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Thread: Taylor Hicks (UK magazine coverage)

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    Taylor Hicks (UK magazine coverage)

    (Apologies if this singer already has an active thread - I couldn't find one)

    Fans from his American Idol days may be interested to know that, although he's apparently had little previous publicity here, he had a full article in the UK magazine "Maverick". It reviewed his varied career (involving exploring a number of musical genres), mentions his earlier criticism of the Idol system, and discusses his move into Country Music.

    "There is no doubt in my mind", says a very serious Taylor Hicks, "that I belong in country music." As evidence, he cites the diversity of today's country music and performers. He emphasises the changes that have followed the launch of internet radio, opening the field to artists who have the right songs. He is confident that the songs on his new album will be the right ones for country music fans; fans whom he compliments as the best listeners, receptive to good, honest music and stories that come from the heart. Will these fans open their minds and their wallets for Taylor Hicks, country soul artist?"

    The full article is available here:
    Maverick - The UK's Leading Independent Country Music Magazine
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    I guess they all take a stab at country sooner or later- I just don't like when they say how they've always listened to country,love country ,feel it's where they should be- blah blah - come on , just be honest - couldn't make it in the genre they wanted so now they are trying country - no need to cozy up to the country fans - just put your music out there and see what happens
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    I think they might have mistaken him as Taylor Swift.


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