The setting there is Ocean Way Studios, a converted church in Nashville, which is often used for prestigious recording sessions.

    Although this may be the first album that Sheryl has officially promoted to the Mainstream format, she has sung Country Music throughout her career, and is widely respected on the Alternative wing.

    I also came across this video, which some of you may like. She's supporting Eric Paslay (whose new album has just come out)

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    I like Sheryl alot also.
    I thik the project feels legitimate and sincere. And she certainly has the talent and artistry to understand how to create and use country sounding motiff without it feeling like stereotyping.

    The song is the type of country song that has existed for a long time. Its intended to sit in the style well and pay hommage to a sound that people enjoy hearing. The voice is equally appropriate to hear within the mix as a compliment to the whole but not standing out as a showcase. The structure of the song and the lyric may fall a bit short of bringing it success, but it sure sounds like an authentic offering from a genuinly crafted contemporary country album.

    And I must admit, I just really enjoy Sheryl's voice. It is never out of its element and always strong with convction.
    She usese certain elements that hav become signatures for her, where she flips up just slightly when emphasising something and I have always found it effective and thoughtfully used.

    Anyway good offering, Don't think it will go far, cause as much as the country industry trys to convince the world it wants country music, it really doesn't. What it wants is music that will make the people successful that they want to be successful and it ends up not mattering at all what the music sounds like. In Nashville the music is the vehicle to getting what they want. IT is not the artform that was once held up and the tradition that once existed, not anymore As much as they would like you to believe otherwise, its true.


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