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    The Carolina Chocolate Drops

    As they've been mentioned in one of the main Carrie threads, for anyone who doesn't know the CCD, I just have to put in a word for them - they are one of the most significant groups on the Roots scene today.

    The migration to the cities hit Black Country Music very hard - most younger African Americans have turned heavily to urban music styles, and abandoned their links with Country Music (which were important in earlier generations) Rihannon Giddens (the lead singer in the video) is of mixed heritage - her father is a Bluegrass Mountain musician, and her mother comes from the Black musical traditions of the North Carolina foothills. She's made a determined effort to maintain and revive this blending of musical forms. (She's also a very talented vocalist)

    If you have time to watch this video (from the Blue Plate Special in Knoxville,- it illustrates that Roots music is not all about tradition - it evolves, as much as the Mainstream. The music in this is pretty traditional in general feel, but Rhiannon's vocal here is very Progressive, reflecting modern influences from other genres.


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