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    I'm sure we have lots of Evanescence fans on here, but I just "rediscovered" this awesome video and song - "My Immortal."

    I vaguely remember watching this video in like 2003 or '04, which seems like forever ago, because I was like 10 or 11 at the time, but I don't think I really appreciated how amazing it was at the time.

    But now that I just got out of a rough breakup I sort of "rediscovered" it and it has really helped me these last few days.

    The video is just one of the most relaxing, peaceful things I've ever watched, although it is sad.

    Amy Lee's voice is so pure and beautiful, and she is absolutely gorgeous, too.

    I was reading about the song/video on wikipedia, and I found a few interesting things.

    Notice throughout the video how Amy's feet never touch the ground - she's always seen laying on top of things, like a buidling or a car or in a tree, or walking around a fountain. It's symbolic of how she is portraying a ghost.

    And the guy walking around in the video - he was apparantly a member of the band, shortly before they broke up. I found it ironic that they show him leaving, and shortly before the video came out, he actually did quit the band.

    Anyway, here it is; it's super peaceful, and I literally watch this every night before i go to bed! Its supposed to be about losing a loved one but I find that it works better for a breakup.

    Probably one of Evanescence's best songs; they were never really able to have quite a great song like this one again.

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    I've actually opened an Evanescence thread earlier for their current self-titled album era here: (Evanescence - "Evanescence" Era)

    But never mind.

    I'm quite a fan of them but I don't really like "My Immortal" much. Well I mean I think the album version of it is really boring and I only like the 'band version' of it. It's actually very different from their other stuff so I guess that's why I don't really like it, being a fan of their overall music.

    I think the special thing about them is that they are able to bring listeners to listen to their songs, feeling pretty 'depressed' and 'lost' into their music. Even in songs like "Bring Me To Life". Not necessarily a good thing but I think that's their 'specialty'. And that sorta feeling often has to be created with loud music in the background which MI lacks.

    As a side note, they have released a trailer to their upcoming music video to their second single, "My Heart Is Broken".

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    I Love Evanescence!!!


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