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    Tony Rice's Hall of Fame speech

    I'm posting this because it is so moving and eloquent, and I found it a real inspiration.

    For those who don't know the background, Tony is one of the giants of Progressive Bluegrass, but has been struck by throat and torso problems that have not been fully explained, but have severely curtailed his music, and especially his singing. In this speech, he tells the audience, for the first time, that he has been practising disciplines that allow him to use his normal voice for short periods.

    Also, in view of recent debates in the Mainstream, others could well take note of Tony's comment about his musical philosophy - that Bluegrass must be allowed to grow, while retaining it's essence.

    (If you watch the video, before the speech, you'll see Sam Bush and Peter Rowan hosting the induction, and speaking of Tony's achievements, peppered by their own jokes. No comparisons with Brad and Carrie, lol - but I think it's worth watching to hear Tony's emotional acceptance speech)

    NOTE BOOK ? Tony Rice Finds His Voice at the IBMA Awards


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